Best Smartwatches Under ₹2000 in India (2021)

Buying a smartwatch can be very useful for every smartphone user. The device will help the users to make things much easier. Keeping an eye on your phone’s notifications, tracking your heartbeat, step tracker, and more features in the smartwatches are here to help the users have an unmatchable amount of data about themselves.

Best Smartwatches Under 2000

Buying the best smartwatches in the market that can match your need and the financial limit is one of the toughest tasks. Therefore LogicalShout is here to help you guys to choose the best smartwatches under 2000Rs. The list includes some of the best choices under the price range and offers a great modicum for users who buy these smartwatches.

Best Smartwatches Under Rs.2000

There is considerable growth in recent years, and tech lovers are showing interest in wearable devices; that’s why smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Honor, and Realme have launched many smartwatches for the users. 

A Smartwatch keeps connected you with your smartphone; you can see all notification and messages on your wrist; also, you can control music and camera with some watches. Also have a look at the best smartwatches under Rs.3000.

1. BoAt Storm Smartwatch

boAt Storm Smartwatch

The boAt is a household name known for its quality assured speakers and headphones. The same brand has launched some of the most affordable range of smartwatches, and the BoAt Storm Smartwatch is one of its highest sold ones.

The device turned out to be an instant hit among the targeted audience and range. So let us look at what made it so good and what the brand could have done more.

Build Quality and Design– The BoAt storm smartwatch has got a design that justifies its price tag. The square-shaped display with a silicone strap makes the device look classy and straightforward. The finishing of the design could have been improved.

The Build is excellent when you consider the low price tag it sets in the market.

The sides are curved, and it does feel comfy to wear it around. The device has a metal casing to it which grants the smartwatch a premium look.

Display- The display of the BoAt Storm smartwatch consists of a full touch screen sized at 1.3 inches. The curved display provides an extra touch of freshness to the smartwatch. The brightness is adequate for users even to use it with ease outdoors.

Software and Features- The UI is very much customizable as the device offers over 100 watch faces. Users can easily connect the device with your IOS device or Android as the Smartwatch is supported on both softwares.

This smartwatch has nine modes, including Cycling, Walking, Hiking, Treadmill, Yoga, etc. Along with these features, users are treated with a sleep tracker and intelligent calories tracker.

One of the advantages of this BoAt storm smartwatch is a Blood Oxygen level and Pressure monitor. These are highly useful for users who are concerned about their fitness.

Battery- The battery of the boAt Storm smartwatch comprises a 210mAh battery. The smartwatch can last upto eight days which is a good feature for a smartwatch that only costs you close to 2000 Rs.

BoAt storm smartwatch supports a USB-type charging system, and it can get fully charged within an hour or more.

Key features

  • 8.0 inches (20.32 Cm)
  • Spo2 (Real-time blood oxygen level monitor)
  • 8MP primary camera with LED Flash | 5MP front camera
  • Metal body casing
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 8 days

Verdict- The BoAt storm smartwatch is a stellar smartwatch for the price range it sets. It has a good display with some impressive features to look upto. The device has what it takes to do the job and can be called a steal for its price tag.


  • The metal body gives a premium look
  • The Blood pressure monitor and oxygen level monitor is a great addition
  • Nine sports modes
  • Sp02 monitor


  • No GPS function
  • Outdoor brightness needs to be better


Noise ColorFit Qube Smartwatch

Noise has swiftly earned an excellent reputation in the Indian market for designing good quality fitness accessories. The Noise Colorfit Qube is their newly launched smartwatch that comes at an affordable price of Rs. 2,499.

Noise has provided a very decent set of features, including 24×7 Heart rate monitoring, Sleep tracking, blood pressure monitor, etc. 

Build Quality and Design- The Noise Colorfit Qube comes with an impressive square dial made of polycarbonate that assures a stealthier look for your wrists. In addition, Noise has offered two color variants- Black and Gold.

The straps are detachable and are made of good quality TPU. The Build Quality seems to be pretty awesome and is very lightweight to wear. The Noise Colorfit Qube is also IP68 certified dust and water-resistant. 

Display- Noise Colorfit Qube comes with a 1.4 inch fully touchscreen LCD with a resolution of 240×240 pixels that provides a comfortable viewing experience. In addition, you get a slightly curved display which is nice and bestows a good look. 

Features and Software- You could easily pair the Noise Colorfit Qube with your smartphone through the NoiseFit Track app. You have to scan the QR code that appears first on the display while turning it on.

A long press on display changes the watch face, and this smartwatch also supports cloud-based watch faces through the app. Swiping down reveals your notification, and swiping up from the bottom gets you access to the settings menu where you could adjust brightness, DND, find the phone and music features. 

Swiping left and right across the pages shows your sleep details, heart rate monitor, and weather details.

Apart from the 24×7 Heart rate monitoring feature, Noise has added nine sport modes: running, walking, cycling, hiking, and yoga.

The notifications menu displays all your app notifications and also alerts about incoming calls. Although you cannot attend or reply to your notifications and calls, you could reject them.

 The Step counting feature seems to be reporting inaccurate values, while The Heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking showed closely precise results during testing. However, Noise has not added a SpO2 tracking feature which seems to be a little disappointing.

Battery- Noise has incorporated a 180 mAh battery, which could last up to 7 days straight assured by the company. They also provide a magnetic charging cable with the box. 

Key Features- 

  • 1.4 inch Fully Touchscreen LCD Display
  • 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep Monitor
  • Multi-sports mode
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • 7 Days Battery life

Verdict- Noise is one of the few brands that know the pulse of the users looking for smartwatches. With the ColorFit Qube, Noise has done a great job producing a stylish watch with Adequate features. The watch priced close to 2000 Rs provides the users with all the basic features to keep up with their daily activities.


  • Decent battery life
  • Relay less Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Water-Resistant


  • GPS not included
  • Lacks accuracy in Step tracking



Looking for budget-friendly smartwatches, Zebronics is an option that you might want to consider. The ZEB-FIT 920CH is the latest smartwatch from Zebronics that comes at an affordable rate of Rs 2,299/-. Zebronics provides a fair set of features that makes it worth the price. 

Build Quality and Design- Speaking of the design, the ZEB-FIT 920CH comes with a stunning look. In addition, Zebronics has provided straps in two color variants: Standard Black and Red.

 ZEB-FIT 920CH endows comfort to your wrist and gives a classy appearance. The Build Quality seems to be good. It is also water-resistant, but no IP rating is assured.

Display-  ZEB-FIT 920CH has a 3.5 cm TFT color display and comes with several watch faces. Plus, when you pair it with the application on your smartphone, you gain access to more watch faces. The capacitive button on the right side acts as the power button. 

Features and Software- Zebronics has not provided many sport modes in this edition. They have only added basic modes like outdoor running, walking, cycling, etc. Even though the step counting and sleep tracking work fine, the overall performance seems to be a little disappointing. 

But it does have some good features. The Remote Camera feature and Music controller make the ZEB-FIT 920CH a good choice. Also, the Menstrual Cycle Reminder is very useful for women. Zebronics have also provided gestures like the wrist sense that wakes your screen when you move your hands. 

A couple of glitches were noticed while using the ZEB-FIT 920CH. First, often the notifications won’t show up on the screen. These might often happen to other smartwatches too.

It is recommended to keep the application on the smartphone updated. Also, improvements can be brought for the Zebronics app. 

Battery- ZEB-FIT 920CH features a 170 mAh battery that could last up to five days. It took nearly two hours to charge completely, and you could check the battery status via the Zebronics app. The battery life seems to be very impressive, and it lasted more than five days while testing. 

Key Features

  • High Capacity, Built-in Rechargeable battery that provides 30 days of standby time.
  • Advanced heart rate Sensor to track your heart rate during workout sessions.
  • Supports Heart rate monitor, Pedometer, Wrist sense
  • Water-Resistant
  • 3.5 cm TFT color display
  • Battery:170 mAh, Built-in rechargeable

Verdict-  The Zebronics Zeb-Fit 920CH stands out in its design. Users will have the smartwatch feel instead of a usual fitness band design. Adding to that, the device offers a good battery backup and decent performance. If you want something basic and stylish and aren’t into active sports mode tracking, then the Zeb-Fit 920 CH will be a great fit. Check out best Fitness bands under Rs.2000.


  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Impressive and Comfy Design
  • Water-Resistant
  • Physiological Cycle Reminder


  • Not IP certified
  • Multiple Sports Mode is absent.


GIONEE Watch 5 Smartwatch

Gionee was one of the first Chinese smartphone companies to start a business in our country. Apart from manufacturing smartphones, they have also started the production of other smart accessories. The Gionee Watch 5 is their latest, budget-friendly smartwatch that comes under a price margin of Rs 2,499/-. 

Build Quality and Design- The Gionee Watch 5 has an impressive design that mimics the design of the Apple Watch. The straps are detachable, and the company has provided four color variants – Perfect Black, Matte Grey, Vivid Blue, and Rose Pink. The Heart Rate sensor and charging pins are located at the backside of the rectangle dial.

A Round capacitive button is also provided on the right side of the dial. It acts as an exit button while navigating and as a power button to wake the screen. The Build Quality seems to be a bit okayish and is IP68 dust and water-resistant. 

Display- The Gionee Watch 5 comes with a 1.3 inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The Display is not scratch-resistant, so they have provided a screen protector with the box for safety.

The screen’s brightness doesn’t seem to impress me even though there is a 5 level brightness setting, while under direct sunlight, you won’t get a clear picture of the contents on the screen. 

Features and Software- Gionee has offered four watch faces for this edition. System UI is pretty good, and navigation seems to be uncomplicated. For example, swiping from top-to-bottom takes you to a quick settings menu where you could adjust brightness, and swiping bottom to the top reveals your messages and call notifications.

Gionee has also added seven sport modes, including treadmill and swimming. The Health section involves continuous heart rate tracking, Blood Pressure Monitoring, and Blood Oxygen Level monitor.

 Apart from all these, they have also added Step Counting, Sleep tracking, and Calorie Count features. You could pair the device with the smartphone via Gionee Life App. Heart rate tracking and BP monitoring seem to deliver excellent results. 

Battery – The Gionee Watch 5 features a 160 mAh Li-ion battery which could last up to 5 days as assured by the company. You could charge the device without removing the straps via the pogo pin charger provided with the box. It took nearly 2 hours to charge entirely up to one hundred percent. 

Key Features-

  • 24×7 Heart Rate Monitoring, Blood Oxygen Indicator.
  • 1.3-inch Touchscreen LCD Display.
  • 160 mAh Li-ion Battery, lasts up to 5 days.
  • IP68 Dust and Water Resistant.
  • 7 Sport Modes

Verdict- Gionee, with its Gionee watch 5 smartwatch, has produced something that is of great value for money for the users. The performance is decent, and the device has got looks. However, issues such as small watch display and glitches in the interface can be neglected if you are looking for your debut smartwatch.

Gionee could have done better with its build quality, but you can’t expect a perfect device at such a low price tag, afterall.


  • Apple Watch Model
  • Value for money
  • Continues Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • Multiple Sports Mode


  • The display is vulnerable to scratches
  • Average Outdoor Legibility
  • Build quality needs improvement


AQFIT Coolfit W8 Smartwatch

The Aqfit Coolfit W8 can be considered the last option to buy if you are looking to buy a smartwatch below 2000Rs. one of the best budget-friendly smartwatches available in the market right now, the device is priced around Rs 2000. Aqfit promises a set of features that will be up to par and will do the job for the users.

Build Quality and Design: The Aqfit W8 edition comes with a metallic body with silicone straps and bestows a very cool look to your wrists. The Heart Rate sensor and charging station are pinpointed at the backside of the dial. Also, you are provided a touch button on the front to operate the device. 

Display: Aqfit W8 features a 1.3 inches IPS TFT full-color display with a resolution of 240×240 pixels. The saddest part is you won’t be getting a full touch screen display. Instead, you have to rely on the touch button to manage the device. The screen is shielded with a 2.5 D corning gorilla glass that assures safety from scratches. 

Features and Software: The Aqfit W8 provides a decent set of features like messages and call alerts, camera and music control, sedentary reminders, etc. The Health section involves 24×7 Heart rate monitoring, SpO2, and blood pressure features. Aqfit also puts forward a multiple sports mode that includes walking, skipping, basketball, etc.

The Pedometer records the number of steps, distance covered, and calories burned during every mode. The Sleep monitoring seems to work fine and delivers good results.

Battery- The Aqfit Coolfit W8 features a 150 mAh Lithium polymer battery that could last up to 5 days straight. It nearly took 2 hours to charge completely. 

Key Features-

  • 1.33 Inch IPS full-color screen display with a 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Real-time monitoring of Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, 24-hrs continuous Heart Rate, Sleep tracking.
  • Multi-Sports Mode that includes walking, running, swimming, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball or football, etc
  • 150 mAh Battery that could last up to 5 days

Verdict- The Aqfit Coolfit W8 is one of the most popular models of the brand. Users have found the device to be acceptable considering its price tag. The interface and the not so fully touchscreen display are the only issues that has dragged this device down the pecking orders. The brighter side of the device is the good build quality and large display.


  • Large Display
  • Good Build Quality
  • Long-lasting Battery life
  • SpO2 Monitor


  • The display is not entirely Touchscreen
  • Interface is a bit primitive

Final words – Finding a smartwatch for a price tag under 2000 Rs is a hectic process. This list contains the best there is in the market for the above-mentioned price range. Each one of them has their own bright and dark areas that the users must know.

If we have to pick one from the lot, then the BoAt storm smartwatch will be the chosen one. The device is a steal for the price tag it sets, and users shouldn’t hesitate to buy it if their budget is under Rs.2000

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