5 Tools to Merge PDF Files on Android Phones

You will almost certainly come across a PDF document as the world becomes more digitized.

Bank and tax statements, eBooks, quotes, contacts, records, invoices, forms, resumes, and various other documents are all available in PDF format.

Because the PDF format is widely used and universally compatible, it is used by a large number of people in a variety of professions.

Documents that are misplaced, lost, or misfiled documents are common, and they can be very expensive for businesses.

It may be difficult to locate a physical document when one is required.

In this situation, PDF tools could save you a lot of time, especially if you are sending a critical document.

We have compiled a list of useful PDF resources to assist you in navigating the chaos and simplifying your life.

Here Are 5 Tools to Help You Merge PDF Files On Android Phones

Every tool has benefits and drawbacks, and it may be difficult for some people to choose between them, especially with so many options available online that can perform a variety of tasks.

Others are completely free, while others are paid tools with trial versions.

Some have standard functions, while others have extremely unique capabilities that allow them to do a lot more with the files.

1. Mergepdf.io

It is a widely used online merge PDF tool. Merge PDF is a simple web tool that allows you to combine multiple files, rearrange and organize PDFs.

It has a simple and intuitive user interface, and one of the most straightforward ways to get started is by “dragging and dropping.”

It is a simple and secure PDF tool that does not save your private PDF data on its servers, ensuring that your information stays private.

Similarly, the Merge PDF tool produces the best results while preserving the file’s quality.

It is accessible from any laptop or mobile device with an internet connection.

Even if you accidentally close your search engine, the final edited version of your document is still accessible, which is convenient because you will not have to repeat the process.


  • Online accessibility 
  • Free of Charge
  • No Quality Decrease 
  • User-Friendly UI Design 
  • Protected And Safe 
  • Multi-Device Compatibility


  • Accessible Online

3. Pdfcombiner.Co

Pdfcombiner.co is an excellent document tool because it combines all of the files you provide into a single document quickly and easily.

You might be asked to create a large number of PDF files of the same type or category at times.

This could be a problem, especially if you are handing it over to someone who will not be able to manage and maintain that many documents.

The ideal solution would be to develop a method for combining multiple PDF files into a single document.

The PDF Combiner does exactly that, allowing you to combine multiple PDF files into a single document.

Anyone can use the technique because it is simple.

It also protects your personal information and data.


  • Retaining File Quality
  • Free of charge 
  • User-Friendly Interface Design 
  • Protection of Personal Information
  • Compatibility Across Devices


  • Online-only

3. GogoPDF

Gogo PDF is another PDF tool on our list with useful features and the ability to download as well as use online.

Both online and offline methods offer a variety of features.

You can access your files from any computer or device, both online and offline.

Beginning on any device, save your work to Drop box, Google Drive, SharePoint, or Ever note.

Go-go PDF’s cloud storage connection allows users to access all of their documents quickly and easily, which is especially useful if they work across multiple devices or remotely.


  • Online and offline platforms are available.
  • Cloud Storage Availability
  • Multiple free PDF utility tools 


  • PDF encryption is not available.
  • The free version does not allow reordering of pages.

4 .Tiny Wow PDF

Do not be fooled by the tool’s name!

Do you need a merged PDF but your data is spread across multiple PDF documents?

Do you require a particular format, or do you require a file to be converted or compressed?

Is everything starting to fall apart?

Files may be merged and divided with the Tiny wow PDF online tool, and unwanted pages can be easily removed.

Tiny wow PDF contains practically everything you might possibly want for your PDF files.

With only a few mouse clicks, you can combine, divide, compress, and rotate PDF files.

PDF files can also be quickly and easily converted.

There is no longer any need to switch between applications or software!

By organizing, sorting, and sharing files over devices straight from their website, you may save time.

Tiny wow PDF provides a 7-day premium trial period, after which you may pay yearly or monthly for the full version. Nonetheless, given its seamless features, it is not a terrible investment.


  • An Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Internet accessibility
  • Direct Drop box and Google Drive Access
  • Additional Tools for Document Management


  • Uploads may take a long time.
  • Individual PDF files cannot be arranged.
  • Contains Advertisements
  • Files are deleted after 1 hour.

5. I Text PDF

ITEXT PDF is another PDF utility tool that provides users with convenience when it comes to PDF file management. 

Because it can compress, decrypt, convert, combine, divide, and even watermark PDF files, this web tool is extremely versatile.

This online tool allows users to directly access data from cloud storage, which is extremely useful if all of your files are stored online.


  • There are up to 100 MB of PDF files available for free.
  • Use the drag-and-drop feature to rearrange the items.
  • There are also other PDF tools.
  • Drop Box and Google Drive Directly Accessible.


  • Advertisements appear in the free edition.

Why should you use online tools instead of offline software?

Online tools like these PDF Utility tools are extremely useful because they provide an “all-in-one solution,” requiring only that you select and upload your desired documents to the designated area on the site.

Then simply select the tool’s option, wait for the process to complete, and your files will be repaired in no time.

Unlike offline software, which requires you to select all options before downloading, this saves you time and energy while also allowing you to work more effectively.

Your device is bound to have a problem now and then, causing the program to hang.

You may also be required to create a username and password, which can be inconvenient and aggravating.


PDFs have become ubiquitous in our daily lives.

The use of the PDF format is required for any document-based task.

A solution to a problem can still be found.

It can be difficult to keep track of a large number of individual PDF files at times.

It could be difficult to share widely dispersed files.

A single file can be created by combining all of the different files or reports on the same data.

This will not only save the users’ time and energy but also the storage space, increasing their work productivity.