CyberPanel Analysis: Streamline Your Website Management


In today’s highly competitive digital era, finding the perfect web hosting panel that meets the specific needs of your business is crucial. It’s more like a make-or-break situation for them. If you’re a business owner reading this and unsure whether to choose CyberPanel to host your WordPress sites to transform your experience, you’re at the right place.

I’m giving a complete and comprehensive review of CyberPanel’s features, performance, pricing, and what sets them apart.


CyberPanel Ltd. is a company that specializes in providing innovative Free web hosting solutions. The team at CyberPanel Ltd. developed CyberPanel, a lightweight, efficient, and user-friendly web hosting control panel. Over time, CyberPanel has evolved into a comprehensive platform designed to meet the needs of website owners, developers, and hosting providers.

In 2017, CyberPanel made history as the first control panel to support OpenLiteSpeed Server, laying the foundation for optimized server management. The project was initiated to address the demand for a viable alternative to existing web hosting control panels. Building on this momentum, each subsequent year brought new milestones and advancements, from expanding offerings with combined functionalities like Email, DNS, and FTP Servers in 2019 to embracing CloudLinux and Imunify in 2020 for reinforced security and stability.

The journey topped in 2024 with a monumental site redesign and revamped UI/UX, showcasing CyberPanel’s unwavering commitment to user-centric design and improved experiences.

Along the way, innovations like the Docker Apps Manager and WordPress Manager further solidified CyberPanel’s position in web hosting solutions, empowering users with flexibility, efficiency, and robust management powers.

Unique Features: Standout Aspects of CyberPanel


This is where this Web Hosting Panel stands out from other popular traditional panels such as cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin with its performance optimization, manages multiple websites with full support for advanced tools such as Docker and LiteSpeed Flexible pricing options, responsive customer support CyberPanel is the leader in modern website management beyond compare.

Let’s dig deeper and see WordPress Manager features.

WordPress Manager:

This is exactly how the WordPress Manager in CyberPanel simplifies managing WordPress websites. Businesses can easily create, delete, or clone WordPress installations directly from the CyberPanel dashboard with its auto-login


Cyber Panels’ new WordPress Manager allows quick deployment of WordPress sites, ensuring speed, security, and maintenance, and automating tasks like database creation, file uploads, and configuration settings with just One Click SSL Installation. It’s auto-login.


A user is most concerned about website backups, with WordPress Manager provided by CyberPanel, businesses can enable data and database-level backups. The regular backups create restore points for data loss or malfunctions. Backing up specific files or directories to safeguard critical website components.


CyberPanel offers advanced backup features such as total backups, compression, and encryption, ensuring efficient storage usage and enhanced data security. With scheduled backups and automated restoration options, you can safeguard your data against loss or corruption. Additionally, CyberPanel’s intuitive interface simplifies the backup process, allowing users to manage backups effortlessly and ensure the integrity of their website data.

SSL Integration

CyberPanel combines SSL certificates for secure website connections and protects sensitive data.


Free 90 days auto-renew. It offers easy SSL setup and management, improving website security, trust, SEO rankings, and user experience.


CyberPanel has a very proactive approach to security; this web hosting panel has proved multiple times to be a very secure choice for businesses who prioritize security,

with built-in features such as free firewalls, malware scanners, and intrusion detection systems, safeguarding websites against cyber threats and unauthorized access as compared to other panels.

CyberPanel will minimize the risk of data breaches and downtime, ensuring continuous operation and peace of mind for businesses and their customers.


Another important feature CyberPanel offers is great email support, which provides multiple databases and email accounts. This feature stands out in optimizing email delivery, which is a crucial aspect for businesses.

Its intuitive interface makes setting up and managing email accounts a breeze. Users can effortlessly configure delivering and handling mailing lists, enhancing overall communication efficiency. The platform offers advanced spam filtering and authentication systems that improve deliverability rates, reducing the chance of emails ending up in spam folders.


Moreover, CyberPanel integrates with top email delivery services and SMTP relays, guaranteeing swift and reliable email transmission. This ensures that critical messages promptly reach recipients, providing 24/7 professional customer support to optimize or troubleshoot issues and empowering businesses to manage their data and communication channels efficiently.

No Limits

CyberPanel offers a unique “No Limits” hosting solution, allowing users unlimited access to critical resources like disk space, bandwidth, and databases. It allows them to grow and perform without random restraints, allowing creativity and internet presence expansion.

Pros and Cons of Web Hosting with CyberPanel

CyberPanel is similar to other popular Web Hosting Panels like cPanel and Plesk. The comparison will be hard, but I am differentiating their key features, which are advantages or disadvantages to a business, so you can get an idea when making a choice.

┬áPro’s Cons
1. High Performance 1. Learning Curve for New Users
2. Easy to Use Interface 2. Limited Third-Party Integrations
3. Cost-Effective Solution 3. Occasional Stability Issues
4. Built-in Security Features 4. Advanced Features Require Learning
5. Scalability for Growing Websites 5. Community Support Compared to Others

CyberPanel Pricing:

CyberPanel offers three pricing options that users can choose from, and the diversity it offers is great.

  • ┬áThe first option is a free, open-source version called CyberPanel, which allows users to manage unlimited domains free of charge for an endless period. This perpetual free offering is a major draw for many users seeking a cost-effective solution.
  • The second option is CyberPanel Enterprise, a paid version of the server control panel.
  • Finally, the CyberPanel Cloud is a paid service that gives users access to a cloud dashboard to manage all their CyberPanel installations from a single location.

Conclusion: Summarizing the Cyber Panel Experience

Born from a shared frustration with the complexities of existing control panels, I tried to install CyberPanel on a server facing no hurdles without having any developer knowledge; the users have found it a convenient option compared to cPanel or Plesk. They represent a vision brought to life by a dedicated team, and it is evident with the services they provide. Their mission is clear: to create a hosting solution that is not only lightweight and intuitive but also powerful enough to meet the evolving needs of website owners and hosting providers. Proudly offers a platform that exceeds expectations, empowering users worldwide to manage their websites effortlessly and efficiently.