Best Telegram Channel Links to Join; Amazing Telegram Channels

Telegram is very popular these days for the purpose of sending and receiving multimedia files from anywhere around the world. It is considered one of the best and easiest ways to share pictures, videos, and other files, next to only WhatsApp. 

best telegram channels

But did you know there are Telegram channels where you can join any channel of your liking to exchange information and ideas? 

Yes, in this article, I will explain some of the famous Telegram channels and how you can join any of these based on your liking. I will also explain how to join and create your Telegram channel and invite others to participate.  

What Is A Telegram Channel 

On Telegram, channels are a platform where you can send messages to numerous members simultaneously. This is a kind of one-way messenger where only you can send messages, and the members will not be able to respond to your messages.

The channel administrator will provide its members with the information directly. This helps you communicate with your customers directly and keep them informed regularly. Checkout LuluBox Pro APK.

Telegram Channels vs Groups 

Telegram groups are for a smaller number of people, for instance, close friends or colleagues who want to communicate with each other. In a single Telegram group, up to 20,000 members can be added. All the members in the group can be provided with admin authority. Telegram groups also let you allow the newly joined member to view the chats before their joining. Groups also let you do polling and pinning essential notes on it. 

Telegram channels are broadcast announcements that can be sent to an unlimited number of people by the administrator in a fixed period to infinite recipients. The members on the Telegram channel can only see the channel’s name and not the administrator’s account name. Tracking the number of recipients is also possible on the Telegram channels. 

To contact a larger audience, Telegram channels are the best choice as they can be both public and private. To join a remote telegram channel, users have to join using the channel’s link.

Top Telegram Channel Links

Here are some of the best and most popular telegram channels you can join according to your liking. 

1. Disney+ & Hotstar Telegram Channel Links

With the partnership between Hotstar and Disney+, there is a ton of content to watch on the platform. But to watch movies, dramas, and shows on the forum, you must subscribe to any one of their subscription models available. 

But, if you are looking to watch these contents for free, then you can join any one of the Disney+ Hotstar Telegram Channels that are available. There are also VIP Disney+ Hotstar channels available only to the subscribed members, and it is exclusive to the Disney+ and Hotstar content. 

You can join the Disney+ and Hotstar Telegram channels with the links given below. 

Channel NameLink To Join
Hotstar Web SeriesJoin Now
Hotstar MoviesJoin Now
Disney Hotstar Cartoon SeriesJoin Now
Hotstar Disney Plus NewsJoin Now
HotStar Disney Plus Movies NewsJoin Now
Hotstar Disney Movies Web SeriesJoin Now
Garhan Hotstar web seriesJoin Now

Motivational Telegram Channel Links

Motivational Telegram Channels are mainly concentrated on Motivational content. The primary goal of the channel is to spread positivity and let people be inspired to do good deeds in their life. 

These channels use Motivational Pictures, Quotes, Speeches, and Status to make the members of the track motivated and inspired. They also work to spread the components of motivation which are activation, persistence, and intensity. 

Here are some of the favorite motivational Telegram channels that you can join to get yourself inspired. 

Channel NameLink To Join
Daily Motivation Join Now
Motivation Guaranteed Join Now
SS Motivation Join Now
Motivation Quotes Hindi Join Now
Motivism Join Now
🔱Motivational🔱Join Now
Quotes motivationalJoin Now
Inspiring QuotesJoin Now
Motivational Monk..!Join Now
❤️Hindi Motivation❤️Join Now

3. Telegram Video Channel Links

Telegram video channels are mainly focused on sharing small videos that have a message and entertainment in them. When a picture cannot explain a piece of specific information in detail, then these videos are made to present them. 

The videos shared can be educational videos or funny videos, music videos, or any domain, making them demonstration-friendly. As videos make learning very interesting and fun, it is the best form to view things.

Here are some of the famous video Telegram channels that you can join to get your everyday dose of knowledge and entertainment. 

Channel NameLink To Join
Video ShareJoin Now
Funny videosJoin Now
👼Child HeavenJoin Now
That’s Funny !!Join Now
Bollywood Best Hindi SongsJoin Now
Full Music AlbumJoin Now
Selena GomezJoin Now
Telegram MusicJoin Now

4. Cryptocurrency Telegram Channel Links

Cryptocurrency is virtual money that is different from the actual ones. These Telegram channels are famous worldwide, and everyone is looking forward to learning about this digital money. 

These cryptocurrency Telegram channels educate you about cryptocurrency, and they also help you to know which cryptocurrency is reaching the top of the digital currencies available so that you can make a suitable investment. 

Here are some of the favorite cryptocurrency Telegram channels that you can join to learn and make the right investment decisions regarding cryptocurrency. 

Channel NameLink To Join
Trading Crypto Coach®Join Now
BitcoinJoin Now NewsJoin Now
Crypto AlertsJoin Now
MycryptopediaJoin Now
Coin BeginnerJoin Now
CointelegraphJoin Now
CoinDeskJoin Now
Ian Balina Crypto AlertsJoin Now

5. UPSC Preparation Telegram Channel Links

UPSC exams are one of the most esteemed exams which take us into Central Services. There are various services like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, and more. To get into them, you will have to train harder and have basic information about eligibility, exam preparation, and interview. 

That is when these UPSC Preparation Telegram Channels come into use. These channels help you with the basic details, eligibility, exam preparation notes, and also the critical interview hacks that you should know to nail them. 

Here are some of the UPSC Preparation Telegram Channels that you can join to help you crack the UPSC exams with ease. 

Channel NameLink To Join
UPSC Prelims PDFJoin Now
Acumen IASJoin Now
UPSC ZoneJoin Now
UPSC Answer WritingJoin Now
UPPCS 2022 & UPPCS 2021Join Now
UPSC Civil Services (IAS)Join Now
PDF4ExamsJoin Now
UPSC Mains GSJoin Now
✍️ Bright Future 📚Join Now
UPSC ZoneJoin Now

6. Malayalam Movie Telegram Channel Links 

With many good movies from Mollywood, the Malayalam Movie industry has captured large audiences for its story. With its culture and beautiful scenery, it has made many travelers visit Kerala. These movies are also dubbed into various languages in India due to their popularity. 

To know more about Malayalam movies, you can join any of the Malayalam Movie Telegram Channels. These channels provide you with the latest released Malayalam movie, songs, and also details regarding events. They also publish small snippets of film, music videos, comedy scenes, and even memes about Mollywood. 

Here are some of the Malayalam Movie Telegram Channels that you can join to know more about Mollywood. 

Channel NameLink To Join
Entertainment ZoneJoin Now
Malayalam Troll PicsJoin Now
🔥❤️Movie Series DB🍿❤️🔥Join Now
New Malayalam Film SongsJoin Now
Malayalam Dubbed MoviesJoin Now
Malayalam MoviesJoin Now
🎬 Mollywood 🎶 DiarieS 📰Join Now
Movie Series 🎬Join Now

7. Hollywood Movies Telegram Channel Links 

The Hollywood Movies Telegram Channels are very famous as they have audiences from all over the world. These movies were also taken by some of the best filmmakers who gave their best in every aspect, like customs, scenes, and actors. 

Unlike Indian movies, they are short and do not feature any songs. They are also made so real that it is tough to find mistakes in them. These telegram channels feature all the late and famous Hollywood movies. They also publish fighting sequences, comedy scenes, and a few other videos related to the film to be released. 

Here are some of the Hollywood Movies Telegram Channels you can join to learn more about Hollywood. 

Channel NameLink To Join
Movie Series Join Now
Multi Audio MoviesJoin Now
New ReleaseJoin Now
X265 MoviesJoin Now
Marvel MoviesJoin Now
MoviesEmpire™Join Now
YIFY Movies™Join Now
MovieARRAYJoin Now
English cinema hubJoin Now

8. Tamil Movie Telegram Channel Links

The Kollywood industry is known for its usage of high technology and more special effects in their movies which make them next-level movies. If you are not watching any Tamil films, then you are skipping on a bunch of exciting stuff. 

Tamil Movie Telegram Channels are distinctive in showing only films in the Tamil language or anything related to Tamil. They also publish English and other language movies that are being dubbed in Tamil. They also publish small snippets of movies, music videos, and comedy scenes from Tamil movies. 

Here are some of the Tamil Movie Telegram Channels that you can join to know more about Kollywood. 

Channel NameLink To Join
Movie Series Join Now
Cinema Company OfficialJoin Now
MovieSeriesDBJoin Now
TamilMV Official (.im)Join Now
Movies_HD_Netflix_Telugu_TamilJoin Now
CC Video LibraryJoin Now
Tamil FilmsJoin Now
Tamil Movies (Dedicated)Join Now
Tamil Kollywood MoviesJoin Now

9. IPL Prediction Telegram Channel Links 

Indians love cricket, and IPL is one of the most loved cricket leagues played in India. As the name says, these Channels keep updating their viewers in real time about the IPL matches being played. Their main goal is to spread information about IPL and get many people engaged in the predictions. 

They provide you with a detailed view of the match that is being played, about the score, the player, and also the toss. Apart from the matches, they also talk about the practice sessions, strategies, and workings of the IPL teams. 

Here are some of the IPL Prediction Telegram Channels that you can join to know more about IPL Tips. 

Channel NameLink To Join
ExpertFreeTipsJoin Now
Cricket Market LoadJoin Now
Raja BookJoin Now
VCCricketTipsJoin Now
CricgramJoin Now
Free IPL Predictions Join Now
IPL UpdateJoin Now
IPL Live updatesJoin Now
IPL Prediction Join Now

10. Educational Telegram Channel Links

Nowadays, there are a lot of informal mediums of education, and one among them is the Telegram Channel. It has made learning very easy and fun at the same time. 

These Educational Telegram Channels are operated by a team of members looking to make learning fun. The information published on these channels discusses various things necessary for everyone to know. 

Here are some of the Educational Telegram Channels that you can join in stepping up in your knowledge game. 

Channel NameLink To Join
Today I LearnJoin Now
Daily Life HacksJoin Now
Mind Blowing FactsJoin Now
Did You KnowJoin Now
Amazing FactsJoin Now
Ask MeJoin Now
FactschoolJoin Now
English Slang WordsJoin Now
Curiosity Tea™Join Now
English Tips&ToolsJoin Now

11. ALT Balaji Telegram Channel Links

ALT Balaji is known for producing its own OTT content exclusively available on its platform with a subscription model. The web series and the movies streamed on this OTT platform have received a lot of praise for their storyline. 

In the Alt Balaji Telegram channels, you can watch these series and movies released on this OTT platform for free. These channels are wholly dedicated to publishing content from the ALT Balaji platform. All the latest films and web series will be available in  HD Online. 

Here are some of the ALT Balaji Telegram Channels you can join to watch exclusive stories from the Alt Balaji platform.

Channel NameLink To Join
Movie Series 🎬Join Now
ALTBalaji Ullu Zee5 Web SeriesJoin Now
Alt Balaji Web SeriesJoin Now
Alt Balaji OriginalsJoin Now
Alt Balaji | Short MoviesJoin Now
Indian Web SeriesJoin Now
Short ALT Balaji SeriesJoin Now
Alt Balaji MembersJoin Now
Alt Balaji SeriesJoin Now
Movie – Web Series WalaJoin Now

12. Hindi Movies Telegram Channel Links

With the increase in popularity of Bollywood movies, Telegram Channels publishing Hindi movies have also become very famous. Hindi movies are unique in everything, be it songs, stories, or even fight scenes. 

These Hindi Movies Telegram Channels publish only Hindi movies of all ages. They also post a few snippets of movies, songs, comedy scenes, and famous dialogues from Hindi movies. 

Here are some of the Hindi Movies Telegram Channels you can join to watch the latest Hindi movies.

Channel NameLink To Join
Bollywood MoviesJoin Now
Bollywood Hindi Movie LinkJoin Now
New Bollywood MoviesJoin Now
Hindi Movie Download LinkJoin Now
Best Hollywood and Bollywood Movies FilesJoin Now
Bollywood Movies HD New Hindi HollywoodJoin Now
Hollywood & Bollywood All Movies✔Join Now
Digi CinemaJoin Now

13. Voot Telegram Channel Links

Voot is an OTT Platform that streams the latest Hindi movies and web series. This platform is only available in India, and it comes with a 100 percent subscription model.

So, if you are looking to watch the movies on the OTT platform for free, then you can join any of the Voot Telegram Channels available to watch for free. Also, these channels update you with the latest releases immediately. 

Here are some of the Voot Telegram Channels you can join to watch the latest Hindi movies and web series released on the Voot platform.

Channel NameLink To Join
Bollywood Movies & Web SeriesJoin Now
Movie Series 🎬Join Now
Indian Web SeriesJoin Now
Voot Web SeriesJoin Now
Latest Voot MoviesJoin Now
Hindi Web SeriesJoin Now
Voot HD Series Join Now
Voot MediaJoin Now
Prime Voot Join Now
Hotstar vs. Voot Join Now

14. eBooks Telegram Channel Links

Ebooks have become very famous due to their convenience and ease of mobility. But, all the ebook platforms come with a paid subscription, and even if they are free, not all the series or chapters are available.

But the eBooks Telegram Channels provide you with all the series of a book with all the chapters included in it for free. These channels provide you with the PDF, AZW, or EPUB file formats of the books. You can download these books using any format and use them according to your convenience. 

Here are some eBooks Telegram Channels you can join to read your favorite books anytime and anywhere.

Channel NameLink To Join
Indian ⓔBooks™Join Now
BooksThiefJoin Now
Books4UJoin Now
Books ManiaJoin Now
Bestsellers BookJoin Now
Magazine’s & Book’s WorldJoin Now
Free and Flash Kindle Ebooks!Join Now
English AudiobooksJoin Now
MotivismJoin Now
EBooks & Magazines for Civil servicesJoin Now

15. Telugu Movies Telegram Channel Links

Tollywood is a part of Indian cinema, which is committed to producing movies in the Telugu language. Recently Telugu has taken the Indian audience by storm with some of its outstanding films. Telugu movies have won the Guinness World Record for their large-scale production. 

To watch some of the fantastic creations from the Tollywood industry, you can join these Telugu Movies Telegram Channels. These channels publish all the latest Telugu movies and old Telugu movies that you have missed watching. They also post snippets of Telugu movies, songs, famous dialogue, and comedy scenes. 

Here are some of the Telugu Movies Telegram Channels that you can join to watch some of the latest and outstanding Telugu Movies. 

Channel NameLink To Join
Movie Series 🎬Join Now
Telugu Dubbed MoviesJoin Now
Telugu movies [@telugu_moviez]Join Now
Telugu Audio & Video SongsJoin Now
🎬 New Telugu MoviesJoin Now
Telugu Movies HD™Join Now
Telugu moviesJoin Now
Movies Telugu New HD Dubbed LatestJoin Now
All Telugu moviesJoin Now
Telugu Cinema HubJoin Now

16. Entertainment Telegram Channel Links

In this fast-moving world, we all need time to relax our bodies and mind. All we need is a little entertainment as it works as an excellent remedy for our reason. Entertainment can be anything, such as storytelling, drama, music, and dance. 

The entertainment Telegram Channels do this without charging us anything. They provide you every day with entertainment videos, jokes, memes, and music that helps us to maintain our sanity. 

Here are some of the Entertainment Telegram Channels you can join to relax your mind when needed. 

Channel NameLink To Join
🍅TomatocalypseJoin Now
SarcasmJoin Now
😂 Laughing Colors 😂Join Now
Funny imagesJoin Now
Lolly Fun™Join Now
The Worst MemesJoin Now
SickipediaJoin Now
Programmer JokesJoin Now
GIF ChannelJoin Now

17. Deals Telegram Channel Links

The Deals Telegram Channels keep you updated with the latest offers from all the leading brands. When brands give any price drop or live offers, many marketers and shop owners post them on the Telegram Channels to get more customers. 

Here are some of the Deals Telegram Channels that you can join to get access to discounts and other coupons from brands. 

Channel NameLink To Join
Loot4youJoin Now
No Big DealsJoin Now
TheLootDealsJoin Now
Deadstar DizcountzJoin Now
BigtricksJoin Now
CoolzTricks – Only Loot DealsJoin Now
IHD Deals BroadcastJoin Now
Loot Deal AlertsJoin Now
DesiDimeJoin Now
Shopping DealsJoin Now

18. Gujrati Movies Telegram Channel Links

Dhollywood, a part of Indian cinema, is known for making movies in the Gujarati language. These movies are mainly focused on the Gujarati culture and their language.

But, the movies are outstanding, so that you can watch them for free on the Telegram channels. These channels publish not only movies but also comedy shows, Gujarati songs, and other infotainment programs. 

Here are some of the Gujarati Movies Telegram Channels that you can join to watch some outstanding movies from the Dhollywood Industry. 

Channel NameLink To Join
Gajju MoviesJoin Now
Gujarati MoviesJoin Now
Latest Gujarati MoviesJoin Now
New Gujarati Movies HD MoviesJoin Now
Gujarati Cinemahub🎥Join Now
Movie Series 🎬Join Now
New Gujrati HD MoviesJoin Now
🔥❤️Movie Series DB🍿❤️🔥Join Now

How To Create Your Telegram Channel

To create a Telegram Channel, you need to have a Telegram Account. After opening your Telegram Account, you can follow these steps to create your Telegram Channel. 

  • On the menu on the upper left, click ‘New Channel.’
  • Then enter the details of your channel, such as Name, Profile Image, and Description.
  • After entering the details, set a permanent link and Click on ‘Done.’ 
  • Your track will be created, and now you can add members by sharing the channel link with others. 

How To Join A Telegram Channel

Joining a Telegram channel is very simple, and you follow these two methods to join your favorite Telegram channel. 

  • You can join a Telegram channel by simply clicking on the channel’s link given. 
  • Otherwise, you can join the Telegram channel by searching for the channel’s name on the search box on the telegram app. 

Features Of Telegram Channel 

A few features of the Telegram channel are 

  • Icon and description can be added; this allows people to identify the purpose of the telegram channel quickly.
  • The private channel admins can hide your username and choose the members they want to add to the track. 
  • There is no limit to the number of members to add to a channel, so that you can add an unlimited number of people. 
  • Important posts can be pinned to the chat box so that every member can easily view the message. 
  • Sharing large multimedia files is very easy on the Telegram channel. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Telegram Channels Safe?

Telegram is one of the famous social media sites available on the market. It is safe unless you join a scammer channel or group on the telegram app. 

How Can I Find Hidden Telegram Channels? 

Hidden Telegram channels can be discovered on other social media sites. There you can get their channel’s link to join the Telegram channel. 

What Are Some Biggest Telegram Channels? 

Some of the Biggest Telegram Channels are 
Proxy MTProto
Bollywood Movies HD Hollywood New


I hope you like the collection of all the Telegram Channels mentioned above in the article, and it helps you to discover the Best Telegram Channel you want to join. 

I hope it will come in handy when you are trying to create your own Telegram Channel by following the steps given above. 

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