Best 40 Inch Smart LED TVs in India

The growth of smart TV in India over the few years are astonishing. More and more brands from all over the world are targeting the vast Indian market. As per reports, TV shipments in India have climbed to a record 15 million units in 2019.

Best 40 inch Smart TVs

This stat itself shows the tremendous growth in the sales of smart TV in India. Even though the 32-inch model is still the driving force behind this growth, you can’t deny the upcoming 40 inch and higher models.

Consumers are smart when it comes to choosing electronics for their house. With the increase in smartphones, users have a sense of what is going on in the market.

Best 40 Inch LED Smart TVs

1.Motorola ZX240Best Pick
2.Mi TV 4ARunner-Up
3.Sony Bravia KLV TV With Best Picture Quality
4.Kodak 7X Pro 40Value For Money
5.Thomson 9A 40Smart TV With Box Speakers
6.Haier LE40Best Looking Smart TV
7.Hisense A56EBest All Rounder
8.iFFALCON by TCL 40F2ABest TV With HDR 10
9.Panasonic TH40Honorable Mention

The 40-inch smart LED TVs are the perfect blend between experiencing the best view with an apt size and aggressive price with some unique features.

The list doesn’t contain a Samsung TV. This is because there are no Samsung TVs in the 40 inch model with the perfect blend of unique features and affordable prices.

You can check out the TVs section to find out a different price range and screen size TVs, also can have a look at the best Smart TVs Under Rs.20,000.

1. Motorola ZX2 TV

Motorola ZX2 TV

The Motorola ZX2 TV is an absolute deal-breaker in the market. Motorola could not have hoped for such a remarkable comeback.

The ZX2 tv was released in two variants, The 32 inch and The 40-inch model. The only difference between these two is that the 40-inch model provides a Full HD display, whereas the 32 inch provides an HD ready display.

Motorola has done a remarkable job by providing some unique features for the ZX2 Tv. It is the first smart tv to have both Dolby Vision and Dolby atom.

Design & Build Quality – The Motorola ZX2 TV has an uber stylish and classy look to it thanks to the bezels. The Bezels are thin and minimal, which is what you expect in an impressive smart tv.

The body is made up of metal and plastic and has a solid build quality to brag about it. The convexed stands are reliable, stylish, and will provide the apt balance on a table.

The tv comes with a wall mount in the package, which can be used to mount it on the wall as per the users’ convenience.

Display – The Motorola ZX2 TV features a full HD display with an IPS panel. It offers 1920×1080 Pixels resolution. The IPS panel offers you a great viewing experience.

The ZX2 supports videos of 1080p resolution. One of the unique features of this tv is that it does support 4K online streaming.

The crowd-puller of ZX2 is the Dolby vision feature. This feature will enhance the color contrast and color production to the epitome.

The standard rates, such as the 300 nits of brightness and 60 Hz refresh rates, are all kept intact by Motorola, which is excellent.

Auto tuneX+ technology, adaptive gamma, and HDR 10 give an overall boost to the smart TV’s total viewing experience.

Performance – The Motorola ZX2 runs with a power-packed processor of Mediatek CA53 quad-core 1.5GHz. The processor is a powerful one, making way for a smooth and lags free experience of the smart TV.

The 850 MHz, G52 graphic engine with 2GB RAM and 16 GB ROM provides an impressive graphical output while playing games and watching videos.

The Motorola ZX2 is the first Smart tv in India to provide Android TV 10.0 OS out of the box. This latest Android version is a great addition, and it lays out a fast functioning OS.

Connectivity – The Motorola ZX2 TV has 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, AV, and an ethernet input. There is no 3.5 mm headphone jack in the ZX2 model.

There is a built-in chromecast, and it does not have any significant lag issues. There is also built-in dual-band Wi-Fi and a 5.0 Bluetooth version.

Audio & Remote – The Motorola ZX2 TV has a powerful audio output of 40W speakers. With surround sound 5.1 and Dolby atmos, the audio quality is enhanced to the best level.

The tv has a Bluetooth smart remote, which is minimal and small. There are no number keys. Dedicated hotkeys for Netflix, Youtube, Zee5, and playstore are well placed in the remote.

One of the other smart features of this ZX2 TV is the fast recognition of voice commands by the google assistant.

Key features

  • Full HD Display with 1920×1080P resolution
  • Dolby Vision and Dolby atmos
  • Android 10 OS
  • AutotuneX+ display, HDR10, and adaptive Gamma
  • 40W speakers with Amphi soundX pro
  • MediaTek chipset With 2Gb RAM and 16Gb ROM


The Motorola ZX2 TV is one of the near-perfect models that you can find in the market. It is the first TV to combine Dolby vision and Dolby atmos, and the results are splendid.

If you have 22,000 for a smart TV that can bring you the best quality overall, don’t think twice while buying this Motorola ZX2 TV.


  • Display
  • Performance
  • 40W speakers with excellent sound quality
  • Dolby atmos and Dolby vision
  • Fast boot time and voice recognition


  • 4K causes over sharpening
  • No 3.5 mm headphone jack

2. Mi TV 4A

Mi 4A

As per reports, 2019 was an excellent year for the Xiaomi Brand. They maintained their top spot in the market in the sale of smartphones, and also they had a record number of sales in the smart Tv class.

With that being said, It is evident that the Xiaomi brand is growing as an upcoming tycoon in the smart tv market. They have a great variety of products in the smart tv class that can satisfy all users’ types.

The 40 inch Mi TV 4A is one such product of Xiaomi which has ticked all the needs for the audience looking for one of the best 40 inches LED TV.

Design & Build Quality – This Mi 40 inch smart tv has done an excellent job creating a satisfying and minimalistic design for the users. The Bezels are thin and are made up of plastic.

The tv is built of plastic materials, and the overall build quality is compact and suitable. The TV stands that come with the pack is of low quality and is shaky.

You will not get any wall mount as most of the mi smart TVs don’t offer wall mount.

Display – The Mi 4A has a full HD display that will play videos of 1080p in the best quality. With a 1920×1080P resolution, The Mi 4A gives an impressive color production.

The contrast ratio and the brightness are all perfectly balanced for a better viewing experience. The refresh rate of 60Hz, a standard rate for smart tv, will do the job for you.

There are some flaws, such as blacks appearing more greyish, viewing angles issues, etc. But at this price range, you can’t complain much because Mi tv 4A as a whole package gives an impressive picture quality.

Performance – The Mi 4A is supported by a powerful 1.5 GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 64-bit processor. With Android TV 9.0 OS, this processor makes your life easy and has a lag-free smooth running of the TV.

The Graphics are well handled by the Mali-T450 MP3 GPU and by combining 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. The 8GB storage is a bit low because it is a 40-inch smart tv and not a 32-inch model.

The Patchwall 3.0 UI is content-driven user customization, which recommends some of the best content in the online platforms.

Connectivity – The Mi 4A smart TV has multiple ports, including 3 HDMI, 2 USB 2.0, AV, Headphone jack, and an ethernet input.

It also features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which works fine. The built-in Chromecast has a fair number of flaws, but the biggest nightmare in this tv will be the screen mirroring feature.

Audio & Remote – Xiaomi has provided two 10W speakers to the Mi 4A TV, placed at the bottom of the tv. The support of the DTS system is just a smokescreen to an above-average sound experience.

Xiaomi has kept its trend of keeping the Remote simple and minimalistic. Physical keys are absent, which makes the use of built-in Google assistant much more significant.

The Bluetooth smart remote has dedicated hotkeys for Netflix and Amazon Prime. Streaming platforms like Youtube, SonyLiv, Zee5, etc., are all available.

Key features

  • Full HD Display with 1920×1080P resolution
  • Android TV 9.0 OS with Patchwall 3.0
  • 20 W speakers
  • Built-in Chromecast
  • Quad-core Cortex-A53 64-bit processor
  • Mali-T450 MP3 GPU
  • Google Assistant


The Xiaomi brand has done an impressive job making a smart TV that has some unique features at an aggressive price. At the price range of 19,999, Mi TV 4A is a winner for users who want a better and smart TV experience.


  • Display
  • Patchwall 3.0
  • Powerful Performance
  • Aggressive price


  • Screen mirroring
  • Bad wide viewing angles
  • The absence of a wall mount in the box

3. Sony Bravia KLV TV

Sony Bravia KLV TV

For a better part of the previous two decades, Sony was one of the kingpin brands in the field of technology. The Sony brand has loyal followers due to its uncompromising quality in making the best products.

Coming to the smart class, Sony has always proved to have the best formula for creating premium Smart TVs. These TVs are a treat to watch but also it is as expensive as it can get.

With the incoming Chinese brands in India who targeted the economic class and made millions of profit from it, it was high time for Sony to create its budget class smart TV.

Sony Bravia KLV is the byproduct of such a motive, which has some great features for a not so high price. Sony Bravia, as of late, Sony is giving out free Fire TV stick with the tv, which makes it a smart TV.

Design & Build Quality: The Sony Bravia KLV has a good finishing. The Bezes and the frames are not as thin, but it is compromisable.

The build quality is good, and the tv is made of plastic material. The stands are also made of plastic, and it is well balanced.

Display – The Sony Bravia KLV has a Full HD Display with a LED panel. It offers a 1920×1080P resolution—videos of 1080p quality work excellent on this smart tv.

The refresh rate is 50Hz, which is low to the most seen standard rate of 60Hz. But this doesn’t give a backlash to the picture quality of the tv as it has an impressive picture quality.

The sharper and defined structure of the videos are visible here. The tv also has a clear resolution enhancer, which enhances the overall picture quality.

Performance – The Linux OS powers the Sony Bravia KLV smart TV. The OS has its fault but will do the job for you. The Fire TV stick is the main deal here for experiencing smart features.

Connectivity –The Sony Bravia KLV comes with 2 HDMI, A single USB port, AV, A headphone jack, and an ethernet input. The tv also has a built-in Wi-Fi feature, which works fine. The tv lacks a built-in Bluetooth feature, which is a drawback.

Audio & Remote – The Sony Bravia KLV has two 10W speakers, which gives an output of 20W. The Open Baffle speaker is not a deal-breaker as it only provides you mediocre sound quality.

The Remote of Sony Bravia KLV is of standard and conventional type. It is not a Bluetooth remote. Hence you may stumble across some headaches regarding pointing angles.

The remote has number pads in it, and there are dedicated hotkeys for Netflix and youtube.

Key features

  • Full HD Display with 1920×1080p resolution
  • Linux OS
  • 20W open baffle speakers
  • Fire TV Stick


The Sony Bravia KLV is for those who are dedicated and loyal to Sony’s brand because Sony hasn’t dissatisfied them with its quality in many areas.

The picture quality is top class. You can buy this at 33,000 to experience a premium picture quality. Sony Bravia is not a smart TV. The Fire TV stick that comes in with the TV makes it one.


  • Design
  • Picture quality
  • Fire TV Stick


  • No built-in Bluetooth
  • One USB port
  • Performance
  • Average sound quality

4. Kodak 7X Pro 40

Kodak 7X Pro TV

The Kodak 7X Pro model has set its footprints in almost all the different size variants. Be it the 32 inches, 40 inches, 43 inches, 50 inches, and 55 inches.

This 7X pro model of Kodak has been an excellent success for the brand and has some great features at some aggressive price.

We are here to look at all the features of the 40-inch variant and how well those features perform. 

Design & Build Quality – The Kodak 7X pro has done a commendable job to create a sleek and stylish look for the tv. The Bezels are not as thin as you want but will not bother you much.

The Build quality of the tv is stable. The tv is made of plastic material, and it looks compact.

Display – The Kodak 7X Pro has a Full HD Display with an A+ grade panel. The Tv features a 1920×1080 pixels resolution. Videos of 1080P resolution work smoothly in Kodak 7X Pro.

The Refresh rate of 60Hz is a standard rate of all the smart TVs that targets the mid-segment class.

The 400 nits brightness is a massive winner for smart tv in this segment as it provides great brightness for a better viewing experience.

The color production and contrast ratio are all excellent. Overall, Kodak 7X pro is a total winner when it comes to picture quality.

The company brags excellent viewing angles even at 178°. But there are wide viewing angles that cause color distortions.

Performance – The Kodak 7X Pro is powered by Amolgic Cortex A53 Quad Code Processor, which helps the tv run smooth. 

The Mali 450 GPU with the combination of 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM delivers a smooth graphical experience. Android 9.0 OS runs the Kodak TV, and there aren’t any major flaws to the OS to point out.

Connectivity – Kodak TV has multiple ports for connectivity. It has 3 HDMI, 2 USB, AV, Headphone Jack, and an ethernet input.

The TV has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature, which will do the job for you without any hiccups.

There is also a built-in chromecast feature to cast your phone with the TV. The Mirror cast feature is a good addition, but it is far from perfect.

Audio & Remote – The Kodak 7X pro has two 12W speakers. This 24W output of sound is not the best in the market. When played loud, the sound becomes flat and unpleasing to listen to.  

The Kodak tv provides a smart Bluetooth remote, which is slim and sleek in its design. The keys are minimal and lack number keys.

There is dedicated short keys for Youtube, Prime, and SonyLiv. There is no dedicated button for Netflix on this TV.

Key Features

  • Full HD Display with 1920×1080p resolution
  • Android TV 9.0 OS
  • 400 nits brightness
  • Quad-core processor and Mali 450 GPU
  • 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM
  • 24W output speaker
  • Built-in Chromecast


The Kodak 7X Pro is an excellent value for money product. At a price range of 17,000, the Kodak TV will not disappoint you at all.


  • Picture Quality
  • 400 nits brightness
  • Performance
  • Stylish design


  • Mirror cast
  • Substandard Sound quality
  • No built-in chromecast

5. Thomson 9A TV

Thomson 9A

The French television manufacturer Thomson is one of the top reckoning force in the Indian market in making smart TVs.

Indian users have gradually started to trust this brand, which is a positive sign for this company. Thomson is smart enough to know this opportunity to grow, and they have worked its magic again with the Thomson 9A TV.

Praised as one of the best 40-inch smart tvs in India, Thomson 9A is an excellent option for users searching for a 40 inch smart TV.

Design & Build Quality – The Design of Thomson 9A can satisfy the users’ needs. It has a sleek and slim look to it with bezels, slim enough to keep the standards.

The TV is build of plastic material which is of lousy quality.

Display – Thomson has added some impressive features to the picture quality of this 9A TV. It has a Full HD Display with an A+ grade panel. The tv offers 1920×1080 pixels resolution. Videos of 1080P quality work smoothly.

The 400 nits brightness feature brings the best out of the picture quality by bringing a balanced brightness to the videos. The refresh rate of 60Hz is standard, and there is nothing more to add about it.

The color productions and contrast ratios are apt to the size and price of the tv. Overall, Thomson 9A hasn’t missed a beat in creating a top-notch picture quality.

Performance – Thomson TV has a powerful quad-core processor. The TV also has a mali 450 GPU combined with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. These features function as a whole to keep seeming less viewing experience for the users.

Android 9.0 OS powers the Thomson 9A. Even though it isn’t the latest version, it does a commendable job in creating a Lag-free OS.

Connectivity – There are multiple ports placed to the backside of the Thomson 9A TV. It includes 3 HDMI, 2 USB ports, An AV, one 3.5mm headphone jack, and an ethernet input.

It also has a built-in single-band Wi-Fi to provide an internet connection for the smart TV. Some of the users reported connectivity issues with Wi-Fi, but it isn’t a significant issue.

The Thomson 9A TV’s built-in Bluetooth works fine, and you can connect your wireless headphones and other devices to the smart TV. Built-in chromecast is also added to the tv, and it works acceptably.

Audio & Remote – The Thomson 9A TV has a total of 24W output speakers. The two 12W speakers are of box type. The absence of Dolby in this tv is incredibly evident as the sound quality could have been better.

The Smart Bluetooth remote is sleek and has minimal. There are short keys for Prime, Youtube, and SonyLiv. Netflix is excluded from the remote and this smart tv. 

Key features

  • Full HD Display with 1920×1080P resolution
  • Android TV 9.0 OS
  • ARM cortex CPU
  • Multiple connectivities like chromecast and airplay
  • 24 W speakers
  • Smart remote


The Thomson 9A is far from being the perfect model. It has its flaws, but the flaws never exceed some of its impressive features. So at a price range of 19,000, The Thomson TV is one to watch out for.


  • Display
  • 400 nits of brightness
  • Performance


  • Sound quality
  • No Netflix
  • Connectivity issues

6. Haier LE40

Haier LE40

The Chinese stalwart Haier is one of the top when it comes to the production of electronics. Haier started its journey with the production of refrigerators, for which they are highly acclaimed.

As of now, The Haier brand has covered its sights on almost every electronic device needed for a household.

With a vision to stamp their authority in the smart TV market, Haier came up with the Haier LE 40 inch smart TV. So let us see why this smart tv is one of the best 40 inches LED TV.

Design & Build Quality – The Haier LE TV has one of the most attractive designs in this 40-inch segment. Its sleek and stylish outlook with borderless and thin bezels gives it a premium look.

The build quality is also good as the TV is built with plastic, which gives a compact and solid look. The speakers are seen at the bottom of the back of the TV.

Display – Haier has not compromised in the standards of the quality of the smart TV’s display. It has a Full HD display with HDR quality, which raises the dynamics of the display.

The resolution of 1920×1080p is the perfect fit for a 40 inch TV. The Videos have good depth, and the color production is set to impress the users.

The Refresh rate of 60Hz is something that you can see on every smart TV at this 40-inch segment.

The 300 nits brightness will be able to maintain the balance of brightness for a better viewing experience. The viewing angles are good, and nothing major to point out.

Performance – The Android 9.0 is the OS that runs this Haier LE smart TV. Even though it isn’t the latest version of Android, you are not exposed to major flaws as the OS runs smoothly.

Connectivity – The Haier TV has multiple ports, including 3 HDMI, 2 USB ports, AV, 3.5mm headphone jack, and an ethernet input.

The TV comes with built-in Wi-Fi, and there are no issues with its speed. The built-in Bluetooth 5.0 version will let you connect your wireless earphones and other smart devices.

Chromecast built-in and mirror cast are some of the other features seen in this smart TV.

Audio & Remote – The 20W speakers placed at the bottom of the TV’s back have flaws. The sound falls flat too often, and the quality of the audio is questionable.

The Bluetooth remote that the Haier LE TV offers is of the traditional type. It has numerous functional keys. The remote is thick and is conventional. Short keys for Netflix and Youtube is placed in the middle of the remote.

Key features

  • Full HD Display with 1920×1080P resolution
  • 20 W speakers
  • Borderless design
  • 60 Hz Refresh Rate and 300 nits brightness
  • Android OS


The Haier LE TV scores in creating a good looking TV. The picture quality is good. But the sound quality is substandard. At 25,999, Haier LE TV is affordable and can be one of your second choices if you can’t find your first choice 40 inches smart TV.


  • Design
  • Display


  • Sound quality
  • Performance

7. Hisense A56E TV

Hisense A56E

The Chinese multinational company Hisense has been making TVs for a long time. But they were skeptical about releasing it in India a few years ago when other Chinese companies were ruling the smart tv market.

Since the news broke out that Hisense will be launching new smart TVs in India, tech lovers and users waited in bated breath.

Hisense A56E TV was one of the smart TV that was launched in August. The company offered a five-year panel warranty for early customers. So let us take a look at this smart TV in detail.

Design & Build Quality – The Design of Hisense is okayish and will not make you disappointed. The TV has thick bezels when compared to 2020 standards.

The build quality is good and solid, with the tv being build on plastic material. Overall the design and build quality is not something that you can worry about.

Display – The Hisense TV has a Full HD display with a VA panel. The TV has a 1920×1080 pixels resolution with videos of 1080p quality plays smoothly as you can expect.

The Picture quality is great with excellent dual-color production and good depth and shadows. The contrast ratios are splendid, and the brightness are in perfect balance.

The viewing angles are also okayish but may cause some stumbles with some wide angles. The refresh rate of 60Hz does its job in avoiding drop frames while watching videos.

Performance – The Hisense A56E is powered by a Quad-core processor and a Mali 470MP GPU. 

Lag issues are noticeable at times when it comes to Performance. This is caused due to poor RAM management of 1GB, which isn’t enough for a 40 inch TV to run smoothly. The 8GB storage is also substandard and should have been improved.

Android 9.0 OS runs Hisense TV. The OS works smoothly, and you can download your favorite apps supported by Android on the TV.

Connectivity – 2 HDMI, 2 USB ports, AV, 3.5mm headphone jack, and an ethernet input fills the connectivity part of the TV.

The Built-in single-band Wi-Fi featured in this TV works fine. The TV also features a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 version, enabling the users to connect their wireless headphones and other smart devices with the TV. Chromecast built-in is also another noteworthy feature of Hisense A56E TV.

Audio & Remote – The Hisense TV has a 20W speaker with DTS studio surround sound support. The sound quality is crisp and clean, but not too loud. Filling a small room will not be a problem.

The IR and Bluetooth Remote of Hisense TV is of conventional type. It has many keys for functions and does come with short keys for Netflix and Youtube. A short key for Amazon prime is missing.

The Google assistant has a good response time, and there is also a dedicated button for it in the remote.

Key features

  • Full HD Display with 1920×1080P resolution
  • 20 W speakers
  • Android 9.0 OS
  • Ultra vivid high contrast Panel
  • DTS studio sound
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Chromecast


The Hisense A56E, 40 inch TV, is an all-rounder. It has great picture quality, okayish Performance, and good sound quality. Priced at 21,499, you can place your trust in this TV because it will not disappoint you.


  • Picture quality
  • Android 9.0 OS


  • Performance
  • 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM
  • Lag issues



Two years ago, The staunch Chinese Iffalcon launched a smart TV with its major shareholder TCL. That smart TV was the Iffalcon TCL 40F2A TV. 

During its launch, this smart TV was a huge path breaker to the 40-inch segment. Its features such as HDR 10 and the first TV to bring AI to the 40-inch segment have raved positively.

Years have gone by, and still, this smart TV by TCL is a name to be mentioned when discussing the best 40 inches smart TV. Being one of the best TCL 40 inch smart TV, let us look at how this TV is still worth mentioning.

Design & Build Quality – The Design and Build quality of this Iffalcon smart TV is good. The Bezels are not that slim, but it doesn’t take away the beauty of the TV.

The TV’s back is build of plastic material, which gives a solid and compact look to the smart TV.

Display – The Iffalcon 40F2A has a Full HD Display with an A+ grade panel. The viewing angles are fine until you tend to watch at wide angles, which causes color fading.

The TV has a 1920×1080P resolution, and videos of 1080p play with apt quality for a 40 inch TV. The HDR 10 feature is one of the highlights of this TV, which enhances picture quality.

The micro dimming feature gives a first-rate of color production and the best contrast ratio possible. The balance of brightness is maintained by the 325 nits of brightness for a better viewing experience. The black and the white colors are in its purest form.

The refresh rate of 60Hz is the standard rate you can see in the 40-inch segment.

Performance – The Iffalcon 40F2A is powered by Cortex A53 64 bit quad-core CPU and 2 Mali 470 GPU. The combination of 1.5GB RAM and 8GB ROM is also okayish. 

8GB storage space can be a headache if you intend to store some contents in the device. The Performance is fine, and there are no major stuttering or lag issues to address.

The Iffalcon TV features Android 8.0 OS out of the box. When you compare it to some of the other smart TVs in this list, it is evident that Android 8.0 is not what you expect out of the box in 2020. 

But with updates, you can jump from the 8.0 version to the latest version available. The OS works to its best capacity. You can download your favorite apps from the google play store.

Connectivity – The Iffalcon TV has multiple ports to sort out connectivity. 2 HDMI, 1 USB port, AV, SDFI, Antenna, 3.5mm headphone jack, and an ethernet input.

The fact that smart TV has only 1 USB port will backfire as most of its competitors provide two or more USB ports. The built-in Wi-Fi and built-in Bluetooth features don’t have major issues as it will do the job for you.

The built-in chromecast feature is something that has created a lot of backlash for this TV. Numerous users have reported lag issues in the past, which the company should take a look at.

Audio & Remote – The 20 W output, which comprises two 10W speakers, is of substandard quality. It isn’t the best in the market, but it certainly isn’t one that can give you nightmares.

The Dolby Audio feature is a relief to the average sound quality. The Iffalcon TCL 40F2A packs two remotes with the TV. One being a Bluetooth remote and the other one an IR Remote.

The IR Remote is of conventional type and has so many keys for functions. Its is long and compact. Bluetooth remote is more stylish and minimalistic. It has short keys for Netflix and Youtube.

The remote also has a dedicated button for voice control, which dictates the google assistant. The response time is a bit low, but nothing to lament about.

Key features

  • Full HD display with 1920×1080P resolution
  • 20 W output audio
  • Dolby audio
  • Micro dimming and HDR 10
  • Built-in Chromecast


The Iffalcon TCL 40F2A TV certainly has some attractive features to keep you hooked. At an aggressive price of 18,499, Iffalcon has got what it takes to be discussed among the Best 40 inch LED TV.


  • Display
  • HDR 10 and micro dimming
  • Performance
  • Remote


  • Not the latest Android version out of the box
  • Sound quality
  • Chromecast issues
  • 1 USB port

9. Panasonic TH 40 TV

Panasonic TH40HS45

Panasonic is one such brand that can bring in users with its powerful brand value. They have a huge loyal customer who keeps their trust in this brand no matter what.

Panasonic with LG and Sony are known to be the Kingpins in creating premium smart TVs for wealthy users. So it was a surprise when Panasonic decided to set its sight on the budget class by introducing a 40 inch smart TV.

The Panasonic TH 40 TV is a smart TV with some unique features and some trademark Panasonic quality. So let us get into the details about this smart TV.

Design & Build Quality – Panasonic has kept its trademark quality of creating a stylish design for the TV. The TV has a premium touch to it with the help of thin bezels.

The TV is build of plastic material, which makes it solid and compact from the back. Overall, as usual, Panasonic will not dissatisfy you with its design and build quality.

Display – The Panasonic smart TV has a Full HD display with a VA panel. Since it consists of a VA Panel, wide viewing angles can cause some discomfort.

The TV has a 1920×1080P resolution, which enables the smooth playing of videos of 1080p quality. The refresh rate of 60Hz is enough to block frame drops.

The Picture quality is splendorous with some great color production and contrast ratios. The brightness is in perfect balance to provide a smooth viewing experience.

The Vivid Digital pro feature is the one that enhances these features to its epitome. HDR feature also enhances the dynamics of the smart TV.

Performance – The Panasonic TH 40 is powered by ARM Cortex A53 quad-core processor with Mali 470 open GL GPU. The Performance is smooth, and the graphics run untroubled.

The Combination of 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM is a backlash to this TV. The 8GB storage for an Android TV can create nightmares to manage space.

The Panasonic TH 40 features Android 9.0 OS. The OS works fine but isn’t the latest version in the market.

Connectivity – Multiple port facility is seen in the Panasonic smart TV. It has 2 HDMI, 2 USB ports, AV, and an ethernet input. The 3.5mm headphone jack is missing from this smart TV.

The Panasonic 40 inch smart TV features built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. These features work fine and don’t fave major setbacks.

The built-in chromecast, however, has raised some questions regarding its connectivity issues and speed.

Audio & Remote – The two 8W speakers that give a 16W output is of below-average class. The 16W output is low and can only fill a small room.

The Bluetooth remote of Panasonic TH 40 is of conventional type. It has numerous functional keys, and it isn’t thin. There is a dedicated hotkey for Netflix seen to the middle of the remote.

The Google Assistant support is offered in this smart TV, and to access it, there is a dedicated button for voice command in the remote.

Key features

  • Full HD Display with 1920×1080p resolution
  • 16W speakers
  • Vivid digital pro
  • Quad-core processor
  • Android 9.0 OS
  • Google assistant


Panasonic has succeeded in creating an overall affordable and good budget class smart TV. This 40 inch LED TV has its flaws in sound quality and storage, but it never becomes a headache for the user. With its imposing picture quality, Panasonic TH 40 TV can get a thumbs up from us.


  • Display
  • Performance


  • Sound quality
  • Chromecast issues
  • 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM

Final words

That’s it, folks. We have concluded this list of the best 40 inches smart LED TV. We hope that our insights on the TVs mentioned above can help you decide the best 40 inches smart TV according to your needs.

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