Best Monitors Under Rs.15,000

The recent pandemic has forced most of us to work from home. And while laptops have been a lifesaver, sometimes we need a more prominent display to get work flowing. That is where an investment in a good monitor would help. 

Best Monitors Under 15000

Monitors offer a more comprehensive screen, many accurate colors and a couple of other features for gamers, designers, etc. They are designed to give the bigger picture, and you have two options; either use the monitor along with your laptop or do a custom PC build if you are a gamer. 

Within the price bracket of Rs.15,000, you mostly get either an IPS or a VA monitor. Now both the display panel types have their sets of pros and cons. However, an IPS panel would be the ideal choice for most types of users. 

The display size, refresh rate, response time and presence of adaptive sync are a couple of factors you should consider before purchasing your ideal monitor. To save your time and efforts, we have handpicked a list of best monitors under Rs.15,000. 

Best Monitors Under Rs.15000

1.Asus VA24EHEOverall Best Pick
2.HP 24esRunner-Up Pick
3.Acer Nitro QG271Best Gaming Monitor
4.BenQ GW2780Best Monitor For Professionals
5.ViewSonic VX2476Value For Money Monitor
6.AOC G2590VXQAffordable Gaming Monitor
7.Dell P2419HBest Monitor for Work & Office
8.Acer KG271Best 27 Inch Gaming Monitor
9.LG 25UM58Best Ultrawide Monitor
10.BenQ EW2780Value For Money

Our list features products from some of the top brands in India. The monitors have ranked according to their performance, quality and features they provide. To understand for yourself, which suits you best, start reading now. 

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1. Asus VA24EHE – Overall Best Pick 

Asus VA24EHE Monitor

The first choice from our list is the Asus VA24EHE monitor. An all-rounder package that offers the best value for your money and the best part? It suits almost any type of buyer.

Build Quality & Design – Certainly not the best looking monitor in the price range, but the Asus VA24EHE has got most of the aspects right. 

It has thin bezels, and the stands are sturdy to be kept on a stable surface. But if you want to step it up, the VESA mount option lets you mount the monitor on a wall. Although Asus states the monitor has a frameless display, the bezels on the bottom make it a little less attractive. 

Display – The display is a 23.8-inch Full HD IPS LED panel with a 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution. The refresh rate stands at 75Hz, which makes the display even smoother than the traditional 60Hz. Higher the refresh rate, more is the smoothness. 

The Asus VA24EHE has a response rate of 5 ms, which is pretty standard. Usually, gaming monitors come loaded with much lower response rates, considering that this seems to be decent. 

The wide viewing angles and accurate colors make the viewing experience worthwhile. In short, the display is worthy of its price. 

Connectivity – For connectivity, you have HDMI, D-SUB and DVI ports. There is an absolute lack of ports such as the audio-in and headphone, which is a downside to this monitor. 

Special Features – Adaptive FreeSync is present to reduce lags and inputs while streaming or gaming, whereas Asus Eye Care technology has both blue light and flicker-free features to ensure less strain to the user’s eye. 

Key Features:

  • 23.8-inch Full HD IPS display 
  • VESA wall-mountable 
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • 5 ms response rate
  • Adaptive FreeSync 
  • Flicker-free technology 


Asus VA24EHE is our top pick because it is feature-rich, engaging and great for all types of users. It combines a great display with a wide array of features to give you the smoothest visual experience. 


  • Accurate colors and flicker-free screen for immersive tasks 
  • High refresh rate makes it ideal for gamers and designers 
  • Features to protect against eye-strain while using the monitor for a long time


  • A lower response time would have been a great addition 
  • Audio related ports are missing on the monitor 

2. HP 24es – Runner-Up Pick

HP 24es Monitor

If you prefer a more famous and renowned brand, the HP 24es has you covered. An elegant looking monitor that sits at a more affordable price range. 

Build Quality & Design – HP 24es is certainly a better-looking monitor as it suits different types of users. It looks classic with a good finish ensuring quality and durability. 

The monitor also looks strong, and with its placement, you can adjust the monitor for the best viewing angle, although it cannot be wall-mounted. 

The thin monitor from HP has been designed to make everything easier to access, so this is a real user-friendly product. 

Display – It features a 23.8-inch Full HD IPS panel with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Now, this isn’t the best in terms of display performance. We say that because the monitor’s response time stands at 7 ms, which is very long, and the refresh rate is the standard 60Hz. 

Some monitors in the list do come with some better specifications to reduce input lags, and we feel HP should have improved this part. 

Connectivity – For connectivity, you have 1 VGA and 1 HDMI port, which is entirely inadequate. There is a severe lack of options, and some users might find this disturbing. 

Special Features – HP hasn’t ignored everything. They have included some vital features to make way for a good viewing experience. 

The HP Enhance + feature reduces noise and oversaturation. Even if you are working in an environment full of light, the monitor eliminates all the reflection to see what is on your screen. 

Even better, this monitor lets you multitask by splitting different screens so that you can always have an eye on your tasks.

While there are certain shortcomings, HP has managed to balance the features for this monitor’s price tag. 

Key Features:

  • 23.8-inch Full HD IPS display 
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 7 ms response time 
  • Ultra-thin 
  • HP Enhance + 
  • Screen split 


The HP 24es is an all-rounded package under Rs.15,000 in India. The monitor is feature-rich with a good list of features.


  • The ultra-thin design makes the HP monitor look fresh and appealing 
  • HP’s unique features make it a workhouse for professionals 


  • Inadequate number of ports for connectivity 
  • High response time makes this monitor not ideal for gaming. 

3. Acer Nitro QG271 – Best Gaming Monitor 

Acer Nitro QG271 Monitor

We haven’t forgotten the gamers, and that is why we present the Acer Nitro QG271 monitor as the third choice on our list. This monitor is designed to cover your entry-level gaming dreams and so much more thanks to its versatility. 

Build Quality & Design – Being a monitor intended for gaming, the Acer Nitro QG271 isn’t the most classy looking one. You do have the choice to wall mount the monitor if you like to do so. 

 It is subtle with an old school design, and since it is budget-friendly, we cannot complain much about the design. However, gamers would have liked a dual-tone or extra color on the monitor.

Display – The display is a large 27-inch Full HD VA monitor with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. VA monitors are better performers when it comes to gaming, and so that is why Acer has gone with a VA panel instead of an IPS.

Furthermore, the 75Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time make it the perfect choice for gaming or high-end design use. The Acer Nitro gaming monitor also supports AMD FreeSync for lag-free gaming. 

One shortcoming with the monitor is that since it is a VA Panel, colors aren’t as accurate and vivid as you’d see on an IPS display. And you’ll need to adjust some settings for better performance.

Connectivity – 1 VGA and 2 HDMI ports are present on the monitor. Additional ports such as Type C would have been great for gamers, but considering the price, it is understandable why Acer has not gone with it.  

Special Features – Acer has equipped the Nitro gaming monitor with a list of features. It has the usual blue-light filter and Flicker-less screen for eye-sight protection. The monitor can also be adjusted according to the best angles, but the only concern is that the VA panel does not support wide viewing angles. 

Key Features:

  • 27-inch VA Panel
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • 1 ms response time 
  • AMD FreeSync 
  • Flicker-less technology 
  • Wall-mountable 


Acer Nitro QG271 Gaming monitor is undoubtedly the best for gamers under Rs.15,000. The high refresh rate, dynamic sync and eye-strain protection make it a great buy.


  • VA panel produces more accurate and vivid colors 
  • Enough ports present for connectivity while gaming 
  • Features for eye-sight protection from blue light and irritation


  • Wide viewing angles aren’t great, so while gaming this may come across as an issue

4. BenQ GW2780 – Best Monitor for Professionals 

BenQ GW Monitor

If you don’t necessarily need a big brand monitor, the BenQ GW2780 is worth all your money. It may not feature the best looks, but it offers traditional value and features. 

Build Quality & Design – BenQ has gone with the usual design with the GW2780. It has thin bezels on the side and a thick branding on the bottom half of the monitor. 

The GW2780 has a managed cable system that removes messy tangles. The monitor is also scratch-resistant thanks to the carbon fibre design. Although BenQ has done an excellent job with the design, the in-built speakers are inferior in quality and detail. 

The monitor stands too, have been designed to make cleaning easier and gives better access to ports. The bezel-less design gives it a thin profile; hence, the quality of the monitor is decent. 

Display – BenQ also features a 27-inch IPS display that means it has room for more colors and tones. The screen resolution stands at 1920 x 1080 pixels, whereas the refresh rate and response time are 60Hz and 5 ms. 

This may not be the best for gaming or designers, but it is a well-rounded package under Rs.15,000. 

Connectivity – Options for connectivity is the biggest highlight in the BenQ GW2780. You get 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 Display port, 1 Audio port and two external speaker ports. These are enough ports for all your external devices, so BenQ has done a great job in this department.  

Special Features – BenQ as usual, has done justice by providing features that protect the user’s eye from the strain. The self-adjusting brightness and flicker-free technology let you look at the screen for a prolonged time.

Key Features:

  • 27-inch Full HD IPS display 
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 5 ms response time 
  • Multiple ports for connectivity 
  • Self-adjusting brightness
  • Flicker-free technology 


This monitor from BenQ is an excellent overall package for both gamers and professionals. It covers many features and ticks the right boxes to secure the 4th position on our list.


  • Sizeable 27-inch screen for more significant viewing 
  • A fair amount of connectivity options for all your input and output devices 
  • Display features for prolonged usage 


  • In-built speakers are relatively low and inaudible 

5. ViewSonic VX2476

ViewSonic VX2476 Monitor

North American company ViewSonic is probably new to Indian customers. Still, for the price tag under Rs.15,000, their monitor VX2476 provides a great overall package that is enough for the average user.

Build Quality & Design – Everyone may not like the design of the ViewSonic VX2476. It has thin bezels on the side, and the monitor stands are unique in design. The monitor is relatively light, and so the bezels stand out to give a unique look. 

Display – ViewSonic VX2476 features a 23.8-inch Full HD IPS panel. The 75Hz refresh rate makes the monitor all so great, and the response time is also good at 4 ms. However, the 75Hz is not supported across all types of resolution, which is a shame.

ViewSonic has done an excellent job in color reproduction, viewing angles and more, but this monitor could show some severe lags while trying to multitask. 

Connectivity – Port options include 1 VGA, 1 HDMI and one display port. It may not be the most versatile ones, but it gets most of the job done.

Special Features – Features such as flicker-free technology and low blue light filters are present to give you a less-stressful experience. 

ViewSonic has also incorporated several modes such as Game, Movie, Web, Mono and more. These presets adjust the display according to what you want to do with your monitor next.

Key Features:

  • 23.8-inch Full HD IPS panel 
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • 4 ms response time 
  • Flicker-free technology 
  • Presets for display 


ViewSonic has managed to beat some big names for the Under 15,000 title. It has a smaller screen, but the central issue is with the response time, which is the highest you see among the competition.


  • Great IPS panel with the right amount of colors and viewing angles 
  • Features for eye-sight protection 
  • In-built game modes for different usages such as watching a movie or while gaming 


  • The high refresh rate is only supported on specific resolutions. In other times, users are stuck with only a 60Hz refresh rate. 

6. AOC G2590VXQ – Affordable Gaming Monitor 

AOC G2590VXQ Monitor

Another elegant choice for gamers is the Aoc G2590VXQ monitor. It is thin, with minimal bezels that promises an immersive gaming experience. 

Build Quality & Design – With the black and red-coloured design, the AOC G259 monitor clearly states that it is a gaming monitor. The round monitor stand is also quite sturdy, and with thin bezels on display, it is a total treat for gamers. There isn’t much to complain or note about the display, so it is value for money.

Display – The display features a 24.5-inch TN display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Now, TN could be practically new to our readers but let us give some idea about it.

So, TN panels are faster with low input lags, and they are least expensive compared to a VA or an IPS panel. So, now you might have understood why AOC went with a TN display for the G259 series monitor. 

With a refresh rate of 75Hz and response time of 1 ms, things seem okay. However, there are some drawbacks with TN displays. 

You cannot expect accurate colors or right viewing angles when it comes to a TN display. So although you might have a fast and smooth experience, it may not be luxurious.

Connectivity – 2 HDMI and a VGA port are available on the monitor, but we felt that more ports would have helped the users.

Key Features:

  • 24.5-inch TN Display
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • 1 ms response time 
  • 2 HDMI & 1 VGA port for connectivity 


AOC has come up with a different gaming monitor for an affordable price tag. It isn’t all right on the display front, but if your intention is for sole games, this would be a decent purchase.


  • Faster response and smoothness throughout the gaming 
  • Ports for connecting external devices while gaming 


  • The display is not all right because of the colour inaccuracy 
  • VESA wall mount for immersive gaming 

7. Dell P2419H – Best Monitor for Work & Office 

Dell P2419H Monitor

Another premium option on the list is the Dell P2419H. This monitor comes with a classic design, solid viewing angles and more to get you excited. 

Build Quality & Design – This monitor from Dell is the right choice for professionals and those working from home. It has a classic design and good quality finish that shouts at your professional standard. 

The bezels are thin, and the Dell branding on the bottom doesn’t take away the good looks as well. 

Display – Coming to the display, Dell has gone with a 24-inch Full HD IPS panel for the P2419H monitor. The screen resolution stands at 1920 x 1080 pixels with a standard 60Hz refresh rate and 8 ms response time. It may not be the best specification, but the monitor’s display is smooth and fun to work with for office-related works. 

Connectivity – 3 ports are onboard the monitor; 1 HDMI, 1 VGA and 1 Display port. There is an absolute lack of connectivity options which Dell could have quickly resolved. 

Key Features:

  • 24-inch Full HD IPS monitor 
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 8 ms response time 
  • HDMI, VGA and display ports 


The Dell P2419H is mostly for office or work-related use. It doesn’t offer any unique standpoints, but it is a well-rounded package that can comfortably rest on your workstation.


  • Professional looks to easily blend in an office environment 
  • Good accuracy of colours in the display 


  • Response time is comparatively high at 8 ms, so it isn’t the smoothest
  • No special features for eye-sight protection or gaming 

8. Acer KG271 – 27 Inch Gaming Monitor 

Acer KG271 Monitor

Gamers won’t run out of options if they are looking to buy a monitor under Rs.15,000. One monitor that they can take a look at is the Acer KG271. It is a bit costlier than some other options, but it would have certainly shone if it had the right price tag.

Build Quality & Design – The Acer KG271 is a perfect example of a budget gaming monitor. It has a sleek design, and the stands have been colored red to give you the gamer vibe. 

Acer has made sure to make the bezels thin for good viewing, and since it is wall mountable, you can place it according to your preference. 

Display – The display is a large 27-inch Full HD TN panel with a 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution. Again, TN panels do put in faster performance and smoothness but have disadvantages compared to VA or an IPS panel. 

The biggest highlight with the Acer KG271 monitor is that the display’s refresh rate is a mind-blowing 144Hz compared to the rest of the competition. This means it’s much smoother than all the other monitors on our list under Rs.15,000. The response time of 1 ms also ensures that there is a lag-free experience. 

Connectivity – Options for connectivity in the Acer KG271 monitor includes 1 HDMI, 1 DVI and a Display port. Although the options aren’t plenty, a specific section of users would be happy with these. 

Special Features – Acer has equipped game mode on the monitor with 8 presets for the monitor’s display. You can easily change the way using the hotkey on display, allowing you to switch the display mode according to the game you are playing. 

Key Features:

  • 27-inch Full HD TN Panel
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • 1 ms response time 
  • AMD FreeSync 
  • Game mode


The Acer KG271 is a bit on the costlier side for gamers, but the immense refresh rate is of serious value. For the smoothest experience, you’ll need to compromise on certain aspects which is the only letdown.


  • 144Hz refresh rate is unique to the segment. It offers an immersive gaming experience 
  • Game mode to help switch profile according to what you play 


  • Lack of ports for connectivity. A headphone port could have been provided as it is a gaming monitor 
  • No colour accuracy because of TN panel 

9. LG 25UM58 – Ultrawide Monitor 

LG 25UM Monitor

This is one of the unique monitors under Rs.15,000. The LG 25UM58 is an ultra-wide monitor that enhances your viewing experience. If you want a lot to be seen on your screen, this is the product you need to buy. 

Build Quality & Design – This is the most unique looking monitor on our list. The ultra-wide monitor from LG gives a fresh experience compared to the usual flat screen. LG has incorporated thin bezels on display but to have an even immersive experience, you can wall mount this monitor.

One shortcoming is the quality of the materials used. LG has gone with plastic to make the monitor affordable, which does not ensure long term usability. 

Display – The display features a 63.5-inch UltraWide Full HD IPS panel with 2560 x 1080 pixels. The refresh rate stands at 60Hz, whereas the response time is at 5 ms. This monitor has excellent viewing angles thanks to the widescreen, and you can seamlessly multitask from home.

The 4-screen split is ideal for designers or editors wanting to check upon multitasks at once. Even for light gaming, the monitor provides a unique experience as you get more out of the picture. 

We say light because although it provides a lot of screen space, it doesn’t feature specifications that make the experience smoother than some of the top monitors you can buy for Rs.15,000 in India. 

Connectivity – 1 HDMI, 1 Audio-out, and one headphone port are available on the LG 25UM58 monitor. For a typical user, these ports are sufficient for daily usage. 

Special Features – Dynamic actions sync and black stabilizer provide a cleaner experience as they reduce lags and make the black look even more visible.

The multi-screen split already mentioned allows for a better workspace, whereas the Dual Link-up allows two external devices to be viewed on the screen simultaneously.

Key Features:

  • 63.5-inch Full HD IPS panel
  • Ultra-wide display 
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 5 ms response time 
  • Dynamic Action Sync 
  • Screen split
  • Dual Link-up


Being the best ultra-wide monitor under Rs.15,000, the LG 25UM58 is the perfect choice for designers or editors. It merely offers the best screen space combined with multiple features to make your work environment much smoother. 


  • The ultra-wide screen lets you view more at once. 
  • Users can view up to 4 screens simultaneously; you can see all your tasks in a single display. 


  • Not the best suited for gamers because of the low refresh rate
  • Cheap quality plastic build questions the quality of the monitor 

10. BenQ EW2780 – Honorable Mention 

BenQ EW2780 Monitor

Making the final entry on our list is another monitor from BenQ. This has been priced higher than most of the competition, but it has a couple of interesting features under its hood. 

Build Quality & Design – This is one among the fresh designs from BenQ. It looks unique, thanks to the monitor stands and the all-black finish. Meanwhile, the thin bezels and overall profile gives it a commendable design and build quality. 

Display – It features a 27-inch Full HD IPS display with a 60Hz refresh rate and 4 ms response time. The colors are vivid and accurate because of an IPS panel, and the near bezel-less screen paves the way for a more prominent visual presence. 

Connectivity – For ports, you have 3 HDMI and a single audio-out. One might wonder if these are sufficient and the truth is, you get to switch between a lot of external devices through the HDMI ports, but a VGA, headphone, or other ports would have allowed for better and convenient connectivity.

Special Features – The BenQ EW2780 has built-in 2.5W speakers. These may not be the loudest or the most detailed, but it is nice to see a budget monitor having speakers onboard. 

HDRi feature makes even the darkest scenes more visible through intelligent detection so that you don’t miss out on the tiniest details. 

Moving on, there are certain features for eye protection such as Eye reminder that keeps track of your display usage and suggests a break on prolonged use. On the other hand, ePaper mode turns everything black and white while reading an article or your favorite blog like Logicalshout. 

Key Features:

  • 27-inch Full HD IPS panel
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • 4 ms response time 
  • 2.5W built-in speakers 
  • Eye reminder
  • ePaper mode 
  • HD


The BenQ EW2780 is not the fanciest monitor, but it offers certain features that can be well used by working professionals. We do not believe it is the right choice for gamers, but for those who are working from home, this may be a great buy thanks to its display features. 


  • Special features for the display lets you use the monitor for a long time without any irritation 
  • Unique design that appeals to both professionals and designers


  • The built-in speakers are not loud or accurate; you’ll need external speakers if you want an immersive experience.
  • The standard refresh rate and response time mean this monitor isn’t suitable for gamers.
  • The lack of connectivity ports is also an issue. 


Now that we have concluded let’s look at the options you should consider buying. If you want the best overall package, the Asus VA24EHE, is your go-to choice. 

For gamers, we have the Acer Nitro QG271 Gaming monitor with better refresh rates, response times and more that paves the way for seamless gaming. 

And if you want to try something different, you can invest in the 25UM58, an affordable ultra-wide monitor from LG. 

There you go, those are the best options available under Rs.15,000. If you feel this blog post has helped you, give us a shout and share while we bounce back with some more great content. 

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