About Us

Logicalshout is one of the leading sources for finding a gadget under various budgets. The road till here wasn’t easy as anyone would have guessed. Founded back on 21 October 2018 by Pradeep Singh, we have come a long way to establish what we are today. 

Initially, Pradeep started on a journey to share his love for gadgets. From reviewing and writing about gadgets, he started a platform that would help people pick the market’s best choices. 

At Logicalshout, we aim to inform the people of the right gadgets. We only serve you, our readers, so we make sure that every product we feature is well researched and thought upon. 

As mentioned earlier, we love our gadgets, and we want you to own only the best possible. With a team consisting of the best researchers and writers, we have you covered. 

Why LogicalShout to Find the Best Gadgets? 

Unlike most platforms, Logicalshout does things with a difference. Many top guns are doing the same work as we do, but our team does everything manually. 

We only list products that are best in all criteria, and we do not resort to paid advertising. In turn, you end up buying only the best products. Our main goal is that you invest your hard-earned money in the right gadgets. 

We had to make sure that somebody was saving your time and money; hence, Logicalshout for gadgets. 

Our Authors & Reviewers

Pradeep Singh

Pradeep Singh is the founder of LogicalShout; he is a passionate tech blogger and likes to review Gadgets and digital products; he also shares technology-related information with the Internet. 

Hrithik Unnikrishnan 

A passionate tech enthusiast and an undergraduate in Journalism, Hrithik began his writing career with us. His field of interest remains on smartphones and audio accessories, and you’ll understand why once you start reading his posts regarding them.

Muhammed Shijas 

Shijas is a newbie to LogicalShout who has a profound love for a lot of gadgets. With experience writing scripts and sports articles, he set out to be a part of the tech world and hasn’t looked back since. 

We are a team of passionate tech lovers, and our fondness grows more as each day passes. 

Thank you for joining us on our journey. Our feats wouldn’t have been possible without your support.