Best Tablets in India

It doesn’t matter how powerful your smartphone has become; a tablet is always the best choice when it comes to the big display and productive work. In this blog post, you will know about the best tablets in India.

Best Tablets  in India

I know for most of the users, budget matters a lot, but the good thing is that you will find almost every budget’s tablet in the list below. It starts from the most powerful and expensive tablet Apple iPad Pro and ends at Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1. 

It’s true that the tablet manufacturing industries are facing downfall because today a smartphone can fulfill our lots of needs like big display and battery backup, also having a big screen is easy to operate.

Still, a tablet is a better choice in some cases, like many reputed organizations provide a tablet to their employers so that they can access any data or information instantly. Also, people use it for online study. 

Best Tablets In India

1.Apple iPad ProOverall Best Tablet
2.Samsung Galaxy Tab S7Runner-Up
3.Apple iPad AirBest for Designers
4.Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LiteValue for Money Tablet
5.Apple iPadDecent iPad for Apple Lovers
6.Lenovo Ideapad D330Best Windows Tablet
7.Samsung Galaxy Tab A7Best Tablet for Studnets
8.Huawei MediaPad M5 LiteFeature Packed Tablet With Pen
9.Samsung Galaxy Tab A10.1Value for Money Tablet
10.Huawei MediaPad T5Honorable Mention

In the below list, we listed 10 best tablets from the various brand, and this list is ideal for everyone because it contains tables from the price range of 1.5 lacs to Rs.15,000.

If you are looking for the best tablet in a particular budget, then you must check out the Tablet Category; you can also look at the best tablets under Rs.30,000.

1. Apple iPad Pro – Best Pick

Apple iPad Pro 11 inch

The new iPad Pro is a revolution in the tablet segment. It has everything you’d look for and could be a replacement for your laptop or PC’s. It does come with a high price tag, but that is the condition with every Apple product.

The iPad Pro is beautiful in design and is a really powerful device capable of high-end tasks. If your goal is to purchase the best tablet available in India, then this should be your choice. 

Design & Build Quality – The iPad Pro does come in a number of sizes, but we recommend getting the 11-inch variant which is priced at Rs.1,16,900. The bigger 13-inch model has the same specifications but a bigger display. 

For daily users or designers, the 11-inch variant would be more suitable. The design of the new iPad Pro isn’t very different from the 2018 model. The cameras are one notable difference. The tablet has a metal body, and it doesn’t weigh too much in hand.

Apple has avoided the lighting connector and has gone with the USB C port for the iPad Pro. This is a positive change from the company.

The magic keyboard from Apple makes the iPad work like a desktop device, and the iPad Pro also has support for the second-generation Apple Stylus. These two accessories make the iPad much more easy and smooth to use. 

There is one small issue. The Magic keyboard and the Stylus needs to be purchased separately and does not come with the box making the iPad Pro an even more expensive option.

Performance – Surprisingly, the iPad Pro is powered by the A12Z bionic chipset. With A14 being rolled out in some of the recent Apple devices, some were wondering why Apple decided to go with the A12.

Even then, the iPad is excellent in performance. This is the first iPad that comes with 6GB of RAM, which means more RAM and more GPU power within the tablet. The AR performance in the tablet is also improved thanks to the major changes.

This is the best iPad in the market outgrowing every competitor by a major difference. 

Users also get 1TB of internal storage, which is quite a lot for a tablet. You can easily store all your work files, games, and applications without any worry.

Display –  You are treated with an all-screen Liquid Retina display, which is the best display for a Tablet in India. The True tone and other features sharpen the display and bring out sharp and vivid colors. It is bright in every lighting condition, and the 11-inch screen is large and wide for every task.

Battery backup – For battery, you will get around 10-14 hours depending on your usage. The battery lasts 8 hours on a single charge with heavy usage, great numbers for an Apple device.  

Charging is slow with the 18W charger bundled in the box. It might take nearly 3 hours to charge the device fully. Other than that, battery life is excellent in the iPad Pro 2020.

Camera – The iPad Pro has a 12MP primary camera, a 10MP wide-angle lens, and a 7MP front camera. The primary camera can take great photos, but it is not comparable to the iPhone’s likes.

The front camera too performs very well, and there is support for 4K video as well. A very interesting addition is the LIDAR scanner that supports Augmented Reality (AR) to new heights. With the LIDAR scanner, you can experiment with placing objects or playing games like a professional.

Key Features:

  • 11-inch Liquid Retina display
  • A12Z chipset
  • 6GB RAM & 1TB storage
  • 10-hour battery
  • 18W charger
  • Triple camera 
  • 4K support
  • LIDAR scanner 


The new iPad Pro has made significant improvements for the tablet lineups. It can overpower a PC, and although it is pricey, Apple has done what no other tablet makers have. That makes the iPad Pro the best tablet in the market today.


  • Display
  • Performance
  • AR capabilities 
  • USB C port 
  • Cameras 


  • Expensive

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – Runner Up

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

If you are not a fan of Apple products, what better option than Samsung. The premium electronics company offers the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series in India which is the next best choice if you want to purchase the best tablet in India. 

The Android performance and looks combined with the value it provides makes the Samsung Tab S7 a great choice for everyday work or usage. Tab S7 is the best Samsung tablet in India.

Design & Build Quality – In the past few years, Samsung has made their products’ design and feel more premium. The Galaxy Tab S7 comes with a metal finish, which is firm to hold, but it is still lightweight. 

There is a magnetic strip behind the tablet to hold the S Pen. The S Pen is very responsive and smooth to use to take notes, sketch or just for navigation. To charge the S Pen you just have to place it correctly on the strip.

The fingerprint sensor doubles as the power button. The unlocking is not very fast, but it is secure and reliable. There is also the microSD slot for expandable storage.

Performance – Powering the Galaxy Tab S7 is the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. This is paired with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. This makes the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 a very great performer. 

If you feel the storage is low, you can upgrade upto 1TB through the SD card slot.

The Tab S7 can handle every high-end app or game without lags or heating. For graphics, you have the Adreno 650 GPU, which eliminates any heating or lags. If you love gaming, this proves to be a great gaming tablet.

The Tab S7 can handle multitasks, games, and browsing without lagging with the software. Samsung’s OS has been getting better every year, and on the Tab S7, it is near perfection.

Display – The 11-inch display is an LCD panel, but since the Tab S7 supports a 120Hz refresh rate, you get a smoother experience while browsing, playing games, or using apps. The colors are rich and vivid, and the bezels are thin as well.

Battery backup – The 8000mAh battery can last almost 8 hours even if the user watches or streams videos, plays games, and more. In addition to that, the 15W fast charger will charge the Tablet in 2 hours. 

Do note that the Tab S7 supports 45W fast charging, but Samsung does not include it with the box, which is a drawback. 

Camera – The rear camera has a dual setup; a primary 13MP lens along with a 5MP wide-angle camera. The pictures are decent but, yet again not as good as a Mobile device. The cameras also support 4K at 30FPS. 

The front camera is an 8MP shooter but the highlight is that it supports a wide-angle view. So it is good when it comes to video calls or taking pictures with your group.

Key Features:

  • 11-inch Tablet
  • S Pen
  • Snapdragon 865 SoC 
  • Adreno 650 GPU
  • 6GB RAM & 128GB Storage
  • 13 MP + 5MP rear camera 
  • 8MP front camera 
  • 4K support


If you want the best Android Tablet experience, this is the Tablet you should look at. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is a powerhouse and is a great all-rounder. If you do not want to spend a lot on a Tablet, this is the best alternative to the Apple iPad Pro. 


  • Performance 
  • 120Hz display 
  • Design
  • S Pen
  • Battery life 


  • 45W charger is not available with the box 

3. Apple iPad Air – Best for Designers

Apple iPad Air

We understand that the iPad Pro isn’t really for everyone. It is expensive and harder to maintain. So if you feel the same, why not go for the new iPad Air. It still outperforms most PCs and tablets while having a low price point.

Design & Build Quality – The iPad Air looks similar to the iPad Pro except for the real camera setup. It is thin and lightweight compared to the Pro model, which is a good thing and it doesn’t cost that much.

You will be surprised to know that the iPad comes with touch ID support. The sensor is located on the top, and it also acts as a fingerprint sensor. The Apple quality is present, and you’ll be really happy with the overall design and feel.

As with the iPad Pro, you will have to purchase the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard separately.

Performance – It is powered by the latest A14 Bionic chipset paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. If you want more storage, you can opt for the 256GB variant, but it is a little pricey. 

In paper, the A14 processor is the latest and powerful one, but the iPad Pro’s A12Z outperforms the iPad Air because of more cores present in the Tablet. The iPad OS also gives a smooth user experience and easy navigation.

Performance is quite good. You can run all design softwares, applications, and games, and the iPad Air will be able to handle everything with ease.

Display – The iPad Air has a 10.9-inch display that is bright and colorful. The color reproduction and quality is excellent, and the anti-reflective coating makes way for the best viewing experience. 

Battery backup – Battery life isn’t the best. You get around 6 hours on average usage, which isn’t the same as iPad Pro. The battery does take a bit to fully charge, similar to the iPad Pro.

Camera – You do not get a dual-camera setup with the iPad Air. The Tablet comes with a 12MP primary camera and a 7MP front camera. The camera has support for 4K, and although it isn’t as good as the iPad Pro, it is far better than most of the competition.

Under proper lighting, you’ll be able to take great pictures and carry on with your daily tasks. 

Key Features:

  • 10.9-inch tablet
  • A14 chipset 
  • 4GB RAM and 64GB storage 
  • 12MP & 7MP cameras
  • 6-hour battery 
  • Touch ID 
  • 4K support 


If you want something more budget-friendly but is still powerful and capable, then you should purchase the iPad Air. It comes with high-quality features, and so it requires attention. The iPad Air is the best all-rounder tablet available for purchase today.


  • Value for money Apple product
  • Build quality
  • Touch ID 
  • Performance


  • Battery life 

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite – Value for Money

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

For those on a mid-range budget, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite from Samsung is similar to a flagship killer. It offers value for money features and accessories, which most brands miss out for the Indian market.

Design & Build Quality – The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is another premium experience from the big brand, but this costs much less. It does weigh a little, so you will not be able to hold it upright with your arms for a long time, but the build and finish is quite good.

Samsung beats Apple when it comes to accessories within the box. Even the lower-priced Galaxy Tab S6 Lite ships with the S-Pen Stylus. The magnetic glass strip in the back can hold the pen when not in use, so it is convenient for the user. 

There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card for expandable storage.

Performance – The Indian variant of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite ships with Samsung’s very own Exynos 9611 SoC. This is paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. 

The Tablet runs on Android 10 on top of the One UI, which has been upgraded over the years to bring out the best experience. Multi-tasking and playing games like COD Mobile is also smooth in the Tablet.

Display – The Tablet features a 10.4-inch TFT LCD display, but it does feature thick bezels, which is okay considering the price point of Rs.31,000. The display is very bright in almost all conditions and has good color reproduction.

Battery backup – For battery, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite comes with a 7040mAh battery that can last upto 10 hours on a single charge. You do not get fast charging here, and with the box, you get the 7.5W charger, which will take a while to charge the tablet fully.

Camera – The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has an 8MP rear and a 5MP front camera. It is capable of taking decent photos and is good when it comes to video calls as well. Though do note that night photography or zoomed-in cameras will produce average pictures.

Key Features:

  • 10.4-inch Tablet
  • S Pen
  • Exynos 9611 SoC
  • 4GB RAM & 64GB storage
  • 8MP & 5MP cameras
  • 7040mAh battery 


If you are on a tight budget and want the full Android experience on a tablet, this is the one you should be getting. The inclusion of S Pen and a very all-rounded performance makes the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite a perfect buy.


  • S Pen with the box
  • Battery life 
  • Performance for the price 


  • No fast charge
  • Average cameras 

5. Apple iPad – Decent iPad for Apple Lover 

Apple iPad

The last Apple product on our list is the entry lineup from the iPad series. The cost difference isn’t very small compared to the iPad Air, but performance-wise is a serious competitor to almost every Tablet available today.

Design & Build Quality – The new iPad looks similar to last year’s model, but the significant changes come under the hood. It has the same metal back and finish which means the build is still premium. 

We wish that Apple tries something new with the design mainly because it has mostly looked the same over the years. The big bezels and the overall looks can be changed to make it look fresher.

Performance – The significant difference from last year’s iPad is the new A12 Bionic chipset. It is paired with 3GB RAM & 32GB storage. The performance is good even with the low RAM because Apple always manages to overpower most devices with better management and optimization.

Storage is quite low, which is 32GB. This may be enough for casual use, but for regular users, this may be a difficulty. It is good for multitasking, edits or design, and even for games and applications.

Display – The new iPad has a 10.2-inch display, which is comparatively smaller than the other iPads launched in 2020. Even then, the display is quite good and sharp. Apple has always been on top when it comes to screen quality, and the new iPad does not disappoint.

Battery backup – One drawback with the Apple iPad is that it ships with a lightning connector and not a USB C cable. The newer iPad Pro and iPad Air both come with a USB C port, which facilitates faster charging. Overall, the iPad still manages to give around 8-10 hours of battery but does take time to charge again.

Camera – The 8MP back camera manages to take good pictures, but the front camera is disappointing. The 1.2MP shooter lacks to bring in the quality, and even while video calling, you will not be pleased. The camera is one segment the iPad needs improvements on.

Key Features:

  • 10.2-inch Tablet
  • Apple A12 Bionic chipset
  • Lightning connector
  • 8MP & 1.2MP Camera 
  • Near 10-hour battery life 


The new Apple iPad brings in some exciting performance. However, if you are willing to put in a bit more money, we suggest you go with the new iPad Air, which gives an overall satisfactory experience. 


  • Performance for the price 
  • Display 
  • Battery life 


  • Storage
  • Front camera 

6. Lenovo Ideapad D330 – Best Hybrid Tablet

Lenovo Ideapad D330

Looking for something fresh and different? The Lenovo D330 is a hybrid Tablet that combines the best of both worlds to make it even more appealing to users.

Design & Build Quality – Unlike the rest of the choices on our list of best tablets in India, the Lenovo D330 comes with a full plastic body. It also weighs a lot more than the usual competitors, so it is not meant for prolonged use with one hand.

There is no fingerprint scanner, but you do get a headphone jack and the microSD slot in case you want that extra storage. 

But this isn’t the biggest highlight. The D330 comes with a detachable keyboard. You get two additional ports with it, and this makes the life of any businessman or professional much better. Thanks to its design, the D330 has proved to be the best Tablet for students and professionals.

Performance – Another critical difference between the Ideapad D330 and other tablets is that it is powered by the Intel Celeron N400 Chipset. Yes, it does not run on Android OS and instead has Windows installed.

Which means this is more of a Hybrid than a tablet. The processor is paired to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. While it may not be the strongest performer, the Lenovo D330 supports every desktop application. 

Display – The 10.1-inch display is an IPS panel with good viewing angles and visibility even under direct sunlight. Colors and contrast are also on point, and the general feedback is quite good.

Battery backup – Coming to the battery, the Lenovo Ideapad D330 is quite good and long-lasting. It can last upto 10 hours with continuous usage but does not support any fast charging.

Camera – The cameras come in at 5MP for the rear and 2MP for the front. You will not be happy with the output, but it does an okay job for video calls and conferences.

Key Features:

  • 10.1-inch Tablet 
  • Detachable camera 
  • Intel Celeron processor
  • 4GB RAM & 64GB storage
  • 5MP & 2MP cameras
  • 10-hour battery life 


Lenovo’s Ideapad D330 is a unique experience in the Tablet segment. You can opt for the Ideapad if you want to get a PC like experience within your hand.


  • Keyboard 
  • Display
  • Battery life 


  • Build

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – Best for Students

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

One of the recent launches that has grabbed attention is the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. It is a mid-range tablet with many noteworthy features that you should consider purchasing if you are on a budget.

Design & Build Quality – Samsung has shipped the Galaxy Tab A7 with a metallic finish and sleek body that makes it comfortable to hold and use. 

The build is quite good, and the design is modern. You get a MicroSD slot as well.

Performance – The Galaxy Tab A7 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 SoC paired with 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Storage is a bit low, so you’ll have to purchase an SD card at some point. But the overall performance is decent. The Tablet isn’t meant for high-end tasks and gaming, so do keep that in mind.

The Tablets run on Android OS on top of One UI. The performance is smooth as far as daily browsing and light activities are involved.

Display – Samsung has gone with a 10.4-inch TFT display for the Galaxy Tab A7. The viewing experience is enjoyable, and the visuals are good in color and contrast in almost all conditions.

Battery backup – The 7040mAh battery manages to last upto 12 hours on a single charge. So, battery life is a major feature in the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. If you are a workhorse, this is the Table you should buy.

Camera – The Tab A7 features an 8MP rear and 5MP front camera that gives a very basic output. There isn’t much picture quality, but you can use it normally.

Key Features:

  • 10.4-inch tablet
  • Snapdragon 662 SoC
  • 3GB RAM & 32GB storage
  • MicroSD slot
  • 12-hour battery life 
  • 8MP & 5MP camera 


The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is a great mid-ranger. It offers a great build, decent performance and display, and solid battery life for the price.


  • Battery life
  • Display
  • Design and build 


  • Camera

8. Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite – Feature-Packed

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

The Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite is a tablet for everyone. It has excellent functionality and builds with the right price tag to attract every customer.

Design & Build Quality – The MediaPad M5 Lite does not exactly have a modern design, but it does feel good at hand. The tablet does feature a metal chassis meaning the build is quite sturdy. 

There is support for a microSD slot and a headphone jack so that you can connect your earphones for a better audio experience. The fingerprint sensor is also present to ensure safety. 

The presence of a Stylus is an added bonus. The stylus is quite responsive and can be used to take notes, sketch, or for navigation.

Performance – The Tablet is powered by Huawei’s own Kirin 659 processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Performance isn’t the best, but the Tablet does handle streaming, apps, and games well. 

If you go for high-end games, the MediaPad M5 Lite will lag quite a bit, so it is better you keep this Tablet for moderate usage.

Display – The 10.1-inch IPS LCD display is bright and sharp. The colors come out vivid and sharp, and users will not have a problem using the display under different conditions. The display also has an eye comfort mode for children that reduces eye stress.

Battery backup – The 7050mAh battery puts in a decent performance, and with the quick charge onboard, you need not worry about running out of charge. In total, The MediaPad M5 Lite lasts for around 7 hours.

Camera – Both the rear and front feature 8MP cameras that are often disappointing. The pictures aren’t of excellent quality, and while we wish it had been better, Photography isn’t a significant part of a Tablet, so this is one of the adjustments we may have to make when purchasing a Tablet.

Key Features:

  • 10.1-inch tablet
  • Stylus
  • Kirin 659 processor
  • 4GB RAM & 64GB storage
  • 7-hour battery
  • 8MP & 8MP camera 


While Huawei has done a decent job with the MediaPad M5 Lite, there are many needed improvements. The Tablet is a value for money product nonetheless.


  • Display
  • Stylus
  • Battery life 


  • Not for high-end performance
  • Cameras 

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 – Value for money Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

If you are looking for a Samsung Tablet, but you have a short budget, you can take a look at the Galaxy Tab A 10.1. This tablet is an incredibly affordable option that is also an excellent option for users looking to enter the world of Tablets.

Design & Build Quality – Samsung has made magic with the Galaxy Tab A 10.1’s design. It features an aluminum back and solid build quality. There is some weight, so holding it in one hand for a long time will be a problem. But the overall build is satisfactory.

Performance – The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 is powered by the Exynos 7904 processor with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Performance isn’t on the same level as the competition, but for daily browsing and other activities, it does quite well. 

The One UI does help in the performance a bit better, but for gamers, this may not be the right choice.

Display – The Tablet has a 10.1-inch display, which is sharp and provides a good viewing experience. The full HD experience enhances visibility while streaming your favorite content videos or music.

Battery backup – The Galaxy Tab A has a smaller 6150mAh battery, but it lasts more than 10 hours on average usage. There isn’t any quick charge feature, but considering the fact that the Galaxy Tab A will last around a day for most of us, that is acceptable.

Camera – The Tab A has two cameras, 8MP primary and 5MP front. While the camera performance isn’t all that great, you can still use it for online classes, conferences, or to take quick pictures.

Key Features:

  • 10.1-inch Tablet
  • Exynos 7904 processor
  • 2GB RAM & 32GB storage
  • 10-hour battery
  • 8MP & 5MP camera 


If you are looking for something affordable without many compromises, then this is the best Samsung tablet to buy in India. For a beginner Tablet user, it covers almost every need.


  • Design and build
  • Display
  • Battery 


  • Performance could have been better
  • Camera performance 

10. Huawei MediaPad T5 – Honorable Mention

Huawei MediaPad T5

The final entry on our list is the Huawei MediaPad T5. It is an entry-level Tablet that offers some useful features for its price.

Design & Build Quality – Although it is an entry-level tablet, the MediaPad T5 does have a metal back. But do note that there is plastic in some parts of the body. It does have a premium finish to it but does weigh a bit.

In addition, the Huawei MediaPad T5 comes with both a headphone jack and a microSD slot. 

Performance – Powered by the Kirin 659 processor paired with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, this Tablet has no issue being your daily driver. The processor is quite capable of handling most tasks, but it’s better you stay away from high-end games. 

For daily browsing and usage, the Tablet is a very good performer.

Display – The 10.1-inch tablet features a full HD resolution, and the IPS panel is a real treat; you’d get good visuals in almost every lighting condition. 

Battery backup – The 5100mAh battery may seem small on paper, but it manages to last nearly 10 hours on a single charge. So, battery wise, this is an excellent option for those on a tight budget.

Camera – The primary camera is a 5MP shooter, whereas the front comes in at 2MP. Both the cameras are below average in terms of performance, so you don’t get much quality output. 

Key Features:

  • 10.1-inch Tablet
  • Kirin 659 processor
  • 3GB RAM & 32GB storage
  • 10-hour battery
  • 5MP & 2MP camera


The Huawei MediaPad T5 is the best budget tablet you can buy today. It covers almost every need and has a great battery that can last you the entire day with minimal usage. 


  • Battery life
  • Build 
  • Display


  • Performance 
  • Cameras 

Final Words

In the above list, all tablets are best; you can buy any of them according to your budget, like Apple iPad Pro is the best tablet in India, but very few people can afford it. If you look at the mid-range budget, then Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Tab A7 are the best choices.

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Happy Shopping 🙂

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