What are the Different Types of Headphones Design

You must have come across a variety of Headphones designs which all kinds of prefixes like ‘over’, ‘in’, and ‘ear’; it does sound a bit confusing, and to a layman in this field, the difference between various designs of headphones usually gets blurred.

Types of Headphones Design

Let us find in detail about the multiple designs of headphones, below in the article. 

1) Over-ear Headphones

These headphones are circumaural headphones; this means that these headphones come with ear-cups and are worn over the head. It looks like a hairband with ear-cups.

The best part of this headphone type is that it can cancel the outside noise until 95%, and you experience uninterrupted music.

These headphones produce better sound quality, including better bass quality. A shortcoming of this headphone design is that it neither very portable nor you can use this design while playing a sport.

If you still like this design, you should go for Sennheiser Over-ear headphones; it is one of the best brands for this headphone type.

2) On-ear Headphones 

The ear-cups of this headphone type rests on your ear lobes, which is why it is called on-ear headphones. Since the ear-cups do not cover your ear lobes, it is impossible to achieve a noise-free music experience with this design type.

No doubts these kinds of headphones are quite portable as they are lightweight, but are still not very comfortable.

You can still experience great music in this headphone type. You can try Flare Audio Flare Pro 2HD model if you want to experience the best on-ear headphone available in the market; this headphone design is wired one and can also become wireless.

No doubt, this variation is a bit pricey, but you can always look for a discount offer at CouponzGuru and buy on-ear headphones at a much lesser price point. 

3) In-ear Headphones 

In-ear headphones are quite a popular one and are most commonly available in the market. These earphones are wired ones that can be connected to a phone/laptop very easily.

These headphones do not have big ear cups but have earbuds that get on the inside of your ear canal, and you experience music in one of the best possible manners.

Since the earbuds play music in your ear canal region, you do not experience any kind of outer noise. This headphone is quite portable in nature, and there is very little noise leakage possible with this headphone design.

Some of the best brands catering to this product line are JBL, Bose, Sony, Sennheiser, and Skullcandy. 

4) Behind the neck headphones 

You can say that these headphones are similar to on-ear headphones with a difference that these do not go over your head, but it goes behind the neck. In other words, you do not ear these headphones as a headband but as neckband headphones.

They come in the wired form and also wireless form (thought the wireless design is the more popular one). There are some brands like Philips, LG, and Sony that have created a niche for themselves in this product category. 

5) Earbuds

Earbuds are something new in the Indian market and are currently trending a lot. One can argue that earbuds are similar to in-ear headphones (minus the wired part), but there is a stark difference between the two.

Earbuds stay outside of your ear-canal region and play music there, whereas the in-ear headphones play music inside the ear-canal region.

The name of this design is ‘earbuds’ which means that it is the non-wired design and can be connected with the help of Bluetooth to your phones and MP3 players.

Apple has launched its version of earbuds under the brand name Airbuds; these come pricey, so before actually buying them, you can look for some coupons for this brand and get some discount at the time of buying Airpods. 

The final wording 

There are so many brands catering to this product category, and there are so many online stores that feature all different headphone designs from all the brands in their store. You can have a look at all the different options of headphone designs available to you and then make an informed decision.

You can go through the reviews of various headphones at various online stores and know which one will suit you the most. 

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