OG WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version (Official Anti-Ban 2023)

We all know that the official WhatsApp has a limited number of privacy features. And many modded versions of the WhatsApp app provide its users with additional features. 

OG WhatsApp

OGWhatsApp APK is one of the modded versions of WhatsApp, which is very accessible, easy, and minimalist to use. It also has some of the most advanced features that are not present in the other modded WhatsApp version. 

In this article, I will explain the outstanding features of the OG WhatsApp APK and how to install and take advantage of the latest OG WhatsApp APK version.

What Is OGWhatsApp APK

OGWhatsApp APK is the top modded version of the actual WhatsApp application with many additional features for Android phone users. It provides users with easy, helpful, and secure messaging benefits. 

The developers include many additional features in this modded version for their users to enjoy added security and privacy features. These features provided by its developers make the OGWhatsApp APK the most trustworthy messaging application available on the market. 

The OGWhatsApp APK delivers many secured features, including hiding online status, profile pictures, who can message you, erasing messages, and much more. These features make the OGWhatsApp APK the best alternative to the actual WhatsApp application.

Developers of OG WhatsApp APK 

Two different developers develop the OGWhatsApp APK. Both versions have their uniqueness, and I will explain the difference between the developers. 

1. OGWhatsApp by AlexMods

The actual WhatsApp application inspires the OGWhatsApp developed by AlexMods. This modded version contains numerous outstanding features. This is why individuals like this application, and it gained popularity within a short period. You will enjoy using all the additional features added to the OGWhatsApp that are unavailable on the original WhatsApp version. 

2. OG WhatsApp by HeyMods

The OGWhatsApp developed by HeyMods is an entirely different version from the original WhatsApp application, as they came up with their interface. This modded version also contains many additional features compared to the actual WhatsApp application.

It is also very famous and is liked for its attributes that are very easy to use. this developer also build popular WhatsApp Mods like GB WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp.

OG WhatsApp APK Latest Version Features 

As mentioned above, the OGWhatsApp APK has many outstanding features that make the usage of the OGWhatsApp APK very convenient. I have explained the top features in detail down below.

1. Anti-Ban APK Version

Initially, there used to be risks of the WhatsApp modded version accounts being banned by the official WhatsApp app. But, now, this antiban feature present in the OG WhatsApp APK allows you to use this modded version without your account getting banned by the official WhatsApp app. 

2. Anti-Delete Messages

You can view the sender’s deleted messages by enabling the Anti-Delete Message feature. So, next time a person deletes a text they sent to you, you need not ask them because you will be able to view the message they deleted. 

3. Anti-Delete Status

This is the most prominent privacy feature on the OGWhatsApp APK. Just like the Anti-Delete Message feature, the Anti-Delete Status feature lets you see the WhatsApp status that was being deleted by your contacts. Even if the status was deleted 24 hours ago, you could view the status of your contacts. 

4. Password Protected

You can password not just for the app but also for particular chats you want to protect from others. This is not available on the official WhatsApp version, which is the most advanced feature of the modded version. This feature is not available on any other modded WhatsApp version. 

5. Themes

In the official WhatsApp version, you can only set the wallpaper for chats, not a theme for the interface, which is tedious. But on the OG WhatsApp APK, you can also change the pieces of the app’s home screen. The articles are also unlimited numbers, and you can choose any theme.

6. Hide Online Status

On the OGWhatsApp APK, you can hide your online status, this feature will not show your online presence, and you can also set a specific time to offer when you last used your WhatsApp. This feature is not available on the official version and is one of the top privacy features available. 

7. Calling Unknown/Unsaved Numbers

On the official version, you will have to save a person’s number on your contact list to message or call them. But the OGWhatsApp APK lets you make a call or message a person even with saving them on your contact list. This feature saves you a lot of time and also provides the facility of not saving unwanted numbers on your contact list. 

8. Built-in Status Downloader

Usually, you can not download and only view the WhatsApp status of others on the official WhatsApp. You will have to use a third-party status downloader to do this on the official version. But the OGWhatsApp APK comes with a built-in status downloader; be it photos or videos, you can download them in the original resolution. 

9. Sending Multimedia Files

Only a limited number of multimedia files can be sent on the official WhatsApp version. But on the OG WhatsApp APK, you can send up to 90 multimedia files, be it pictures, videos, or other files. All can be sent to your contacts at the same time, and you need not keep selecting files again and again. 

10. In-built Message Scheduler

This is the best feature that you can take advantage of to message your contact when you want to wish them on their special day. The best part is you need not be online to do this, and it can be sent even if your phone is not connected to the internet. 

11. Block specific contact’s number

If you want to avoid getting calls from a particular person on your contact list, then you can use this feature for a specific contact alone. This feature will block only their calls and not their messages. So, you can still message them on WhatsApp without any problems. 

12. Forwarded Tag 

Generally, on the official whats app version, if you forward a message to anyone, it will have the ‘Forwarded’ tag on the news. But in the OGWhatsApp APK, you can use this feature to remove the ‘Forwarded’ tag from the forwarded messages before forwarding them to your contacts. 

13. Copy Anyone’s Status

Using this feature, you can copy the written status of anyone to your clipboard. So, if you like someone’s position, you can copy it and paste it anywhere you want. This is not available on the official version of WhatsApp, and it is also the latest feature on the OGWhatsApp APK. 

14. Number of Characters For Group names

On the official WhatsApp version, there is a set number to the number of characters for the group’s name, which is 25. But the OG WhatsApp APK has increased the number of characters for the group’s name to 35. 

15. Dual Accounts

Since two Whatsapp accounts are not possible on a single mobile phone, people use two phones for two WhatsApp accounts. But using the OGWhatsApp APK, you can use two versions on the same phone. You can seamlessly switch between the two accounts. This is a great feature to maintain all your messages and calls on a single mobile phone. 

16. Number of Characters For Written Status: 

On the official WhatsApp version, there is a set number to number of characters for the written status, which is 130. This might be pretty frustrating to organize everything in this small number. But the OG WhatsApp APK has increased to 250 characters, so you can use long written status.

17. Emojis

The OGWhatsApp allows you to use downloaded emojis to send your contacts that are the best fit for various situations. This fantastic feature enables you to express yourself easily to others.

OGWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

The following conditions must be fulfilled to install the OG WhatsApp APK onto your Android mobile phone; otherwise, installing the OGWhatsApp APK application will not be possible. 

App NameOGWhatsApp Pro
Latest Versionv20.20.0
File Size51.8 MB
Android Requirement4.0.3 and up
Last Updated OnOne day ago
  • The ‘Unknown Sources on your Android mobile phone must be enabled.
  • You must have the Android version 4.0.3 or above.
  • Your Android mobile phone need not be rooted to install the OG WhatsApp APK. 

How To Install OGWhatsApp APK File

You can follow the below-given steps to install the GBWhatsApp Pro APK latest version:

  • First, download the OGWhatsApp APK file onto your device. 
  • After it is downloaded, enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ button. 
  • Then open the file manager and install the OGWhatsApp APK app onto your device. 
  • Wait for the installation procedure to be completed. 
  • Once the OGWhatsApp APK app is installed on your device, you can immediately start using the app. The installation process is as similar to GBWhatsApp Pro & Fouad WhatsApp.

Pros & Cons Of OG WhatsApp APK

These are some advantages and disadvantages of using the OGWhatsApp APK app. You can determine if it is beneficial to use a modified WhatsApp or if it is acceptable to stick to the original version.

The advantages of OG WhatsApp APK include: 

  • Top Advanced features

The OGWhatsApp APK comes with many advanced features that are not available on the official WhatsApp version and the other modded WhatsApp version. 

  • Dual WhatsApp Number 

The OG WhatsApp APK enables you to maintain more than one WhatsApp account on the same device, making it easy to manage your messages and calls on a single device. 

  • Less Storage Space

Though the OG WhatsApp APK is a third-party app, it takes up very little storage space on your android device. The app is very small sized, and it is self-descriptive. 

The disadvantages of OG WhatsApp APK include: 

  • Illegal To Use

The OGWhatsApp APK is illegal to use, and there are chances for your WhatsApp account to be blocked by WhatsApp Inc. As a result, you will have to download the official WhatsApp app to start a new account. 

  • No Automatic Updates

The OGWhatsApp can not be updated automatically as it is unavailable on the Google Play Store. It has to be updated manually to get hold of the antiban functions in its latest versions. 

  • Lagg in Operation 

The OG WhatsApp APK works relatively slower than the actual WhatsApp. Due to its high limitation on the server, you might encounter a few lagging issues and a few errors.

Some Other WhatsApp Mods You Can Try

A few other WhatsApp Mods that you can try apart from the OGWhatsApp APK are: 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is OG WhatsApp APK Safe To Download?

The OGWhatsApp APK is safe to download and install on your mobile phone. It can also be installed even if you have rooted or not rooted your android device. 

2. Is OGWhatsApp APK Anti Ban?

Yes, the OGWhatsApp APK comes with an antiban feature. So, you need not worry about your WhatsApp account getting banned by the official WhatsApp Inc.

3. What Is The Latest Version Of OGWhatsApp APK? 

The latest version of the OGWhatsApp APK is 20.20.0v. To update the OGWhatsApp APK to the newest version, keep checking their website, as it is a third-party platform not available on the Play Store. 


The OGWhatsApp is a great MOD with many unique features you can not discover on the original WhatsApp and the other modded versions. These features are super easy and fun to use. 

I hope this article will help you install the OG WhatsApp on your android device and take full advantage of all the features I have mentioned above in the article.

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