Best LED Smart TVs Under Rs.15,000 in India

Alongside smartphones, TVs, too, went through major changes over the years. At present, we have Smart TVs, fully-functional like any other smart gadget. When they launched, they were costly, but now it is easy to purchase one even if your budget is low. Today, we will be talking about the Best Smart TVs Under 15,000 in India that you can buy.

Best Smart Tvs Under 15000

Using a Smart TV, you can browse the internet, watch your favorite shows through streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime and even tune into your favorite albums. And as most of you are aware, there is always an option to share your mobile screen and watch seamlessly. 

With so much to offer, Smart TVs are a good investment for your hard-earned money. To make life easier for you, we will list the top brand’s choices so that choosing the right TV will be much easier. 

Best Smart TVs Under Rs.15,000

1.Mi TV 4A ProOverall Best Pick
2.Motorola ZX2Best TV With 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM
3.Nokia TV Best TV with AI Engine
4.Realme TV 32 Best Good Looking TV
5.Onida TV 32Value for money TV
6.Samsung TV Best Screen Quality (Non Smart)
7.LG TVBest Smart TV with Best Display
8.Vu PremiumValue for Money TV
9.OnePlus YHonorable Mention
10.MarQ by FlipkartBest Value for Money TV

There are many competitors in this price range, but we could finalize the best ones after hours of research and comparison. These TVs are high on features and do not compromise on quality. To find out which one is your best choice, start reading now.

You can check out the TVs section via the menu to find out a different price range and screen size tvs, also have a look at the best smart tvs under Rs.20,000.

1. Mi TV 4A Pro 

Mi TV 4A Pro

Mi has a reputation in India for being the brand that reshaped the electronics market. They launched a variety of products at affordable rates and made budget-friendly segments possible for every user. 

The Mi TV 4A Pro is another budget offering from the Chinese brand, a true value for money product. The Mi TV 4A Pro ticks all the right boxes to be the best smart TV under 15,000 and could be your next buy.

Design & Build Quality – The Mi TV 4A Pro is one of the best looking 32-inch smart TVs out in the market. It has an excellent build, and with minimum bezels, the TV looks unique and fresh.

You can choose whether to mount the TV on a wall or let it rest on a surface with the stand. The plastic feet are well-built and efficiently support the TV. The design is simple and light enough to be one of the best.

Display – The smart TV has a Full HD panel while supporting HDR at this price. Viewing high-quality content on the TV will surely be a treat with HDR onboard. If quality matters to you the most, streaming in 1080p on Netflix will be enjoyable for you, your family, and friends.

The Mi TV 4A Pro comes with a resolution of 1366×768 with a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. The LED panel has great viewing angles and is quite good, but HDR support is missing. 

Performance – The Mi TV 4A Pro runs on Android TV 9.0, and it comes with a range of content partners to stream all your favorite content. Patchwall 3.0 supports 20+ content partners in the Mi TV 4A Pro.

The TV is powered by the powerful 64-bit 7th Gen A53 Quad processor with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. 

The TV also supports Data Saver mode so that you could use your mobile hotspot if you ever run out of data. This mode will help you load videos and music faster, so that is a big plus making the TV one of the best.

However, some users have reported several software issues overtime where they experienced the TV crashing. This has not been reported with other Mi products, so that should be noted.

Connectivity – The Mi TV 4A comes with 3 HDMI ports, an ethernet port, AV input, antenna, and two USB ports to connect any external drive to your TV. The Mi TV 4A also supports Bluetooth and WIFI connection so that you can stream all your Netflix and Prime content alongside your family and loved ones. 

Audio & Remote – The dual 10W speakers bring a lot of sound to the TV. Audio quality is on point, and you will not be disappointed about how the TV sounds. If you want to get an immense experience, investing in some external speakers will bring a better output.

The remote is very simple in design. The grip is good, and it is connected to the TV via Bluetooth. Being a universal remote, you can use it on some other devices as well. Quick access buttons for Netflix and Prime Video are also present on the remote.

You also get voice assistant support so that you can control everything with ease.

For those used to the traditional remote, it will take some time to get used to. However, the minimal design is something many might like.

Key Features: 

  • 32-inch Smart TV
  • LED Full HD panel
  • 60 Hertz display
  • Android TV 9.0
  • Patchwall 3.0
  • 7th Gen A53 Quad Processor 
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB storage
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • 20+ content partner
  • Data saver mode 


The Mi TV 4A Pro offers great specifications for its price. However, there have been a couple of issues reported by the users. Aside from that, the TV is undoubtedly the best Smart TV under 15,000 to buy in the market today.


  • Minimal remote
  • Variety of partner contents
  • Display
  • Latest features


  • Speakers lack punch
  • Software issues

2. Motorola ZX2 32

Motorola ZX2

Motorola, now owned by Lenovo, is slowly building their brand from the start. The Motorola ZX2 32 is a clear example that the brand is headed in the right way by offering true value for money products.

Design & Build Quality – The Motorola ZX2 32-inch TV has a similar design to the Mi TV 4A Pro but varies in certain angles. The build is quite sturdy, and you can mount the TV on either the wall or let it rest on a surface/tabletop.

The stand allows for easy connectivity thanks to its shape. But even if you mount it on a wall, you will face no issues.

Display – Display certainly is one of the biggest points in the Motorola ZX2. There is support for HDR 10, which is a surprising addition to this budget. Also, there is Dolby vision, a name we are all familiar with. With all that, the ZX2 is undoubtedly having one of the best displays for TV under 15,000.

The LED display has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and the standard 60Hz refresh rate. The display also has auto-dimming, reducing, and increasing the brightness level according to the lighting conditions. Overall, the display front is quite good.

Performance – The Motorola ZX2 was the first Smart TV in India to launch with Android 10 onboard. The Mi TV 4A Pro packs the Android 9 version, so this is a significant upgrade. 

The smart TV is powered by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, which is twice that of the Mi TV 4A Pro. The performance is quite good, and you can access a variety of apps and seamlessly switch between them. 

The MediaTek processor contributes a lot to the performance. On top of that, you also have the G52 graphic engine for games if you are bored and do not own any fancy consoles. 

Connectivity – Connectivity options include a LAN, Optical, 2 HDMI, 2 USB ports, and an antenna. The port options are plenty, and you’ll have no problem reaching them as well. 

There is also Bluetooth 5.0 and WIFI connectivity, and Chromecast, so you can connect your mobile device and enjoy it without any issues. 

Connectivity is stable throughout, and you can even stream your favorite content from popular platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+Hostar, and more.

Audio & Remote – When you hear Dolby, two things come to your mind; sight and sound. The Motorola ZX2, with its 40W speaker that is set up uniquely, provides a unique experience. The 4 unit setup can enhance your viewing experience to the max at any indoor setup. 

Talking about the remote, it is similar to what you see these days. There are embedded buttons as shortcuts for some of your favorite apps, including Google Play. Google Assistant support is also enabled if you want to save time by searching through.

Key Features:

  • HDR 10 display
  • 32-inch LED TV
  • WIFI and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Dolby vision and audio
  • MediaTek processor 
  • 2GB RAM 16GB storage
  • Popular streaming platform support


The Motorola ZX2 shines in a lot of areas. Specification wise, this smart TV is the most feature-packed under 15,000 and certainly the one to purchase if you are concerned about performance. Mi holds a bigger share and fanbase with many people have purchased it and is one of the reasons why the Motorola ZX2 is placed second on our list. 


  • Latest Processor and Android OS Version
  • Display
  • Performance


  • No Cons

3. Nokia TV

Nokia TV

Once the biggest brand among electronics producers is slowly starting to rise to the top again. Nokia has had a fascinating history in the market. However, the recently launched Nokia TV assures the customers that the brand still upholds high quality for the price you pay.

Design & Build Quality – The Nokia TV is not the best looking Smart TV in this segment. It has some thick bezels at the bottom, which might not be pleasant news for some users. However, the bottom portion has the speaker grill of the TV, explaining why it is big.

Other than that, the diamond-shaped bezels are truly a treat. Just like the other TVs, you can either mount it on the wall or let it rest.

Display – Coming to the display, the Nokia TV boasts a 32 inch LED panel with a 60Hz refresh rate that has some unique features. The display has auto-dimming, which means the TV’s brightness will be self-adjusted according to the lighting condition.

Micro dimming also enhances the pixels and brightness, so when you are watching movies, you get the best out of every scene. The max brightness is also very pleasing. Nokia’s Unlike previous models, the pure display is said to offer a wide range of visually pleasing colors. 

The Nokia TV also has what is called Pronto Focal AI engine. If you want to set your TV’s display to get the maximum output, the AI will guide you.

Performance – Performance-wise, Nokia TV does a good job. The Android 9.0 TV powers it with CA 53 Quad-Core Processor paired with 1.5GB RAM & 8GB storage and the Mali 470 Quad Core for the graphics front.

Streaming your favorite content from different platforms or playing some games to pass the time will be handled well by the smart TV. Do remember the TV does not come preloaded with apps, but you can download them through the Google Playstore.

Connectivity – Port options include 3 HDMI slots and 2 USB ports. Other than that, there is built-in support for WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity. Users have faced issues while pairing devices or browsing, and that is indeed a concern.

Furthermore, you can use Chromecast if you are an android user to stream directly from your phone, but many have complained about issues over that as well.

Audio & Remote – The speakers are a dual pair setup; 24W QuatroX speakers and 15W tweakers that combine to become 39W speakers make the audio experience immersible. Sound reproduction and quality is notable and is great for the budget.

The remote is very minimalistic, but you do get a dedicated Netflix button that will take you right to the app. Every control you’d need is already present, so that isn’t an issue.

Key Features:

  • CA 53 Quad processor
  • Android 9.0 TV
  • 1.5GB RAM & 8GB ROM
  • 32-inch LED TV
  • 39W speakers
  • AI engine 
  • Minimal remote 


Nokia TV does not lack much when compared to the top two Smart TVs in our list. It brings in some AI noteworthy features, but many have faced issues with connectivity. Other than that, Nokia TV is undoubtedly one of the best Android TV in the market under 15,000.


  • Display
  • Features 
  • Speakers


  • Connectivity issues
  • Bezels 

4. Realme TV 

Realme TV

A rival to Mi offering the same value for money products is Realme. The brand has launched some of the country’s top products and is very popular in the country. If you do not want to compromise on quality, check out the Realme TV that offers a whole lot.

Design & Build Quality – The Realme TV does not feature a different design or anything that makes it stand out. What it has is simple but justifying for the price range.

The smart TV features thin bezels and a thick chin in the bottom, similar to what we talked about in the Nokia TV.

Installing the TV won’t take you much time; that is if you plan to mount it on the wall. Else, you can just place it on any table or setup you choose. But the stands aren’t pre-fixed, but it isn’t included in the package so that you can do it yourself without any difficulty. 

Display – The Realme TV features a 32-inch LED display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. If you want a bigger display, you can go for the 43-inch variant, but other than that, both models have the same configurations. 

The Realme TV does support HDR 10 but does not live up to the expectations when you compare it to other TVs.

A standard 60Hz refresh rate follows a highly bright TV display. The viewing experience is solid, and the top bezels are extremely thin. 

Performance – The MediaTek MSD6683 processor powers the Realme TV with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. Using the play store or browsing through different apps would show no lags.

While the top 3 Tvs in our list featured some GPU configuration not present in the Realme TV, this will not be an ideal device to play games or run many apps. 

However, streaming apps or other software run very well on the Realme TV, and the feedback has been mostly positive. 

Connectivity – It is covered when it comes to ports and connectivity options. Users get 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, LAN port, 3.5mm jack, AV connector, and antenna slot. Other than that, WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity is also supported along with Chromecast in the Realme TV.

Audio & Remote – Two speakers are present in the corner, and they combine to give users a 24W speaker that is loud and sharp.

Realme TV is similar to other Smart TV remotes as it is simple. There are not many control options, but you can easily find your way through your TV. There are dedicated buttons too, if you want to move into your favorite streaming app quickly or call up the Google Assistant for a voice command.

Key Features: 

  • MediaTek MSD6683 processor
  • 32-inch LED TV
  • HRD support 
  • 24W speakers


Realme TV has a lot of features going on, but it lacks some as well. While there is no connectivity issue, there are problems with the display quality and one side of the performance.


  • Design
  • Speakers


  • HDR comes out bad
  • Performance could have been better

5. Onida 32

Onida Tv

Onida is not an unfamiliar brand. If you ask people in your house, Onida was once one of the top brands in the electronics industry and still holds a strong market position. This smart TV from Onida has all it takes to be one of the best.

Design & Build Quality – Design-wise, Onida TV is similar, and there is nothing big going on. The build is good and sturdy, and you have the option to mount it on a TV or a wall. The plastic build does not give away any cheap feel, so Onida has done a good job with their affordable smart TV.

Display – Like the other smart TVs, the Onida TV Fire Edition comes with a 32-inch HD LED panel. You get the standard 60Hz refresh rate with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. 

The viewing angles are good, and the display is quite bright and sharp under different conditions. There are no further additions to the TV, but the display configuration does make it one of the best.

Performance – Unlike the other smart TVs in the list, the Onida TV runs the Fire TV OS and not Android. The Amlogic quad-core processor powers it with 1GB of RAM and 8GB internal storage.

The OS still does a good job. It does not lag or underperform when compared to a TV running on Android OS, so that is a plus. Amazon has tried their best to make the user experience enjoyable, and there is not much to complain about.

Connectivity – Ports that you’d normally expect from a smart TV are present. There are 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, a headphone jack, and an ethernet port. However, more additions would have made way for better utilization. Additionally, you do have WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity in the Onida TV Fire edition.

Audio & Remote – Speakers produce a 16W output, which would be sufficient if you are in a medium-sized room. Still, LogicalShout recommends getting an external speaker to boost the TVs audio performance. 

As for the remote, it is very basic but has all the controls so that you can cruise through your TV settings. While Mi and other competitors have been making their remote very minimalistic, Onida’s approach would be appreciated by a few certainly.

Key Features: 

  • Quad-core processor 
  • 1GB RAM & 8GB storage
  • 32-inch LED display 
  • 16W speakers
  • Fire OS


The Onida 32 smart TV is an excellent choice if you want a smart TV that can do all the functions. The speakers are a bit disappointing, and Fire OS might not be for everyone, but looking for a great 32 inch Smart TV gives the Onida TV a look. 


  • Design
  • Performance 


  • Audio quality
  • Fire OS lacks a certain depth 

6. Samsung TV

Samsung Tv

If you want something more premium, the Samsung TV is a great choice. The smart TV from Samsung offers some world-class features for your money, and with the support from the brand, this is a bargain buy.

Design & Build Quality – When you look at the design of the Samsung TV, you’ll find the bezels thinner than most at this price range, both at the top and bottom. The design helps in the viewing experience, so Samsung has done a solid job there.

As usual, you can choose whether to mount the TV on a wall or to keep it on a stand according to your convenience. 

Display – The display is the same you see in other TVs at this price. You get a 32-inch LED panel with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and a 60Hz refresh rate. 

The display does pack in some other features, such as the wide color enhancer that helps improve the overall colors and picture quality. The differences aren’t vast, but it does offer some changes.

There is also a clear view, a feature that reduces noise and better image quality, which might come in handy if you are watching a video by sharing your mobile screen.

All in all, the display does bring some unique features making Samsung TV an interesting buy.

Performance – Let’s get things clear, the Samsung TV is not a smart TV. It is not powered by a processor, nor does it have dedicated RAM. There is no built-in WIFI as well, so all you get is a normal TV with a great display and design. 

Connectivity – For ports, you have 2 HDMI slots and USB ports. Since you can’t stream much, you are left with no option but to play files using an external drive.

Audio & Remote – Two speakers are firing the Samsung TV that produces a total of 20W output. The Dolby speakers are loud and crisp, but you should consider getting some external audio if you want to cover a whole room.

The remote of the Samsung TV is just an ordinary one. There are a lot of options and controls and aren’t minimalistic, like the current trend. 

Key Features: 

  • 32-inch LED TV
  • 20W speakers
  • Wide color enhancer 
  • Clean view
  • HD quality 


While the Samsung TV is a really good product to buy for under 15,000, it is not by any means a Smart TV. There are no smart features, so this should only be considered if you prefer a normal TV over several new setups.


  • Design
  • Display 


  • No big features
  • Speakers 

7. LG TV 32 

LG Smart TV

LG is a household name in the electronics and goods industry, and so, the LG TV was always supposed to be among the top. It is no average performer and brings some solid features for you to look at. Read to find out what they are.

Design & Build Quality – The LG smart TV does have a stunning design. It is simple, yet with thin bezels, it looks great. The build is mostly plastic, but that is not something you should worry about.

Display – The LG TV has a 32-inch LED panel with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels but only a 50Hz refresh rate. 

It does come with some other highlights. For example, it comes with multi-HDR support meaning it can enhance your viewability quite a lot. 

There is also a Dynamic color enhancer that sharpens the images and makes them much better to us. This is quite similar to the wide color enhancer in the Samsung TV.

Performance – First off, let us tell you that the LG TV does not use Android OS. Instead, they have gone for their in-house LG WebOS for users to stream and browse all their favorite platforms. 

The LG TV features a quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM and only 4GB of internal storage. A higher storage figure would have been better, but that is all you get. Other than that, there is support for most streaming platforms, screen mirroring, and more.

There are a couple of other features as well. Notably, there is a cloud photo and video wherein you can access everything from your phone directly on the screen. 

Connectivity – There aren’t many ports at our disposal, but you do get 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports for connecting your consoles or other external devices. It has WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity options as well, so that you can browse the LG WebOS.

Audio & Remote – The LG TV does have Dolby Audio on board. LG has also integrated DTS Virtual X, a technology that further enhances the audio and sound experience by delivering multi-dimensional sound.

The output is only 10W speakers, so it may not be the best. But it does deliver thanks to the additional features. And the remote is pretty ordinary and has most controls.

Key Features: 

  • Quad-core processor
  • 1GB RAM 4GB Storage
  • 10W speakers
  • HDR display
  • LG WebOS


The LG TV has quite good features, but one major shortcoming is the LG WebOS. You do not get access to a wide range of apps, and that is a letdown. Also, storage is a bit low compared to other competitors. 


  • Display
  • Design


  • Performance
  • Storage 

8. Vu Premium

Vu Premium TV

Indian founded Vu technologies has seen a steady rise in their sales over the years. The current e-commerce leader also has some budget offering in the form of the Vu Premium. 

Design & Build Quality – The Vu Premium has a likable design. It has thin bezels, a plastic body, and a unit shape that makes it look pleasing. There aren’t any major faults with the build, so it passes all the checkboxes.

Display – The display is a 32 inch LED panel with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The refresh rate is a standard 60Hz, and apart from that, there is HD mode, including seven optimal settings. The display is fairly bright and is guaranteed to give an immersive experience by Vu.

Performance – Coming to the performance, the Vu Premium is powered by a 64-bit Quad Processor with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. You have the option to stream multiple contents and browse according to your wish. The TV runs on top of Android 9.0 and is fairly decent with almost all tasks. 

Connectivity – Connectivity options in smart TV includes 2 HDMI, 2 USB, ARC, and a LAN port. You can connect external devices via Bluetooth, and there is also WIFI support. Vu has not missed out on Google Chromecast so that Android users can connect conveniently to the smart TV.

Audio & Remote – Dolby audio with 20W speakers and DTS surround sound should have paved the way for a smooth audio experience, but the Vu Premium has let down the users. Many have complained about the bad sound quality they experienced.

The TV remote has the basic controls alongside dedicated buttons to call your favorite apps with ease. 

Key Features: 

  • Quad-core processor
  • 1GB RAM 8GB Storage
  • 32-inch LED display
  • Dolby 20W speakers
  • Android 9..0 
  • DTS surround sound 


The Vu premium offers some solid specifications for the price range but misses out on some as well. The audio and display quality stands out the most in the smart TV, so if you are most interested in that, this is the one for you.


  • Display
  • Design


  • Audio quality
  • No additional features

9. OnePlus Y

Oneplus Y

The flagship killer brand, OnePlus’ smart TV, is also a strong competitor for the best smart TVs under 15,000. It has quite a few offerings and some specifics you need to read about. Find out what they are below as you read.

Design & Build Quality – The OnePlus Y has a great design, and the branding on the bottom gives a premium feel. As usual, you can either mount the TV on the wall or set it up on your table. The build is sturdy enough to be durable.

Display – The display is yet again a 32-inch LED with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels with the standard 60Hz refresh rate. The almost bezel-less design is appealing, and the brand has come forth with several features to enhance the display quality further.

For example, you have the Gamma Engine, an optimized visual quality that promises to reduce noise and some higher color range. 

Performance – The OnePlus Y has 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage onboard. Android 9.0 OS runs on the smart TV, and the performance is average; it gets everything done. You can stream your favorite content, and there is even Oxygen Play, OnePlus’ library of premium content.

Google features are automatically integrated so that you do not miss out on anything. The performance is good but not on the same level as our top choices.

Connectivity – Connectivity options are plenty. You get 2 HDMI, 2 USB, and ARC ports. There is support for Bluetooth, WIFI, and Chromecast, but that is not all. 

A simple connection mode will let you operate the entire TV easily through your mobile phone. You can also share your albums from your phone directly to the TV with ease, and with Google Assistant, tasks are handled easily.

Audio & Remote – Dolby audio with 20W speakers are present, and they are fairly loud. Not the best in the segment but gets the job done. The remote is slightly different from premium brands as it includes more content and still manages to be minimalistic with dedicated calling buttons for Google Assistant, Netflix, and more.

Key Features: 

  • Android 9.0 TV
  • 1GB RAM & 8GB Storage
  • 32-inch display
  • 20W speakers
  • Gamma engine display


The OnePlus Y can be considered a premium offering, and most of the specifications support the claim. Users have reported issues over the OS and connectivity, so that is the downside.


  • Design
  • Display
  • Connectivity features 


  • Audio
  • Connectivity issues

10. MarQ by Flipkart

MarQ by Flipkart HD Ready TV

Flipkart’s brand MarQ has continuously been producing electronics at a very affordable price. The MarQ smart TV might not be the best smart TV under 15,000, but it surely deserves a spot in our top 10 list.

Design & Build Quality – First look at the MarQ will leave you wondering if this is a premium smart TV. There are thin bezels, and even the stand looks unique. The smart TV is super sleek and has an elegant finish.

The metal ribbon stand will help you fix the TV on any surface if you do not want to mount it on a wall. Furthermore, the TV is also designed to withstand Indian climatic conditions and is safe from Voltage fluctuations.

Display – A 32-inch LED display with a chrome engine offers vivid and wide colors that try to bring out some good quality. While it may not be the best, MarQ has tried incorporating several elements. The thin bezels give an overall satisfactory experience.

Performance – A MediaTek Quad processor powers the MarQ smart TV with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. There is also the Mali 470 GPU if you are into playing games to pass the time. Performance is decent for the price, but it is better not to expect more.

As usual, it is powered by Android 9.0, and you get access to a wide range of apps and games that can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

Connectivity – For connectivity, users get 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports and standard options like Bluetooth and WIFI. There is support for Google Chromecast as well within the smart TV.

Audio & Remote – With Dolby audio and the 20W speakers, the audio experience is decent and could almost cover a room. The remote comes with the standard TV controls and dedicated Netflix and YouTube buttons.

Key Features: 

  • MediaTek Quad processor
  • 1GB RAM & 8GB Storage
  • Mali GPU
  • Android 9.0 TV
  • 32-inch display
  • 20W speakers


The MarQ smart TV might not be the best option, but it still offers some unique specifications. Do keep in mind that there are certain limitations.


  • Design
  • Display


  • Audio 
  • Performance
  • Low brand value 

Final Words

We have concluded our list of best smart TVs under 15,000. While there are many options in the market, these are the best value for money offerings. If our blog helped you choose better, do share and subscribe to Logicalshout.

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