Best Wireless Mouse India (2021)

While traditional wired USB mouses have been doing great, wireless counterparts are even better. You may not agree to this if you are a gamer, but wireless mouses will be more convenient and comfortable to use for most users. 

Best Wireless Mouse India

With the lockdown and pandemic happening last year, many began setting up their workspaces right at their homes’ comfort. Laptops and desktops have been of more significant importance for both students and working professionals. Along with it, accessories such as mouses and keyboards also grew in importance.

Wireless mouses are hassle-free, do not require much setup, and you can move them around to your preference. They also make your desk space look arranged and lets you work in peace. 

Some users might feel lags, but that can only be seen if you are a high-end gamer. However, this does not stand true for the rest of the user section, making it an ideal choice.

Many brands are offering some top choices out there in the market, but we have come up with the best available at the moment. 

Best Wireless Mouse in India 

1.Logitech MX Master 3Overall Best Pick
2.Logitech MX AnywhereRunner-Up Pick
3.Logitech M235Best Affordable Mouse
4.Lenovo 300Stylish and Trendy Mouse
5.Logitech M331Best Looking Mouse
6.Mi Wireless MousePortable & Lightweight Mouse
7.Logitech B170Value for Money Mouse
8.HP Z3700Best Mouse for Professionals
9.Logitech M221Value for Money Mouse
10.Dell WM126Honorable Mention

After proper research, Logicalshout presents a list of the best wireless mouse in India. Products from some of the top brands featured in the list are ranked according to the value they bring to the table. To figure out your perfect choice, start reading now. 

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1) Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech MX MASTER 3 Wireless Mouse

Featuring first on our list is the Logitech MX Master 3. Logitech has always been a pioneer in PC accessories, and the MX Master 3 stands atop their best products. 

Design and Build Quality – The design of the MX Master 3 easily stands out among any crowd. It is big, bold, and detailed, giving it one of the best looks you can find in the market. Even with the tall boy design, the mouse is extremely comfortable to use. 

All the controls are placed in the mouse’s proper position to provide the user with the best work rate possible. It is a perfect choice for an everyday user, gamer, or designer. 

Usability – The Logitech MX Master 3 does pack in a lot of surprises. The Ultrafast mag speed scrolling is capable of scrolling 1000 lines per second. In reality, that is super fast, which will help you cruise past any work you are doing. 

You can use the mouse on almost any surface, and that includes glass. It is the best wireless companion for someone always on the go. 

Battery Backup – The battery backup is one big highlight from the wireless mouse. Once fully charged, it can last upto 70 days which is a good number. It only takes nearly an hour and a half to charge fully, and even a single one-minute charge will give 3 hours of battery. 

The port is a USB C type, so that explains the fast charging. There is also an LED indicator that represents the charge. Logitech MX Master 3 is the best wireless option it has to give you. However, some of the other wireless mouses do offer months of battery in a charge, but they do not provide the same amount of features the MX Master 3 has. 

Key Features:

  • Wireless mouse 
  • Different controls for tasks 
  • Ultrafast mag speed scrolling
  • Works on any surface 
  • 70-day battery life 
  • USB C charging 


The Logitech MX Master 3 is the top pick among wireless mouses in India. It is well-built, faster in performance, and suitable for every type of user. 


  • Comfortable to use with an ergonomic and sturdy build 
  • Faster in performance and offers high speed in tasks 


  • Battery life compared to some other choices is low 

2) Logitech MX Anywhere

Logitech MX Anywhere 3 Wireless Mouse

The Logitech MX Anywhere is a much costlier option but still provides the best features you can expect from a mouse in the market. 

Design and Build Quality – The sleek black and grey finish is quite attractive and gives a sense of premiumness. The diamond-cut shapes on the sides also offer a unique feel to the wireless mouse. 

MX Anywhere is compact and comfortable in that it easily fits in the palms of one’s hand. The compact size also makes it portable for travel. 

Usability – The mouse can easily be tracked on any surface, which includes glass. Also, to add to user convenience, the MX Anywhere has hyper-fast scrolling making it easier for readers to scroll past significant texts or surf the web. 

Transferring files across different platforms is also easy as all you need to do is move your cursor through. 

Battery Backup – The MX Anywhere has a stellar battery backup of upto 70 days. This comes off a single charge making it highly reliable for usage. There is an LED indicator on the mouse to determine the level of control left. 

A USB Type-B charger is provided with the box, and while it may not be as fast as USB C counterparts, it still gets the job done. 

Key Features:

  • Wireless mouse 
  • Sleek and compact finish 
  • Trackable on all surfaces 
  • Hyper-fast scrolling
  • 70-days battery life 
  • USB Type-B charger 
  • LED indicator for battery life 


The Logitech MX Anywhere is a more affordable option to the Master 3. It still offers a good range of features for the price, and if you want something great but not very expensive, this would be the correct buy. 


  • Good build and compact sized for everyone
  • Scrolling and usage is fast-paced for long tasks 


  • Mouse doesn’t support older OS versions 
  • No USB C connection 

3) Logitech M235  

logitech m235 Wireless Mouse

If the first two options felt expensive, then the third choice from Logitech may be your best bet. It is professional and retains all design elements one would want.

Design and Build Quality – The design is compact and glossy. Logitech has made it ambidextrous for both left and right-hand users. It is comfortable to use, and one can easily switch between work and rest. 

Usability – The 1000 DPI optical tracking and the 2.4Ghz technology ensure smooth usage and tracking through any surface type. All you need to do is connect the USB receiver to your device, and that’s it; you are good to go. 

Battery Backup – Interestingly, the battery life in the M235 is one of the longest-lasting on the list. It lasts for 12 months on a single charge which is an astonishing amount for a wireless mouse. It has a dedicated sleep mode that saves battery along with an LED indicator for demand. 

Key Features:

  • Wireless mouse 
  • Glossy and compact design 
  • 1000DPI optical tracking 
  • 12-month battery life 
  • Battery-saving sleep mode 


The Logitech M235 won’t break your bank when you decide to purchase a wireless mouse. It is affordable, all the while offering good usability. 


  • Affordably priced for every budget user
  • Design is attractive and easily noticeable 
  • Battery life is excellent and long-lasting 


  • The mouse may be too small for some users because of its size 

4) Lenovo 300  

Lenovo 300 Wireless Mouse

The affordable options don’t come to an end. Next on the list is the Lenovo 300 GX30. A compact mouse for everyday usage. 

Design and Build Quality – The matte finish gives the Lenovo 300 a trendy look with orange tints. It is compact and portable and can even fit in pockets. This mouse is most suitable for those who constantly travel. 

Usability – With 1000DPI optical tracking, the mouse works fine on surfaces. It comes with a USB receiver to connect, and there isn’t much to complain about when it comes to performance. It isn’t, however, as smooth as the top choices on the list. 

Battery Backup – The Lenovo 300 wireless mouse uses 2 AAA batteries for a charge. The battery lasts 18 months which is quite a good amount, but do keep in mind that this won’t be the exact amount. Battery longevity will depend mainly on the usage pattern. 

Key Features:

  • Wireless mouse 
  • Matte finish 
  • 1000DPI optical tracking 
  • AAA batteries 
  • 18-month battery life 


The Lenovo 300 is more of a better choice for those wanting a simple, hassle-free mouse. It packs in good features for an affordable price tag. 


  • Design is exciting and eye-catchy
  • It works well on hard surfaces
  • Battery life is decent and lasts long 


  • Mouse could be tiny for some users because of its compactness 

5) Logitech M331  

Logitech M331 Wireless Mouse

The Logitech M331 stands out thanks to its design. It has some exciting features, but there is one major drawback to this wireless mouse we shall read about. 

Design and Build Quality – The mouse has a trendy-looking design that catches attraction. However, the M331 is crafted for right-hand users only. This is a big concern as this isn’t meant for the larger audience. 

Moving on, the mouse also features silent clicks that have a 90% noise reduction. Each mouse click would be quiet and won’t interfere or irritate users while working. 

Usability – 1000DPI Optical tracking makes sure the mouse works on a lot of many surfaces. The wide rubber wheel gives users the freedom to move the mouse around. However, the scroll wheel isn’t responsive, and there have been significant complaints about its feedback. The M331 also supports all primary OS. 

Battery Backup – 24 months of battery life is massive. This is undoubtedly the mouse with the most considerable battery backup, and a particular portion of gratitude can be shown to the auto-sleep function that saves charge. 

Key Features:

  • Wireless mouse 
  • Right-handed design 
  • Noise reduction for clicks 
  • 1000DPI Optical tracing 
  • 24-months battery life
  • Auto-sleep mode 


The Logitech M331 would have secured a higher position in the list had it had an ambidextrous design. For left-handed users, this mouse is out of the picture. 


  • Easy and smooth to use even for more extended hours
  • Battery life is one of the best, and the LED indicator also helps track 


  • Only meant for right-handed users
  • Scroll wheel’s feedback could have been much better 

6) Mi Wireless Mouse

Mi Wireless Mouse

Mi has always been a company that brings to customer value for money products. And the Mi wireless mouse continues that trend being an affordable but great product. 

Design and Build Quality – The Mi wireless mouse has a simple and edgy design. The all-black tone compliments the overall design well. It is also ergonomic and lightweight so that you can carry it around with ease. 

Usability – 1000DPI optical tracking is seen here again for smooth use through surfaces. The two-way scroll and two standard buttons are all you get with the mouse and no additional controls like you’d see in a gaming mouse. 

Battery Backup – Mi wireless is powered by a single AAA battery, and Mi claims it’ll last a total of 12 months. Based on usage, this might vary a bit, but you do get something closer to this. 

Key Features:

  • Wireless mouse
  • Lightweight design 
  • 1000DPI optical tracking 
  • 12-month battery life 


The Mi wireless mouse is a great budget option. If you are a fan of Mi products, you’ll feel right at home when purchasing this product. 


  • Matte design is a big highlight that a lot of users will love
  • Usage is smooth with no complaints in general 


  • The size of the mouse could have been a little bigger

7) Logitech B170

Logitech B170 Wireless Mouse

The Logitech B170 is yet another classic product from the brand. While it may not offer the same as the top options, it is priced right for its features.

Design and Build Quality – Ambidextrous design allows comfort for both right and left-handed users. The USB nano receiver is to be connected to the system for the mouse to work. 

Usability – Advanced optical tracking lets the mouse easily track on any surface. A wireless range of 10m enables you to set up your workspace according to your comfort. 

The mouse can be a little too small for some users. The scroll wheel, too, has been a case of an issue for some.

Battery Backup – 12-month battery life is promised from the Logitech B170. You don’t have to worry about constant charging and can go along with a single charge.  

Key Features:

  • Wireless mouse
  • Ambidextrous design 
  • 10m wireless range 
  • 12-month battery life 


The Logitech B170 has some flaws but still manages to be a good product for the price. If you are looking for a short-term solution, you may invest in this.


  • Ergonomic and comfortable design 
  • Battery life is decent and gets you through a year almost  


  • The scroll wheel had to be better designed 
  • Size may be too small for some users 

8) HP Z3700 

HP Z3700 Wireless Mouse

The HP Z3700 is a bit more expensive than some of the options featured earlier in the list, but it does come off as an excellent professional mouse for users. 

Design and Build Quality – The HP Z3700 has a classic dual-tone design, and the mouse is sleek and portable. This makes the mouse portable and easy to carry to your college or workplace. 

Usability –  With 1200DPI optical sensors, the mouse works fine on almost all surfaces. Thanks to it being compatible on all major platforms, users wouldn’t be facing many issues. 

Battery Backup – 16 months of battery life ensures the longevity of usage. With wired mouses, you don’t need to plug them in for a charge. However, wireless alternatives give you a sense of freedom. And why compromise when the battery life they give exceeds almost a year.

Key Features:

  • Wireless mouse 
  • Dual classic dual-tone design 
  • 1200DPI Optical Sensor 
  • 16-month battery life 


The HP Z3700 is another affordable option that is great for professionals. It does lack a good sturdy build, but the design and consistent performance balance things out. 


  • Lightweight and stylish design makes it attractive for the market
  • Smooth in usage and consistent thanks to the higher optical tracking 
  • Battery life is great and long-lasting


  • The build is mostly plastic, and users might face issues with rough usage.

9) Logitech M221

Logitech M221 Wireless Mouse

The Logitech M221 is another affordable option that stays true to the money you spent on it. It has excellent features combined with suitable quality hardware to take up a position on our list. 

Design and Build Quality – The Logitech M221 wireless mouse is compact in its design. The build is sturdy and ensures long-lasting usage. Logitech has also gone with an ambidextrous design for both right and left-handed users. 

Usability – 90% noise reduction for clicks and usage is what Logitech offers. You’ll have a silent interface and won’t be disturbed by the mouse’s usual click sounds. The 1000DPI optical tracking also offers good performance across most of the surfaces. 

Battery Backup – Coming to the battery life, the M221 offers 16-months of battery. The auto sleep function will also save the battery when the mouse is not in use. 

Key Features:

  • Wireless mouse
  • Compact and long-lasting
  • 1000DPI optical tracking
  • 90% noise reduction
  • Auto sleep mode
  • 16-month battery life 


The Logitech M221 isn’t the best choice from the list but it is value for money. For a short sum, you get a lot of features you’d typically see in a premium product. 


  • Silent clicks are comfortable while using 
  • Function and performance is smooth 
  • Build quality is sturdy 


  • Scrolling does make a lot of noise even though clicks are silent 

10) Dell WM126

Dell WM126 Wireless Mouse

The last pick on our list of best wireless mouse in India is the Dell WM126, a smart option for all the students out there. 

Design and Build Quality – It has a glossy design with a range of color options for the students. It is compact in size but may not be comfortable as the mouse does lack a certain grip. 

Usability – The WM126 may not be a stronghold, but it is capable of multiple tasks. It is a friendly mouse that covers all your basic needs.

Battery Backup – WM126 offers upto 1 year of battery life through USB charging. This is a great amount and you can’t really complain about it. 

Key Features:

  • Wireless mouse 
  • USB receiver 
  • Compact 
  • Glossy design
  • 1 year battery life 


The Dell WM126 may not be the best option out there. It is priced a bit higher than some better options, but if you just want a daily driver being a student, this would be a good pick. 


  • Compact in size allows for portability  
  • Battery life is good and long-lasting 


  • The grip may not be that good for gaming or design works 
  • Compared to others, the performance of the WM126 falls short 


With the list concluding, let us look at some of the best wireless mouse you can get from the market today. Starting off, you have the Logitech MX Master 3, undoubtedly the best mouse you can buy, whether it’s for business, personal use, or gaming. 

If budget constraints you, the much cheaper Logitech MX Anywhere or the affordable Logitech M235 are good options. That’s all for the day. For more tech and gadget-related news, keep reading LogicalShout. 

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