Intego Antivirus Review; Is Intego Best Antivirus for Mac in 2021?

If you are using a macOS-based computer, you need to consider Intego antivirus. It protects you from Mac malware. Intego antivirus is has been protecting Mac-based computers since 1997. It also helps their systems to be safe and always clean.

Unfortunately, many Mac users do not have intensive information on Intego antivirus. Not knowing that hackers are even targeting them.

Intego Antivirus for mac
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As a Mac user, you need to be aware of all the threats like ransomware, adware, and Trojans so that you can have a reliable antivirus. Intego has been protecting Mac users with a full-featured firewall. It will protect your Mac-based computer from both internal and external attacks.

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With Intego, you do have to question yourself if you are fully protected. This is because Intego is a winning company on antivirus services. It also offers premium Bundle X9 which can be trusted when it comes to scanning windows and Linux malware.

Intego antivirus program is easy to use, and also the setting up model is straightforward. You will find all the components in one installation package. You will find some tools that you can use in the package.

With Intego antivirus, you can get all the information about the company. There is a ticketing system that helps you to interact with their agents. You can even opt to call them because of the telephone support system.

Intego antivirus system comes with a cost. There are one and two-year licenses. If you want fully be protected, you need to pay more. The first thing that you must do is to sign in as you install. You will find some friendly and unfriendly policies. You must adhere to all this. It is not a must that you purchase Intego software because there is a trial duration.

Trial duration lasts for like 30 days. During the trial time, there so many limitations because you cannot remove any malware. This is because of the few quarantine features. You can now click on the option you need.

The subscription option will take you to the payment screen which you can use PayPal or a credit card. No any kind of auto-renewal policies. You need to wait for days for your get confirmation. Intego offers some discount to Mac user who has paid a subscription of more than one year. You will also enjoy additional services with Intego antivirus.

System Requirements

macOS got their specific system requirements, not like other windows apps. Your computer must meet the entire Mac requirements which are,

  • Your computer must be compatible with all macOS versions be the current one or the previous one. macOS version ranges from 10.14 going up.
  • Your hard disk must have a space of more than 1.5 GB
  • You need to be connected to the internet because you need to update your network regularly.
  • Interestingly Intego offers all many languages to its software

A-V Test

Most of the testing labs are concentrates more on the windows. This is because it is the most affected area. macOS antivirus is tested regularly. According to Intego antivirus reviews 2019, the results showed that they are the best when it comes to protecting documents.

AV-Test tests on the protection by checking how software can detect malware and act at the same time. It also tests on the performance of the software: by confirming if it performs scans. A-V Test verifies on the usability of the software if it alerts the user.

Mac Internet Security X9 comes with two of Intego’s most popular Mac protection utilities: VirusBarrier X9 and NetBarrier X9.

VirusBarrier Review

VirusBarrier is a virus and malware detection tool which has been in existence for over ten years. Malware has been a threat to many Mac users.

With VirusBarrier you can scan your files as you create them. If this program detects any malware, it does not delete it as it moves it to quarantine. You will only see the notification later in the day. The most exciting thing with VirusBarrier is that your system will be at its speed as all the malicious files are deposited to the quarantine early enough.

According to AV-TEST reports that there is an increasing attack on Mac-based computers. And this is because hackers are using advanced technology to come up with all types of threats. As the reports state, windows are the target.

Fortunately, if you are using a Mac-based computer, you do not have to care because VirusBarrier software can detect 100% of malware threats. With VirusBarrier you are free from threats like Trojan, horses, crypto jackers, dialers and many more

With a VirusBarrrier, you can scan for any malware. The good this is that you can use your iPad, iPhone by plugging it to the Mac. As you do a scan, you must check the number of files. You are sure of protection of your documents and your machine 24/7

The presence of the real-time scanner helps in scanning every file by ensuring that they are well protected. It is good always to consider a full scan if you have VirusBarrier.

You can do a quick scan on demand. For you to be sure that you have taken the shortest time possible, you must be with the starting time. And after the quick scan, you must make a site that the viruses are quarantined. You can scan a single volume

With VirusBarrier, you can detect any malware hiding in disk images and compressed archives. You can get an email in case VirusBarrier detects much threat with VirusBarrier, you can control several functions. This is because after you have installed it, it works in the underground.

Accessing and reading logs so that you see all the malware activities is possible with VirusBarrier.

NetBarrier x9 reviews

NetBarrier is a professional grade firewall that protects you from hackers. After installing NetBarrier, you will be requested by Intego to select the kind of network you prefer to use. This software gives you instructions on how to use it. You can opt to create several rules. This firewall works depending on your location. You can easily change your profile because it cm detect when the network changes.

NetBarrier acts as an anti-spyware as it can protect your Mac while you are away. You can also design the IN and OUT connection traffic of every app using it.

NetBarrier can also monitor incoming and outgoing data by displaying the kind of internet you are using and real-time.

With NetBarrier, you can be sure of protection from unknown devices that sneak to steal your data or your saved information.

If you want to download from the Mac App Store, you do not have to worry because you are fully protected. In the past years, many people could not download from any Mac App Store because your information could be stolen and used in cybercrimes.

NetBarrier offers a two-way firewall; this means that you are protected from inbound threats and rogue app that try to invent your phone or the machine without your permission.

Intego Service Time

Intego got the email support that works with the regular working hours. You need to need to know the main offices of Intego which are in Washington, Paris, and Seattle. Zendesk is the company that offers live chat to Intego. With Zendesk, Intego can live chat 24/7.

Effectiveness of Intego as a Security Solution

If you have a Mac-based computer, you are not free from malware. You need to know that many cybercriminals are targeting Mac-based computers. Reason being it is userbase. Userbase means that it is hard to install an antivirus tool.

After though struggles with malware Intego customized software that can control malware in all Macs. One of the most trusted antivirus tools is the VirusBarrier which have been tested to have a significant impact on people with Mac-based computer. It can detect a threat early enough.

Currently, Intego has improved and its offering four packages that contain both VirusBarrier and NetBarrier. With this package, you are sure of full protection of your files.

  • Mac Internet Security x9 is one of the packages that contain both VirusBarrier and NetBarrier. It includes both the antivirus features and the firewall ones.
  • Washing Machine Secure X9 is a package that loved by people who delete junk files to increase the speed of the device. It cleans up tool, not forgetting the protection.
  • Mac Premium Bundle X9 is the most expensive Intego’s package that got both VirusBarrier and NetBarrier apps. Consider this if you want all the services that come with Intego antivirus software.

Checkout – How to guide about Intego


It feels annoying to find a threat in your Mac computer. The best thing about cleaning your Mac computer is by installing Intego antivirus. The antivirus usually acts quickly to avoid further damages. If you want your Mac computer to serve you for many years, consider an antivirus program that contains both NetBarrier and VirusBarrier.

You will never regret when it comes to the protection of your documents. Many people and also organizations are finding it better to spend money so long as they get the best antivirus program. Keep Mac antivirus programs to avoid future attacks of malware.

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