Best Mi Phones Under ₹10000

When you invest in something you intend to use for a long time, you should never compromise on the quality. The world of gadgets is actually getting cheaper every day. We are in a world where even the smallest of budgets can fetch some of the best pieces of technology. 

Best Mi Phones Under 10000

One daily use of technology is through our phones. Featured phones are outdated much, and we currently have this new era of smartphones. The credit for making smartphones quite affordable would always go to Xiaomi. 

Xiaomi launched its affordable range of products in India and since then the smartphone market changed. Now, years later, they hold the major shares in affordable segments; something they are known for. 

In this blog post, LogicalShout presents the four Best Mi Phones Under Rs.10,000 you can buy today. For people always on the run and for people who just want a smartphone, your budget expectations don’t get any better than this.

Best Mi Phones Under Rs.10,000

There are many smartphones under the Rs.10,000 price point, so the obvious question arises. Why go with a Mi product? Well, the answer is simple; you get first in class features at the best price. 

Our list has been prepared after hours of research and comparisons. Our readers are aware that we only suggest the best products in the market. With that being said, let’s jump into the list. Also, have a look at best Mi phones under Rs.15,000 & Rs.8000.

1) Redmi 8

Redmi 8

Redmi 8 offers everything you’d expect from a budget smartphone. It is feature-packed comes with the latest technology and won’t disappoint you by any means. Read on to find out why we picked this particular phone over others.

Design & Build Quality – There are a few color variants to choose from. The back of the phone is curved giving it a good grip. The phone isn’t compact, so you won’t feel safe using it with one hand. 

Redmi 8 has a notch design like any other latest phone. The bezels are minimum but towards the chin, there is a considerable amount. There is Corning Gorilla Glass protection to make sure your phone is a bit safer.

The back has a glossy-like finish. We warn you that this finish can be slippery and the phone has a fair chance to fall out of your hands. There is a fingerprint sensor in the back but is placed in a slightly higher position making it touch to reach out at times.

The design in the back is drool-worthy, but then again it is prone to scratches. Logicalshout recommends using a case for much better protection. 

Processor & RAM – Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 chipset and Adreno 505, the Redmi 8 can handle any daily app you throw at it. The device comes in two variants – 3GB RAM 32 GB Storage and 4GB RAM 64GB Storage.

If budgets allow, we suggest the 4GB RAM variant. The storage is much better and the performance is a bit faster. If you end up using a lot of performance-heavy apps, there will be lags and crashes. 

For gaming, the phone does well. Users can play games like PUBG and COD under medium settings for better FPS and gameplay. Out of the box, you get MUI 10 based on Android 9.

Display – Now talking about the display, the phone has a 6.2-inch LCD display with HD+ resolution. Visibility under direct sunlight is good. The automatic settings are better off altered by ourselves for better visibility. 

The display is good enough for watching videos and playing games. Considering the budget, the display performs well.

Camera – On the front, you get an 8 MP camera for selfies. Selfies are decent under sunlight and artificial lighting conditions. In low light, the pictures tend to have a lot of noise. 

In the rear, there’s a dual-camera setup with 12 MP f/1. + 2 MP cameras. Yet again, daylight pictures come out solid. There is not much detail to the pictures and you’ll notice a bit of noise, but it gets the work done.

There is a portrait mode embedded in the camera which is a plus. The edge detections and blurs are not quite good, so if you are looking for a great camera, this phone is probably not for you. 

The videos can be shot up to 1080p at 30 FPS. Unless you know your way around the camera, videos you capture will be shaky and dull. Even with all that, Redmi 8 gives a solid performance camera-wise for the price. 

Battery Life – Redmi 8 features a massive 5000mAh battery. It comes with a USB-C port, which makes way for fast charging. You do not get the fast charger in the bundle, so you will have to get it separately from a Mi store. 

For light users, this phone will last you around 2 days. For people who are constantly connected with their phones, do not worry as the battery still lasts a day and a half even with high usage.

Key Features: 

  • Gorilla Glass protection
  • Notch design
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Snapdragon 439 chipset
  • 3 GB RAM 32 GB/ 4 GB RAM 64 GB variants
  • 6.23-inch LCD display
  • Dual camera 
  • 5000mAh battery


Redmi 8 is the best Mi Phone Under 10,000 that you can buy. It offers great specs at such an affordable price. If you are a camera enthusiast, you should perhaps take a look at the Note 7s. For all other needs, no phone in this segment gets better than this.


  • Battery life
  • Display
  • Build 
  • Two variants 
  • Dual camera set up


  • Camera performance could have been better
  • Video lacks stability 

2) Redmi Note 7s

Redmi Note 7S

Next on our list is the Redmi Note 7s. The Redmi series of phones are Xiaomi’s budget line and with the Note 7s, they have yet again succeeded in making a deal-breaker in the market. They are one of the best Redmi Phone Under 10,000.

Design & Build Quality – All the 7 series smartphones from Redmi looks the same. There is Gorilla Glass 5 for protection at the front and the back. The back is a fingerprint magnet, so try using a case with the phone at all times. Redmi has provided a case with the box, and that’ll do the job for the time being. 

They have a waterdrop notch. The build is plastic but for the price, you can only expect so much. There is a 3.5mm jack for your musical needs. One downside is the inclusion of a hybrid SIM slot. This simply means you either get to use two SIM’s or one SIM and one SD card. 

The design is eye-catchy and the color options appeal to everyone. The build is still great when you compare it with the price. The bezels are a bit minimum but the chin gives it away. There is a fingerprint sensor in the back for that extra bit of security.

Processor & RAM – The Redmi Note 7s is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset that makes it more powerful than the Redmi 8. You get two variants for the device; either 3GB RAM 32 GB or 4GB RAM 64 GB storage.

You get dual 4G VoLTE if you are generally someone who owns two 4G sim cards. You get Android 9 out of the box. The overall performance was great. There are noticeable lags when you run the phone for hours at a go, but that is a real minor setback. 

Display – Redmi Note 7s come with a 6.3-inch display. Even the most affordable phones today come with a large display to cater to the needs of Indian customers. The maximum brightness is good enough under direct sunlight. The visibility is good and the viewing angles are also great.

Camera – 48 MP camera is what you get when you buy the Redmi Note 7s. The 48 MP Samsung GM1 with f/1.8 aperture and 5 MP camera makes way for decent photography experience. 

In the front, you get a 13 MP camera for all your selfie needs. The color reproductions are great and in daylight, the camera performs really well. There is AI recognition built-in but at times it goes off and recognizing ain’t really proper. 

The low light performance was better when you compare it with the likes of the Redmi 8. There are fewer details in low light shots and photos sometimes are grainy. Videos can go up to 1080p with options for either 30 FPS or 60 FPS.

Battery Life – The Redmi Note 7s comes with a 4000mAh battery that will easily last you a day and a half under moderate usage. The phone supports fast charging but to get the feature, you will have to buy the compatible charger. 

Key Features: 

  • Gorilla Glass 5 
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Hybrid SIM slot
  • 3GB 32 GB and 4 GB 64 GB variants
  • Dual 4G 
  • 6.3-inch display
  • 48+5 MP dual camera
  • 4000mAh battery


The Note 7s launched a little while back, but that doesn’t mean its bad. The phone still brings a lot to the table and gives fierce competition to the newer Redmi 8 series even now. The camera on the device is much better too. Overall, if you are okay with going for the last-gen device, the Redmi Note 7s won’t be disappointing. 


  • Dual 4G
  • Battery life
  • Design
  • Camera performance 


  • Hybrid SIM slot 

3) Redmi Y3

Redmi Y3

Redmi Y3 is more of a selfie-centric smartphone. Aimed at the much younger generation, the Redmi Y3 is still value for money. It is one of the Mi Mobile Under 1,000 and features next on our list. 

Design & Build Quality – Looks matter in a smartphone and well the Y3 doesn’t disappoint. The aura prism design brings in a dual-tone shade to the phone that looks elegant. There is a tough nano coat that acts as a shield for the phone. 

So you get a dedicated SD card slot in the SIM tray so storage will never be of any concern. There is a fingerprint sensor in the back for fast and safe recognition. 

Processor & RAM – Redmi Y3 comes with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of onboard storage. Powering the device is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor with Adreno 506 for the graphics and gaming-related activities.

It comes with Android 9 out of the box with MIU skin on top. The performance is quite good for the price. There will be lags and heating issues if you go on using the device for a long duration. Gaming is also considered fine but graphic intense games exhaust the device.

Display – Featuring a 6.26-inch display with a resolution of 1520 x 720 pixels. The display is vibrant and visible under sunlight. Max brightness makes the viewing better but does keep in mind that it drains the battery more.

Camera – Y3 sports a dual-camera setup on the rear. A 12 MP + 2 MP depth sensor. The camera performs well in daylight situations and the photos are sharp and detailed. Color reproduction was also mostly accurate. 

We told you that these are selfie-centric phones and for that, they have a 32 MP front camera. The cameras are able to click good pictures with enough details. The phone is primarily marketed about these very cameras and they do an excellent job.  

Battery Life – Battery performance in the device is solid. 4000mAh battery lasts you nearly 2 days with light usage and more than a day with average to heavy usage. Charging time is just above 2 hours which is not bad. It doesn’t come with fast charge support, but that can be adjusted.

Key Features: 

  • Aura prism design
  • Dedicated SD card slot
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor
  • 3 GB RAM and 32 GB Storage
  • Android 9
  • 6.26-inch display
  • Dual camera setup 
  • 4000mAh battery


Redmi Y3 appeals more to the youngsters. The main focus of the phone goes towards the front cameras and in that context, Redmi Y3 is undoubtedly the Best Mi Mobile Under 10,000.


  • Camera performance
  • Battery life 
  • Design
  • Dedicated slot for SD card


  • 32GB storage might not be sufficient to some users

4) Redmi 8A Dual

Redmi 8A Dual

Redmi 8A Dual is the trending current-gen phone you all want. It comes with the latest technology and setups. For those on a really tight budget, look no further than this Redmi phone that is truly one of the Best Redmi Mobile Under 10,000.

Design & Build Quality – There are bezels around the phone but you can’t expect thinnest of bezels for such a price. The design is classic but is prone to fingerprints. It is comfortable to hold but not the best for one-handed usage. 

There is a headphone jack and the phone comes protected with Gorilla Glass 5, so you don’t need to worry about an accidental drop. 

Processor & RAM – The Redmi 8A Dual is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 SoC. Two variants of the phone are available with either 2 GB of RAM or 3 GB. in terms of usage, the performance is not laggy. The phone manages the apps well but has considerable heating with prolonged use. 

You get a dedicated SD slot and the dual 4G option for your SIM cards. The phone runs on Android 9 out of the box. Many new features that are seen in Redmi’s new products make their way to 8A Dual as well.

Display – The phone has a 6.22-inch HD+ display that produces vibrant colors. The phone is very bright even under direct sunlight conditions. Viewing angles are great too and the phones come with all the modes to set the brightness right.

Camera – The 13+2 MP dual camera with f/2.2 aperture on the rear is the major difference between the Redmi 8A and the Redmi 8A dual. The photos come out really well. The extra depth sensor makes major differences. 

In daylight photos are crisp and color reproductions are spot on. Low light conditions bring in grainy pictures and fewer details. 

Battery Life –  The smartphone features a 5000mAh battery that will last you 2 days on light usage and up to 1.5 days with average use. The battery backup is quite good and the phone supports fast charging. The device can be fully charged on the go for immediate plans.

Key Features: 

  • Gorilla Glass 5 
  • Snapdragon 430 processor
  • 2 GB RAM and 3 GB RAM variants
  • 13+2 MP Dual camera set up 
  • Dual 4G
  • 5000mAh battery
  • Fast charging


Redmi 8A Dual is the latest budget phone from the company and it has all the new features you would want. Design-wise it falls short of other phones in the list, but it still makes for a good buy. The base variant is very affordable and you get many other perks making it one of the best Mi Phone under 10,000.


  • Battery life 
  • Dual 4G 
  • Dual camera setup
  • Fast charging support


  • Snapdragon 430 is a less powerful processor 
  • Only 32GB of onboard storage  


We have come to an end for our list of Best Mi Phones Under Rs.10,000. All the phones mentioned in the list are suitable for all budget levels. They are affordable devices with the most attractive features.

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