FMWhatsApp Download APK Latest Version Anti-Ban (2023)

Features and usage of WhatsApp are not hidden. It has been on top since its introduction back in 2013. And why shouldn’t it be? WhatsApp has everything to offer that a person requires for communication. Everything is possible on this instant messaging application, from sending images to video calling, sharing live locations, and setting cool statuses. 


But it doesn’t stop right there. There are several MODs of WhatsApp that have been introduced in the market. All of them not only provide the features of WhatsApp, but along with that, they also have additional features which the original app lacks.

FMWhatsApp is among these popular MODs like GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp You might not know much about these as it is not being used much. Therefore, you’ll find everything from the latest FM WhatsApp version to its download process. Besides, we’ll explore its cool features as well. 

But before that, it is important to understand in detail what it is FMWhatsApp?

What is FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp is a modified (MOD) version of the original WhatsApp developed by Foud App. Unlike WhatsApp, which is easy to download on any device, this app takes extra steps to install. This is due to the reason it is installed with the help of third parties. But all the installation efforts are worth it as this offers a lot of features, in addition to the features offered by WhatsApp. 

Not many of you might be aware of this app. This is because it might be a little risky as the involvement of a third party is there. But except for this, it offers the highest security and excellent privacy features. Not only this, you can experience customization and other advanced features. They can make you addicted to the app that you might forget the original.

Let’s dig into the details of it. What are the reasons behind it so good, and why should you download FMWhatsApp.

Why Should You Download FMWhatsApp

Following are the benefits of why should you download FM WhatsApp:

1. Customization

There is a variety of customization available in this app. Sometimes a particular theme might be boring. And to avoid such a situation, themes are added regularly in the app to make it more interesting. There are several options you can choose from.

2. Privacy

It is more private than the original app. You can hide your online status and ticks, etc.; not only this, you can choose who can call you or contact you.

3. Advanced Features

This might be the main reason why you should download the app. It has several features. These are not available in the original app. For example, you don’t need to save the number of the person you want to contact or text, and you can pin several chats, i.e., 100.

4. Media Sharing

There is a limit in the original app for sharing the media online. This limitation is not present in the latest version of FMWhatsApp. You can share several images at once and big files of 700 MB with just one click.

5. Varieties of Emoticons

Although the WhatsApp original app has several emoticons available for its users, the addition to that, FMWhatsApp offers several other varieties of emoticons to the users. You can choose from Facebook, android emojis, and many more.

These are all the benefits in general. But won’t it excite the actual features that are so beneficial and fantastic? 

Without any further due, let’s discuss the app’s top features. 

Top Features of the FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version 

Below are the best top features that FMWhatsApp offers to you. 

1. Call Blocker Feature

This is the best feature if you constantly receive calls from unknown contacts, as with this feature, you can block those numbers. You don’t even need to save the contact; block it. You can completely restrict the people you don’t want to call or contact.

2. Heavy File Sharing

This might be one of the best features of this app. If you wish to share a heavy file, let’s say, 500 MB, you don’t need to worry. You can easily share the file on this app with just one click. It makes sharing heavy files more accessible and faster.

3. Varieties of Themes

There are several themes available on the app from which you can choose to change the background at any time. Not only this, there is an addition of themes regularly to provide you with newer options every time you wish to change the background.

4. Anti-Delete feature

It has a feature; you can see the message even if the sender deletes it for everyone by enabling it. This can be frustrating sometimes when the sender does such a thing. There was a message, but I don’t know what it was. In this app, you can see the message every time, irrespective of whether the sender has deleted it for everyone or not.

5. More Emoticons or emojis 

Facebook, android emojis, etc., are all available to you in this app. There are varieties of emojis available, and there is a constant addition of emoticons to keep the communication more interesting.

6. Variety of App Launcher icons

You can change the icon of the app launcher if you wish to do so. 

7. Color customization Feature

You can change the color of several features or parts of the app, for example, the status bar, double ticks, navigation bar, etc. They can be customized as per your interest.

8. Advanced Image Sharing Feature 

You can exchange several images with your communicators with just one click. Not only this, the image can be shared in full resolution with 100 percent of image quality. This is a major issue in the original app.

9. New Fonts

Many additional fonts are available in this app, along with all the original app fonts. This makes the communication more interesting.

10. Security and Privacy Option

There are more secure and privacy options available in the app. You can block the unknown calls, hide your online status, etc. 

Hence, they are not all the features but some of the best. Of course, you need to explore the application by yourself to know all the features. Don’t forget to checkout Fouad WhatsApp and Insta Up APK, these both apps have amazing features.

FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 19.41.3

Till now, you must have understood what all the hype is about. You must be wondering now if it is this excellent, why isn’t it more or equal as famous as WhatsApp. To install it, you need to allow downloads on the device from an unknown source. This means there is the involvement of a third party. And we all are aware of the viruses and other risks that are there in case of third-party involvement. 

But as such, there has been no report, or any threat found till now with this app. So using and installing is safe and secure. And to be 100 percent sure, you can always scan the app before using it if there is any virus.

There has been a lot of discussion about the features and benefits of this app. Now the main issue is how to install it.

How to Install the FMWhatsApp APK

A few steps are to be followed to install the app on your device. And we know that there are mainly two types of mobile operating systems, Android and IOS. And for both of them, there are separate steps. 

For Android Users

Follow the steps mentioned below to install the FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version on Android device:

  • Visit the most reliable website of FMWhatsApp.
  • Once you find a reliable website, you can find the APK latest version of FMWhatsApp on top. Click on that link to download the APK.
  • Once you click on the screen, there will be a prompt on your screen. It will state that the file might be harmful to the device. Just click on the ‘Download Anyway’ option of the prompt. After this, the downloading will start. And it will take a few seconds or minutes for its completion, depending on the internet speed. 
  • After the completion, you’ll find the APK in file explorer. Click on the latest download APK to launch the app.
  • After clicking, there will be a prompt on the screen again. Click on ‘Install’.
  • And the app will be downloaded to your device within a few seconds. 
  • Then launch the app; you have to create an account if you are a first-time user. This will require verification. 
  • Fill in your number along with selecting your country. And you’ll receive an OTP on your device. 
  • That’s it.

You finally completed all the steps. Add your name and a display picture, and start using your app.

There is an important thing that needs to be remembered before jumping into the steps. Android users need to enable permission on their devices. The permission is to allow the download from any unknown sources. This is because there is no official app or website available to download MODs. 

For iOS Users

Follow the steps mentioned below to install the FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version on the iOS device:

  • Launch any web browser of your choice to start the process. For example, Google, Safari, etc. 
  • Search the FMWhatsApp in the search bar.
  • Select the most reliable or top-rated website. Mostly the top websites are the ones, but you can check 2-3 websites to be sure about it.
  • Once you select the website, check for the APK links. The top link is the latest version of the FMWhatsApp.
  • Once you click on the link, a prompt will appear on the screen. Click on the ‘download anyway’ option. Depending upon the speed, the process will be completed in a few minutes, if not seconds. 
  • Find the latest APK you have downloaded once the process is completed. You’ll find it in the file explorer, in the APK folder. Tap on the APK to launch the app. 
  • Click on the ‘Install’ option on the prompt you see on the screen after clicking on the APK.
  • After this, the app will finally be launched. The following steps are the same as in the case of android phones. Fill in the number and the OTP and complete the verification.

Hence, we have covered all the steps that need to be followed to download the app’s latest version on mobile. But nowadays, mobiles aren’t the only device used for using the apps. Some of you might use them on your PC as well.

For that, there are separate steps that you need to follow.

How to Install the FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version on a PC

Just like WhatsApp Web (WhatsApp used on PC), you can easily use the MODs such as FMWhatsApp on your PC. But firstly, provide access to the app, i.e., the v9.27 version from your system.

Once you complete this, follow the below-mentioned steps to start and complete the process. 

  • To use the app on your PC, the most important thing is to install the Android Emulator on the device. This software is required to run the android applications on PC and MAC by imitating the OS features of Android. 
  • Once you install it, search the FM WhatsApp Latest Version download in your browser.
  • Find the most reliable website; mostly top 3 ones are the best websites for this purpose. 
  • Select one website and then find the APK link available on the website.
  • Once you find the links, click on the topmost link, i.e., the first link being the latest version of the FMWhatsApp.
  • Once you click on the link, APK will be downloaded in a few minutes/seconds.
  • The next step is to launch the emulator you have downloaded in the previous step.
  • After this, you can launch the application finally. 
  • Log in to the account if you have an existing account, but you need to create an account in another case. For that, the process is the same as in the case of mobiles. 

That’s all; there is no further step required to install the latest version of FMWhatsApp on your PC. But is there any other device on which you can install the app? Yes, there is, i.e., MAC. Like Android and iOS, there are different users of PC and MAC. You might not have a PC but a MAC and want to install it. 

For that, you need to follow the below steps.

How to Install the FMWhatsApp APK Latest Version on Mac?

If you’re a Mac user, use these steps to install the FM WhatsApp APK latest version. 

  • MAC also requires an Android Emulator as it does not support android apps otherwise. So, install an android emulator to enable the downloads of android applications on the device. 
  • Once the installation is completed, search for the most reliable website to download the APK in your web browser.
  • Once you select the website, click on the topmost link as it is the latest version of FMWhatsApp.
  • APK download should only take a few seconds with a good internet connection. 
  • After this, the emulator downloaded earlier or initially needed to be launched to make the app work on the device. 
  • Lastly, run the application on the device.
  • After this, you can launch the app and fill in the necessary details like on any other device.

And with this, we have discussed all the possible devices that can be used for installing the latest version of FMWhatsApp. These steps will install the app in most cases. But still, there are some cases in which the app might not be installed on your device even after following all the steps.

Let’s discuss those circumstances which can create an issue for installing the app on your device. 

Why is FMWhatsApp Not Downloading?

Are you unable to install the FMWhatsApp APK latest version on your device? These are the possible reasons. 

  • Lack of Space

Your app will not be installed, and the process will stop in between if there is no accurate space available on your device. Therefore, before jumping into the steps, first, check the space of your device.

  • Required permissions not granted

If your device has disabled the permission to download the app from any unknown sources, the installation process will not start in the first place. 

  • Bans

In a few countries, the installation of the app is banned. Therefore, it can be one of the reasons why FMWhatsApp is not downloading on your device. 

  • Older Version

If you’re trying to install the older version of the FM WhatsApp, the process won’t complete. Therefore, always select the updated and latest version of the app.

  • Cache

Clear the cache from your device completely. Because in the opposite situation, the installation process won’t be complete.

  • Disruption

If there is any disruption, such as a lack of good internet connection or connection breakage, the app will not be installed on your device completely. 

We should always look at the pros and cons of an app before downloading it. And it is the next part of the discussion.  

Pros & Cons of FMWhatsApp

Below are the main pros and cons of the FMWhatsApp that you should consider before installing or using the app:

Pros of FM WhatsApp

  • More features

It is the main reason behind the popularity of MOD of the original apps. It not only has the features of the existing original, but along with that, there are many advanced features as well.

  • Customization is Possible 

There is the customization of colors, themes, fonts, etc. all of these are more accessible and interesting.

  • More privacy and security options

As mentioned above, this app has more options for privacy and security. For example, if you have an issue with displaying your online status, you can hide it anytime. Or, if you find a particular number calling you constantly, you don’t need to save it from blocking it; you can block it directly.

Cons of FMWhatsApp

  • Security Threat

We know that there is no 100% safe website from which you can download the app directly. You have to download it from unknown sources or a third party. That led to a security threat to the users’ information and device. 

  • No Official Website

Again, you cannot download the app from the play store or any other official website (as there isn’t one). You have to search for a reliable website online on the web browser of your choice. 

  • Banned in a few countries

MOD is banned in a few countries for several reasons; one is to promote the usage of the original app.

Frequently Asked Questions About FMWhatsApp (FAQs)

1. Is FMWhatsApp safe to install and use?

Yes, it is safe to install and use FMWhatsApp. Just make sure the website you are using for downloading the APK is reliable. This can be done with the help of reviews online. And to be double sure, scan the app for any virus before launching. 

2. What is the difference between FMWhatsApp and WhatsApp?

There are several features present in FMWhatsApp that the original WhatsApp lacks. For example, hiding online status, DND mode, additional themes, Freezing Last Seen, Customize Calling, airplane mode, adding custom emoticons or stickers, security lock, customize, etc. These features are only present in the FMWhatsApp, not in the WhatsApp.

3. Can I use FMWhatsApp and normal WhatsApp with the same number?

Yes, you can use FMWhatsApp and normal WhatsApp with the same number.

4. Does FMWhatsApp hide your online status?

Yes, you can hide your online status in the updated version of FMWhatsApp. 


Hence, everything from its installation and benefits should be clear as water. It is an excellent application if you like to chat or communicate frequently with peer groups, friends, or relatives. But in case you rarely text anyone and don’t like to experiment with the features. 

Then it might be good to install the original app. Ultimately it’s your choice, and who doesn’t like an app where you can do experiments with several features. And with the above information, you can make up your mind pretty quickly.

Also, it does not require any higher level of knowledge. Just the basics are enough, including the availability of a laptop and internet. And follow all the above steps.