Best Mouse For Gaming Wired & Wireless (2021)

A gamer needs to showcase all his moves and tactics with accuracy and precision. Even the tiniest movement can decide the fate of a game nowadays. As the Gen Z era finds much happiness and thrill in playing video games, using the best gaming accessories becomes relevant.

Best Gaming Mouse

A Gaming Mouse is one such device that is designed for gamers to showcase high-end performance. A Gaming mouse is essentially a desktop mouse, but what makes it special is its features. For faster movement and tracking, A Gaming Mouse has programmable buttons, adjustable weight, faster response, softwares, etc. These features help the gamers in precision and accuracy. 

The users than the wireless ones always prefer wired Gaming Mouse. An ideal Gaming Mouse comes with a sturdy design and solid build quality backed up with exceptional performance. If you are looking to buy a Gaming Mouse and want to know about the best in the market, you have come to the right place. We,

Best Wired & Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Logical shout is here to help you, and we have made a list of the best gaming mouse that you can buy in the market. This list is made after several hours of research and going through a handful of user reviews. So let us cut to the chase.

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1. Logitech G502 Hero

Logitech G502 Hero Wired Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 is a gaming mouse that has reached cult status among users. First launched five years ago, The G502 model of Logitech stole the limelight with its eye-catching design and build quality. Now, after several updates along the way, The Logitech G502 model has reached its epitome of satisfaction with its latest addition, The Logitech G502 Hero. 

The Logitech G502 Hero is a well-made gaming mouse with what it takes to be labeled as the best gaming mouse out there in the market. The Mouse is large, dark, broody, and has a lot of buttons in it.

Design and Build quality- The Design of the Logitech G502 Hero is the same as the first released G502 model of Logitech. The brand has decided not to touch anything to the design of the model. Even after going for such a risky move, The design still keeps up to the trend of gaming Mouse. The matte black color with a glossy finish oozes a premium look.

The build quality standard is also high as the plastic that is used is of great standards. The scroll wheel is made of metal, and the quality is visible. You can switch between normal and smooth scrolling by just clicking the button below the wheel. The smooth scrolling feature allows the users to glide through a long document without much effort.

Customizable overall weight is one of the attractive features of this Mouse. Five 3.5g weights can be customized according to the preference of the user. In general, the Mouse is weighed around 121g.

The Logitech G502 Hero mouse specializes in customizable RGB lighting, which allows the users to customize the Mouse’s lighting with accurate profiles with our 16 million colors to match your profiles.

There are 11 programmable buttons in this gaming mouse which can be customized with the help of the Logitech G HUB. This is one of the eye-catching features of the G502 Hero model. This Mouse has great customization software that is easy and important for a mouse with several buttons. The buttons are a bit complicated, and you need to get used to them due to the presence of numerous congested buttons. Users may come across miss-clicking buttons several times in the beginning.

Usability- Switching our focus to the usability of the Mouse, the DPI range of this Mouse is from 100 to 16,000DPI. The ceiling range is overkill because even if you have a 4K monitor, you wouldn’t need such a high DPI range. This DPI range allows the users to play some of the most high-end games with ease and comfort.

There is a switch to toggle the DPI range following the preference of the user. The Hero Sensor of this Gaming Mouse is the best of the lot. Tracking is exceptional and precise as every movement of the Mouse is well sensored by the Hero sensor. The Hero G502 Gaming Mouse is suitable to any surface, and you will find it easy to use anywhere and anytime.

Performance- The Logitech Hero G502 thrives when it comes to performance. The device has a deal-breaking sensor that offers impeccable tracking. The polling rate of 1000Hz and 1ms response time are great features for the G502 Hero mouse, which offers smooth performance.

The response of the customizable button is of high standards, which assures the user never to let them down when it comes to performance. The Logitech G502 Hero Mouse is compatible with Windows 7 or later and MacOS 10.11 or later.

Key Features

  • High performance with 16K Hero sensor
  • 11 customizable button
  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS
  • Adjustable weight system
  • Programmable RGB lighting and LIGHT SYNC technology


You can’t be the top-selling gaming mouse in the world without any fuss. The Logitech G502 Hero has got what it takes to be the best of the best in the premium gaming Mouse market. Some of the Mouse offers amazing features and makes the Mouselook more like a bargain for the users. No doubt, The Logitech G502 is the best Mouse for gaming.


  • Premium and stylish design that stands out from the rest
  • The Hero, 16K sensor, steals the show as it is flawless
  • It has one of the best scroll wheels for a gaming mouse
  • Performance that delivers with precision and ease
  • Adjustable buttons and smartly placed LEDs
  • Has one of the best customizable software


  • Buttons are prone to misclicks
  • Side grips could have been better

2. HyperX PulseFire Surge

HyperX Pulsefire Surge HX-MC002B Wired Gaming Mouse

HyperX is a product division of Kingston technology. The HyperX brand is tailor-made for the gamers out there as they target them with some high-quality, performance-oriented gaming products.

The HyperX gaming headsets are one of its most popular products out in the market. Here we have the HyperX pulse fire surge gaming mouse, which also stands on par with excellence and high quality compared to their popular products.

Design and Build quality- The HyperX pulse fire surge gaming mouse has a classical and conservative design. It keeps the basics intact when it comes to designing a gaming mouse. This is a perfect average-sized gaming mouse. Its design does not catch your eye but what does catch your eye is the groovy and vivid 32 zones of RGB lights. 

The beautiful part of the design is this feature, and it stands out. Each zone consists of half an inch segment, and these zones can be customized with your favorite colors. So, if you want to stay away from the blinking and groovy lights that this Mouse produces, you should not bother about buying it as this catchy LED carnival is the standout feature of this gaming mouse.

The build quality is ‘premium ish”. The matte black finish keeps the classic look alive, and the side grips keep our fingers intact with the Mouse. The lack of rubber grips has given the Mouse a lean and hard look it.

The HyperX gaming mouse has six basic buttons, with the left and right buttons being quick and neat. Now the scroll wheel is well balanced and has enough friction. It is devoid of hyperfast scrolling and spin resistance.

Usability- Adjustable DPI settings of 100 to 16,000DPI is available in the HyperX pulse fire surge gaming mouse. With the help of the button behind the scroll wheel, you can adjust the DPI setting. By default the DPI setting changes from 800dpi to 1600dpi to 3200dpi.

You can toggle between these ranges with the help of the NGenuity software of the HyperX gaming mouse. Tracking is flawless and efficient due to the high-end performance of the Pixart Sensors in the gaming mouse.

Performance- The HyperX pulse fire surge gaming mouse does an excellent job in producing top-notch performance. Sensitivity and response time are great as the sensors work well. Buttons and the scroll wheel are devoid of blunders and flaws hence making life easy for the users.

The only quirk to this excellent gaming mouse is the blemish in the NGenuity software. Some reports suggest the software does fail to launch in some systems, which can be a bit of a headache.

Key Features

  • Classic and conventional ergonomic design
  • Dynamic 360 degrees RGB effects
  • Pixart 3389 sensors with native DPI up to 16,000
  • Reliable Omron switches rated for 50 million clicks
  • Easy customization with HyperX NGenuity software
  • Onboard memory to store customizations
  • Large skates for easy gliding


If you are one of the admirers of fancy RGB lights stealing all the attraction with its LED carnival, then definitely go for the HyperX pulse fire surge gaming mouse. The deal breaker is its 32 zones of RGB lights backed with great performance, making it one of the best RGB gaming? Mouse.


  • Classic and conventional ergonomic design
  • High DPI range to toggle between for the users
  • 32 zones of RGB lights is the deal breaker
  • Scroll wheel that is solid and palpable


  • Issues with the software
  • No customizable weight

3. Logitech G402

Logitech G402 Wired Gaming Mouse

The next gaming mouse that features our best gaming mouse is the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury. The influence of Logitech in the gaming market is no secret to the users. Most of the products from Logitech are all fan favorites and are all praised for its excellent quality. The Logitech G402 is no exception, as the gaming mouse is a great option to consider.

Design and Build quality-  The Logitech G402 has a simple design with a blend of sophistication added to it. Calling the design of this gaming Mouse ambidextrous is a far-fetched statement as the suitability of this Mouse is heavily inclined towards right-handers. 

The black plastic body has a matte finish with a glossy flare look here and there. The build quality is good as there aren’t any visible flaws in it. The Mouse weighs around 141g, and that is an average weight for a gaming Mouse. Customizable weight features are not available in this gaming Mouse.

The Logitech G402 has a total of eight buttons in general, and they are well placed. Buttons are not cramped, and the users will find them easily and use them in accordance. The scroll wheel also has a great balance in friction and works well.

Usability- The usability of this gaming mouse allows users to adjust their DPI to four different settings. The range starts from 250dpi to 4,000dpi. You can set your preferred DPI levels for the four different settings with the help of the Logitech gaming software. 

The DPI range of this Mouse provides the required quality level to play high-end games with absolute ease. You can switch the different DPI levels with the help of a button placed behind the scroll wheel.

Tracking is excellent and what stands out is the sensor speed of the Logitech G402. The sensor can track upto 420 inches per second which is an absurd feature as the fastest you can go. Even if you whip the Mouse with all the energy you got, you will go beyond 100 inches per second. Hence the sensor and its tracking abilities are spot on and smooth, be it the usual movements or the macro movements.

Performance- The Logitech G402 delivers a solid performance with its sensitivity and response time. The Logitech gaming software works flawlessly, providing smooth and top-notch output.

The customization of this gaming Mouse has its limitations, such as the inability to customize minute details such as Changing LED colors, sensor alignment, etc. If you can avoid those, then the software does its job. The 32-bit microprocessor also adds charm to the overall performance of the gaming Mouse.

Key Features

  • World’s fastest gaming mouse with a tracking speed of 420 inches per second
  • Four on the fly dpi settings (250-4000dpi)
  • Fusion hybrid engine sensor
  • Eight programmable buttons
  • Lightweight and streamlined design
  • 32-bit arm microprocessor


 The Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse is a solid product that equals the user’s demands with good efficiency. With an excellent build quality and a low price tag, you can’t say no to this product. If you can let go of some of the minute flaws in the software, this gaming mouse is a great option.


  • Value for money
  • Smooth DPI shift
  • The design is simple but has a blend of suave to it
  • A healthy set of features


  • More suited to right-handed users
  • Software fails to satisfy

4. Razer DeathAdder V2

Razer DeathAdder V2 Wired Gaming Mouse

Razer’s DeathAdder family is a renowned gaming Mouse all over the world. Over the years, they have sold a great number of DeathAdder gaming Mouse. Razer has always updated the DeathAdder division as they had a cult following for the Mouse. The Razer DeathAdder V2 is the next one to be part of the family, and it has some great features to brag about.

Design and Build quality- The design of the DeathAdder V2 is simple and classy, just like the rest of the DeathAdder gaming Mouse. They have untouched and have stayed true to the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ saying. The body is angled well, making it easy to rest our palms on.

The Mouse may feel a bit small for longer hands. It is pretty lightweight; hence using it for long hours won’t be much of a pain. Customization of weight is not possible in this gaming Mouse.

The Build quality is also good as the black plastic body with a matte finish gives you a solid and hard look. The Mouse is also available in a mercury white color variant which also looks classy and conventional.

The Razer DeathAdder V2 has a total of eight programmable buttons present in it. The buttons are well placed, and it won’t be difficult to find them while gaming. The scroll wheel lacks a tension adjuster who is a minor flaw to look upon. The Dpi selector button can be seen just behind the scroll wheel.

RGB lights are present in this gaming Mouse and are presented in two different lighting zones; one being the scroll wheel, and the other one is the Razor Logo. There are over 16.8 million colors for the users to choose for the RGB lights, as the customization can be done using the software of the DeathAdder V2.

Usability- The DPI of the DeathAdder V2 can be adjusted with the help of a DPI selector button that is placed just behind the scroll wheel. The users are given an option to toggle between five different dpi settings, which can also be customized using its software. The epitome of the DPI range is 20K, so that that cursor speed won’t be a problem in this Mouse.

The Razer Focus+ sensor carries the efficiency of the tracking in the Razer DeathAdder V2. This Mouse’s sensor speed is said to be 650 inches per second, which makes it one of the fastest gaming Mouse.

The onboard memory of the Razer DeathAdder V2 is capable of storing upto five profiles, and this feature can be considered a major update from the DeathAdder brand.

Performance- The Razer DeathAdder V2 does a great job in its performance, just like its predecessors. Sensitivity and response time are all great, and the users won’t be disappointed. The Buttons and the scroll wheel give a good response time making it devoid of any lags.

The Razer software also plays a major role in keeping the performance flawless and making the users happy. The Focus+ optical sensor, with its high tracking speed, is bound to impress the users.

Key Features

  • Simple and traditional design with good ergonomics
  • Focus+ 20K optical sensor for better tracking
  • 3X faster than traditional mechanical switches
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Eight programmable buttons


The Razer DeathAdder V2 is once again a winner for the DeathAdder fan followers. With some major and more minor tweaks, The DeathAdder V2 is certainly a solid option as a gaming Mouse. The performance is great, and the design is classy, making it a good option to carry around and use for work and gaming purposes.


  • Comfortable design
  • Great customizable software
  • A good multipurpose Mouse


  • Meant for larger hands
  • Hard scroll wheel
  • Overpriced

5. Razer Basilisk X

Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Up next is a wireless gaming mouse from the Razer brand. The Razer Basilisk X hyperspeed mouse is the best wireless gaming Mouse to get your hands on. The Basilisk family has had its ups and downs in the past with its updates, but with the Basilisk X hyperspeed Mouse, The Razer brand has got it right this time.

Design and Build quality- Razer has a reputation for keeping the basic design when bringing updates under a family name. This is discernible in the DeathAdder family, and the Basilisk family is no different to that. It has kept the basic, simple, and sophisticated design just like the previous edition.

The Razer brand has added a touch of the Logitech G502 Hero design to this one, with its glossy stripes cutting across the major part of the gaming mouse.

The build quality is excellent as the black plastic body with a matte finish gives a solid and hard look to the device. It weighs around 180g when you include the AA single battery, and customization of the weight is impossible in this Mouse.

It is an average-sized mouse, and hence most of the users won’t have a problem in having comfort while using the device.

There are six programmable buttons in this gaming Mouse, and those buttons can be easily reconfigured using the Razer Synapse software. The assignment of complex macro functions of these buttons is also done via the software.

The scroll wheel has a balanced tension, and you can see a Dpi selector button behind the scroll wheel. The side grips have also come out well with its placement and quality, so yeah, no headaches on that.

Usability- The Razer Basilisk X hyperspeed gaming mouse is wireless. So connectivity is via two methods. The first one is with the help of the 2.4GHz wireless technology, and the other one is via Bluetooth connectivity. The battery lasts longer if you prefer Bluetooth connectivity instead of wireless technology.

The Basilisk X hyperspeed gaming mouse has a DPI range of upto 16,000. You can change the dpi range according to your need with the help of the dpi selector switch beneath the scroll wheel. The device has a tracking speed of upto 450 inches per second, which is also really impressive.

Performance- The performance of the wireless Razer Basilisk X gaming mouse is simply excellent. The advanced optical sensor provides efficient and flawless tracking, even giving real sensitivity to macro movements.

It can easily glide through any surface and yet give you great performance. The sensor speed is also impressive enough to give a shutout.

The Razer Synapse software also steps up its game by avoiding major flaws that can disappoint users. Customization of buttons and dpi settings can be done with the help of the software, but there aren’t any things other than that for customization in this device. The Mouse also lacks RGB lights which is a huge letdown.

Key Features

  • Dual Mode Connectivity
  • 6 Programmable Buttons
  • The Razer 5G advanced optical sensor and synapse software
  • 16,000DPI is the maximum dpi range with 450 inches per second sensor speed
  • Up to 450 Hr Battery Life: Lasts 450 hours on Bluetooth, 285 hours on HyperSpeed Wireless
  • Durable Mechanical Switches: Supports up to 50 million clicks
  • Simple, sophisticated, and comfortable design


 The Razer Basilisk X hyperspeed gaming Mouse is an indisputable winner when buying a wireless gaming Mouse. Whether a wireless Mouse is of any good for you is a question for you to answer. But, The Basilisk X offers a great performance backed with good design quality.


  • Dual-purpose gaming Mouse
  • There are no battery worries
  • A wireless mouse with excellent performance is available at an affordable price.


  • DPI indicator is absent
  • Customization is very limited
  • Lack of wired backup

6. Redragon Cobra M711

Redragon Cobra M711 Wired Gaming Mouse

Finding a spot in our best gaming mouse is CobraM711 from Redragon. Just like the Logitechs, Razers, and the HyperXs, The Redragon is also one of the most recognized brands that provide a majority of gaming accessories for the gamers out there in the world. Therefore, let us look at the Redragon Cobra M711 gaming mouse and why it is one of the best out in the market.

Design and Build quality-  The Design of the Redragon Cobra M711 doesn’t catch your eye( Without the RGB lights) as it has a simple and traditional design. A black plastic body with a coating on the top sides gives a matte finish, whereas the sides are devoid of the coating. All three major grips can be used well here in this gaming device. The overall shape of the body is lean, with the sides curved inwards and downwards.

The build quality is solid, and there aren’t creaks that can be heard while using. The hard plastic used to build the body gives you a good assurance of its durability. The Mouse is of average size and can be suitable for most of the users. The ergonomics is a bit off as the Mouse is more of a right-handed friendly design.

Customization of weight is impossible, and the Mouse weighs around 150g and can be considered a bit heavy to carry. The cables are braided, so damage to the cables won’t happen unless there is a great external force.

The device consists of 9 programmable buttons, and they all work fine with good response time and sensitivity. The scroll wheel also works well, but a bit more tactility could have been a great help for the users. 

Usability- Coming to the usability of this gaming Mouse, The DPI range is adjustable, and it has a range that starts from 500 to 5000Dpi. Five dpi settings can be accessed with the help of a button placed that is seen behind the scroll wheel. 500,1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 are the default levels that can be seen. You can adjust these levels according to your preference with the help of gaming software.

The Redragon Cobra M711 has the latest professional gaming chip AVAGO to capture fast and accurate movement for precise control. The maximum tracking speed is 250 inches per second, and the device has a 20G acceleration.

Performance- When it comes to performing, The Redragon Cobra impresses the users with its acute tracking and sensor speed. The gaming software provides the user’s customization of many features of this device. RGB lights, CPI range, DPI range, etc. are some of the few features that can be customized using the software. 

16-Million Color backlight ‘breathing’ RGB LEDs give out ambient light and set you in a unique gaming atmosphere. There are a total of 7 RGB modes in this device that can be customized. There are five memory profiles, each with a dedicated light color for quick identification.

The Redragon Cobra M711 comes withPixArt PMW3360 sensors. The sensors are also accurate with its functioning, making the device suitable for the users to play in any environment. 

Key features

  • Simple and traditional design 
  • Optical switches
  • Seven modes of RGB lights
  • DPI range upto 5000 with 250IPS sensor speed and 20G acceleration
  • Nine programmable buttons
  • PixArt PMW3360 sensors


The Redragon Cobra M711 is a gaming Mouse that dwells on its exceptional performance. Be it the sensors or the software, and This device is a great option if you want a mouse to deliver when it comes to performance.


  • Sensor performance
  • Rich RGB lighting
  • Optical switches with good quality buttons and scroll wheel
  • Good build quality


  • More right-handed in design
  • CPI interpolation
  • Can get dirty easily
  • Heavyweight

7. Logitech G102

 Logitech G102 Wired Gaming Mouse

Yes, yet another Logitech gaming Mouse finds a place in our list of the best gaming mouse. It won’t be a surprise for the users as the Logitech brand has been the Kingpins when it comes to producing Mouse with high quality and precision. So, let’s give a check at the Logitech G102 Gaming Mouse and why you should and shouldn’t consider buying it.

Design and Build quality- There isn’t much to catch the eye for the design of the Logitech G102 Gaming Mouse. Its simple and keeps all the traditional touch that can be seen in most of the Logitech Gaming Mouse. The Logitech brand has a reputation for manufacturing devices with the high build quality, which is evident in this gaming Mouse. This sturdy and hard Mouse will not give you any headaches when it comes to its quality.

The Logitech G102 comes in two color variants in the market. One is the classic Matte Black edition and the other one being the seductive white edition. The Mouse weighs around 90g making it a lightweight device. Customization of the weight is not possible in this Mouse. The Mouse has an ambidextrous design and is averaged sized, making it suitable for every hand.

A total of six programmable buttons can be seen in this Mouse, and they function with great response time and sensitivity. RGB lighting can be spotted around the Logitech logo. A strip around the Mouse also contains RGB lighting. The buttons and its assignment can be customized with the help of the G Hub software, and so can be the RGB lighting.

Usability-  The Logitech G102 has a DPI range that can go as high as 8000dpi. The Mouse provides you five levels of DPI settings to toggle between with the help of a dpi selector button that can be seen behind the scroll wheel. 

Accurate cursor tracking is made possible with the help of the gaming-grade sensor. The sensor speed is also good, and the device can produce good accuracy when it comes to macros movement. 

Performance- The Logitech G-Hub software helps customize most of the features in this device according to our needs. The software is smooth, and it allows us to customize RGB lighting, dpi settings, and the assignments of the six programmable buttons. Assign system commands, shortcut keys, and keyboard commands to the six buttons.

Onboard memory is available in the G-Hub software of Logitech G102. Saving your preferences to the onboard memory using Logitech G HUB device settings; you can use it on other computers with no need to install software or reconfigure your settings. This gaming mouse is compatible with Windows 7 or higher, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OSTM.

Key Features

  • Classic gaming shape form a comfortable, time-tested, and loved the design
  • Colorful LIGHTSYNC RGB
  • Mechanical spring button tensioning
  • Customization using the G-Hub Software
  • Six programmable buttons
  • DPI range upto 8000
  • Gaming grade sensors for accurate tracking


The Logitech G102 gaming mouse is yet another high-quality device from the Logitech brand. The Mouse offers good performance backed with comfort-induced design and satisfying G-Hub software.


  • The RGB lights are well used
  • A simple design that works well
  • A decent overall performance


  • Can get dirty very fast
  • The buttons are noisy
  • No braided cable

8. Lenovo Legion M200

Lenovo Legion M200 Wired Gaming Mouse

The Lenovo brand has a good reputation for producing some of the best electronic products in the market at an affordable price. Even though they cannot be compared on the same level as the kingpin brands in the market, they improve with every product they release. The Lenovo Legion M200 gaming Mouse is one such product where the brand targets the gamers to show trust in their product.

Design and Build Quality- The Design of the Lenovo Legion M200 will surely catch the eyes. It has an overall appealing design that oozes style and elegance. The RGB lights also add a major appealing nature to the design. The design is comfortable and has an ambidextrous touch to it. The Black matte finish in the plastic body matches well with the batmobile-like design.

The build quality is also good enough for a gaming mouse. It provides the quality and makes the users satisfied with their decision to buy it. The cables are braided and hence shielding it from quick external damages.

There are a total of 5 buttons in this design, and they are predetermined without any customization. The RGB light consists of 7 color circulating backlights for the look and feel with comfort. The Mouse weighs around 150g which can be considered a bit heavy.

Usability- Now, let’s dive into the information regarding the usability of this device. The Lenovo Legion M200 has a dpi range upto 2400, and this range can be customized.

There are four levels for dpi settings that can be customized according to the preference of the users. Toggling between these five different levels is done with the help of a dpi selection button behind the scroll wheel.

The optical sensor of this device is butter smooth and helps the gaming Mouse achieve great accuracy in its tracking. The sensor notes even the macros movement of the Mouse.

Performance- The Lenovo Legion M200 gives you a satisfying performance without any major visible flaws. The software is satisfying for customization, even if it has only a few features to customize. The software has no lag issues and other major issues. Here the sensitivity and the response time of the buttons is also worth mentioning. They work in a good manner with great sync with the command.

Key Features

  • Ambidextrous comfortable design
  • 7-color circulating-backlight
  • features a 5-button design
  • up to 2400 DPI with four levels DPI switch. Adjust DPI on the fly
  • 50fps or frame per second


The Lenovo Legion M200 is a great buy for beginners and amateur gamers. It offers satisfying performance and good tracking accuracy. After all, This device doesn’t break your bank, unlike most of the others.


  • Affordable price
  • Ambidextrous and stylish design
  • Decent performance


  • Lack of customizable features
  • The Dpi range could have been a bit higher
  • Heavy and bulky

9. Redgear A20

Redgear A-20 Wired Gaming Mouse

Redgear is a brand that has continuously pledged its allegiance to the gaming community. The brand is well known for selling products at a really low price tag which also offers good quality. The Redgear A20 is another product from Redgear that is cheap and targets the gaming community and, more accurately, the Beginners in gaming.

Design and Build Quality- The design of the Redgear A20 gaming mouse is simple and traditional. The Mouse has an ambidextrous design; hence both left and right-handers won’t find a problem in using it.

It is average-sized; therefore, most of the hands would fit in well and stay comfortable. Now the build quality is good as the hard, solid black plastic body is given a matte finish. There aren’t any creaky sounds from the Mouse while using, so yeah, the build quality is well sorted.

The Redgear A20 gaming Mouse is wired, and the cables are braided. External harms to the cable are less vulnerable as it is braided. The Mouse weighs around 200g which is heavy and can cause problems for users who play for long hours. 

There are a total of 7 programmable buttons in the Redgear A20 Gaming Mouse. You can customize its assignment and macro movements with the help of the A20 software. 16.8 million colors are available for RGB lights, and they can also be customized through the software.

Usability- The Redgear A20 gaming mouse has decent software to work upon. The A20 software of the Mouse helps in the customization of many features according to the users’ choices. Dpi settings, RGB lighting, button assignment, etc., are some of the features you can customize through the software. The A20 Software works efficiently and is devoid of bugs and lags.

The highest Dpi range of this gaming Mouse is 4800Dpi, which is a bit low compared to the other names on the list. The Dpi can be adjusted on the fly with the help of the software. The optical sensor showcases good accuracy and sensitivity. The Gaming Grade Sensor offers quick movements and reflexes.

Performance- When it comes to performance, The Redgear A20 doesn’t catch your eyes. Performance is decent, which is something that you can expect with its low price tag. The software is efficient. The tracking is good, and the sensitivity is also good enough.

The buttons respond well to the commands, and yeah, there isn’t anything amazing about the performance. It checks all the basics and makes the users satisfied.

Key features-

  • Gaming Grade Sensor for quick movements and reflexes.
  • Seven programmable buttons for binds and easy to access
  • 16.8 million Color customization options through software
  • On the Fly DPI, change up to 4800
  • 1.8m braided cable and tough build quality, which increases the durability of the Mouse
  • Extra Durable switches and build quality to increase the durability of the Mouse


The Redgear A20 is a gaming Mouse that can target beginners. It has a good performance overall and does the basics right. At a really low price tag, there isn’t much to lose for the users.


  • Efficient software providing customization
  • Braided cables
  • Low price tag
  • Nice texture and clean look


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Dpi range is low
  • Suits more for beginners

10. Redragon Phaser M609

Redragon Phaser M609 Wired Gaming Mouse

As we move towards the tail end of our list of the Best Gaming Mouse, The Redragon brand finds another spot on our list with its Redragon phaser M609. This gaming mouse is more suitable for beginners looking to find a rhythm in playing Games using a gaming Mouse. If you are one such user, don’t hesitate to consider this Mouse an option to buy.

Design and Build quality- The Redragon Phaser M609 has a stylish and batmobile-like design to it. It’s broody, dark, and has several cuts in between, making it look sharp on the edges. The Ambidextrous design of this averaged size Mouse makes it suitable for most of the users.

The Build quality is also satisfying as the solid black plastic body is given a matte finish. The body gets dirty very easily, which is a blemish of this Mouse.

The cables used in this gaming mouse are not braided hence making it more vulnerable to damages. The Redragon Phaser M609 has six programmable buttons, including two customizable thumb buttons that allow adjusting the Mouse for its user’s needs.

The scroll wheel is a bit stiff and needs improvement. RGB lights can be seen to the sides of the Mouse and in the Logo. The lights can’t be customized as it has predetermined four color combinations syncing the 4 Dpi level settings.

Usability- The Redragon Phaser M609 has an adjustable Dpi range. The highest range is 3200 dpi which is low when compared to the other Mouse in this category. But remember, you only get what you pay for.

The DPI can be adjusted while gaming with the help of the dpi selector button seen behind the scroll wheel. There are four dpi settings in this device, and those are 1000, 1600, 2400, 3200dpi.

This gaming Mouse from the Redragon brand offers good optical sensors which power precise tracking and sensitivity. The specially invented Teflon formula ensures excellent gliding for this gaming Mouse.

Performance- The performance of the Redragon Phaser gaming Mouse is satisfying. There aren’t any awe factors in it, but it does its job, Neat and Tidy. Tracking with the help of optical sensors never tends to disappoint.

The sensitivity and the response time of the seven buttons are okayish. There isn’t any inbuilt software for the Mouse, but the addition of a driver can give way for the adjustments of macros, buttons, etc. The onboard memory can save upto five modes.

Key Features

  • 3200 DPI(4GEAR:1000/1600/2400/3200)
  • 6600FPS 10G ACC
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • OMRON gaming switch
  • Durable, smooth TEFLON feet pads
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Five memory modes
  • High precision optical sensor
  • Teflon formula ensures excellent gliding


The Redragon Phaser M609 doesn’t cost you a fortune. It costs somewhere around 1000Rs, and yes, this a mouse that strictly follows the ‘you get what you pay for’ rule.

A decent performance with a stylish design, The phaser M609 can be more of a beginner’s choice than for the gaming gods.


  • Stylish and Batmobile like design
  • Decent performance with a good optical sensor
  • Doesn’t cost you much


  • Cables are not braided
  • RGB lights can’t be changed as it fixed with DPI change
  • Lack of software Customisation 
  • Lower DPI
  • Heavy

Final Verdict

Now that we have come to the end of the list, it is evident to give you a final say on the top options. The Logitech G502 Hero is the undisputed winner here. It outperforms in every department making it the top dog. The HyperX pulse fire surge can be an alternative option as it is the best RGB gaming mouse. Its Visual flare with the RGB lights can be a boon or bane for the users.

If you want a much affordable gaming Mouse that can fight with the top 2, then Logitech G402 is your thing. It has a great value for money and hence can easily be a fan favorite and can be called one of the best-wired gaming Mouse. When it comes to buying the wireless gaming mouse, The Razer Basilisk X is the top pick.

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